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well good morning good morning or is it afternoon I do know though that it is Saturday June the 22nd of 2019 we did it everything done that we needed to get done it took a little longer but we got it done we got our 90-day inspection done on the tractor we got rpm done on the tractor and I went ahead it was it's a couple of the tires of my drive tires were looking a pretty close on tread depth so I'm win ahead and purchased eight new retreads for the tractor that really they're really kind of hurt a little bit but that's okay you know they were needed so we got that done we went and got our physical done past our physical yay now when you once you have high blood pressure and you're doing your physicals the maximum length of time is one year so we are instead of two years so we did get our physical past for one year so we'll have to go back into here to get physical went to my doctor and showed her the records of my blood pressure readings that I've been taking and she was a little bit concerned that the blood pressure medication is working a little bit too well and I and I flipped her back through those and showed her a few little incidents I can't we were buckling pressure drop and that one that that dropped really really low and really scared me so she changed my medication a little bit she said she thinks that it's working a little bit too well so we got that new prescription filled and we went ahead and held off an extra day since we got that new prescription to see and make sure that it's that it's working properly we've got a heading and chosen our load now it actually we're not didn't scheduled to pick up this low here in a relay in the Grand Prairie yard until tomorrow but since it is here we're going to go ahead and pick that up today we're going to be picking up that relay load here in Grand Prairie and we'll run over here and scale this load because it is a very and then we're going to be headed down to a Livingston Louisiana now we've taken this route many many times this is a u.s. highway right here we're not going to take that US highway of taking it several times I don't like taking it we're going to go ahead and stay on the intercept interstate and then picking up Ken and hit over and go through Baton Rouge that way but we will head over there we have a drop in hook delivery for Monday morning and sir we will see you down the road we're going to go ahead and head out here in just a few minutes and so we can take it iced and easy Luis see you in a bit I know I [Applause] [Applause] I think that we're gonna go ahead and shut it down I know it seems a little strange we did not really go very far we're gonna shut it down here in Kilgore Texas you know wanted to see we really didn't go very far we only 141 miles but one of the reasons that we're going to go ahead and shut it down is after looking at after looking at the map on one of my apps on the trucker's path app I can see that as you're going from Texas into Louisiana right there there is a major major major back up back up and we are just I'm not going to fight that traffic when this is such an easy easy run I'm not going to fight that traffic we have anywhere from it says 335 miles that is if we're taking this shorter route right here but we're going to take this longer route right in here it's really not that big of a deal about 350 miles it's what we have left to go now we'll take 49 down and then we will pick up 10 and 12 and we will head on over we're not we don't really have that far to go but I'm thinking I'm thinking about scenic maybe we can actually do a drop-in hook delivery tomorrow evening instead of waiting until Monday morning whoo we'll kind of make that decision on checking on there in the morning we'll see what's going to go in I actually found this little truck stuck here and it has a week but who I do love my Wendy's and I have been craving Wendy's and Schlotzsky's lately so we're gonna go in and get a Wendy's single here in just a minute get a few tries and something to drink then call it anything and we will talk to you tomorrow in the meantime y'all stay stay fit between the lines and do what makes you happy in life and we will talk to you tomorrow bye now

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