A Leader in Outdoor Adventure and Tourism Education

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(upbeat music) (snow crunching) – Morning.
– Doing good. – You shout clear. Good, smooth, on the first one. – We are in the Three Sisters
Wilderness for 23 days. – Clear! – Thank you. I’m taking Tourism, Recreation,
Adventure Leadership Land Expedition Course. The goal of this expedition is to throw us in the elements and give
us experience guiding, leading lessons, living in the outdoors. – Hold the axe with palm on the head, thumb under the adze. – You don’t know what’s gonna happen when you fall, right? You don’t know which
side’s gonna work for you. – Head first, face down. (snow swishing) You can just flop back and start sliding. – Man. (snow swishing) – The weight of your body
of bringing yourself around. Nice, you got it, good. – It is a profession
that is growing rapidly as people spend more time in the outdoors. The trail program leads to
legitimate and well-paying jobs and careers in federal
land management agencies, parks and recreation departments, resorts, and then a lot of our
students end up starting their own businesses or
work as private guides. – I really wanna be a mountain guide and I wanna help people
kind of achieve their goals and guide them to that experience. – I would love to help people
get to experience the outdoors and help people work through
fears that I myself have faced. – There is a perception
sometimes that a tourism program or a recreation program is easy. But no, both the theoretical content and the technical skills
content, it’s not easy. – [Jacob] This trip has
been very hard at times. The weather has a lot to do with it. – One day of full sunshine–
– Yeah. – Would be real nice. – No precip today would be legit. – I think the most
challenging for me was going through the process of being
comfortable with myself in front of my peers. As the leader of the day,
I had a goal to kind of have strong communication
with you, my peers. And I think I did not
successfully complete that goal of mine today. I think this morning was a little furry. I apologize on that one. But the process of becoming
a leader in the outdoors is a difficult task. – I wanna give you mad props for just like stepping up. – [Jacob] You build relationships
with your fellow students and your peers and your instructors. – The teacher to student
ratio is very nice. It’s small, so you get a
lot of individual work. – [Jacob] There’s a lot
of experiential learning, which I’m all about. – [Claire] It’s a wonderful
place for people who want to get into getting outdoors. – It feels really good to go to school knowing that I will be using these skills that I’m learning right now in my career. – Most rewarding thing for me is for a student to say, “I wish it was longer, I
wish we could go back.” (inspiring music) (soft music)

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