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hello everyone and welcome back to star stable online here with the beautiful rose stone and the adorable thistledown and a gigantic bulldozer so yes welcome back everyone we are carrying on with our mainline quests at least I hope these are mainline but if not there's still adventures as we continue to see what stories unravel here in the beautiful land of your Veck and today a story is going to be quite interesting because we are once again at working with the GED intern who we first met in the flooded basement of the Baroness's vineyard and today we're gonna try to steal a bulldozer yep it's gonna be awesome all right let's see what he has to say about this we have just distracted his boss with a pile of bureaucratic paperwork to lull him to sleep and now we are ready for the bulldozing GED trainee how'd it go they're completely preoccupied with mr. buckets essay fantastic yes excellent this is going really smoothly wait here and I'll go get the bulldozer and drive it down to the racetrack yes there we go guys this is gonna be so cool okay so he's driving it down to the racetrack so now the bulldozer is in place I put everything together while I was down there so now the horse trailer works perfectly so that was done it was great to see you again saga come by and say hi to me sometime okay go and see if the horse trailer is working Oh but stop by mr. bucket first it seems like you want something I can see I'm waving from here off you go see you again soon this is so cool and we're gonna get something as a reward that's so sweet and now we have a horse trailer finally over by the Baroness's racetrack which makes life so much easier mr. bucket how are you today excellent moustache as usual by the way sir fantastic work Sokka you have contributed the completion of our project both within the allotted time frame and without exceeding budget by a single your Vic shilling truly remarkable work I must say with this new transport option now available you can travel between silverglade village on a daily basis imagine that opportunity to re-engage in the bureaucratic work of our dear townhall truly fills me with joy and happiness honestly mr. bucket I think that the the councilman would deeply appreciate your insight in your excellent way we're working with bureaucratic papers from the bottom of my heart I want to express my sincere gratitude unfortunately there was no room in the budget for this informal little project but I can happily give you one of my highly visible vest a proper high-vis vest is something that should be part of every citizens wardrobe until next time saga yay now we have more money to use and look at this high-vis vest you guys now we can totally I love this I love this hang on we're gonna turn come on Rose ton I kind of wish that you had one too but we're gonna turn and we're gonna do a little pose with mr. bucket and our hi like vis vest this is important and actually this is kind of majorly important I with my life when I go volunteering I learned that we have to have these high res vest so that we can help with the weeding of the natural water gardens that we have in the area I call them water gardens but they're basically rain gardens that's what they're called you know rains like water I could see how I could get the two mixed up but when he says that hi vis vez should be part of every citizen's wardrobe I actually have to get one because we need to wear these when we go to help weed the rain gardens that collect all of the runoff of the rain from the road and kind of clean the water before sending it back into the sewage system and back into the ground we need these so that the cars don't hit us so it may seem a little bit far-fetched to imagine mr. buckets statement of like every citizen should have a safety hi-rez vest but truthfully like it is something that I need in my own life so that I can help with volunteering to take care of the forest you also have to wear when you go to do like work in the forest too trimming away some of the old trees and bushes so this that tickles me that's so cool the mr. bucket was able to get this for us alright let's see we still need to speak with Mary and let's check out the horse trailer that's down here and then we'll have to see where our adventures take us because oh my gosh you know it gets the job done sometimes you just have to bulldoze the job to completion it's it's it's just this is amazing I think that rose stone is chuckled it's not elegant perhaps but it is a solution and actually let's go ahead and pop over here and race across the track the unfinished race track really quickly maybe one day this will be finished house available that'd be all of us who shared like memories of the unfinished racetrack can kind of reflect back on it and joke together but again I mean this probably costs a lot of money to do so I can understand where the Baroness wasn't exactly super eager to see even more projects that she would have to take care of she probably has to sink a lot of money into like the riding arena and all of the staff she has and taking care of the vineyard so I could understand how she wouldn't exactly want to take on more unexpected expenses but all right let's go ahead and actually catch our breath for just a moment where is my cute top cute top this is my nice gift from mr. Anderson for saving the fish oh my goodness there's Avalon's ray suit and here is my Valentines at Druid top that I like to wear let's kind of clear a few things out of the way so that I know where to find ya my really fancy writing top when we need to move quickly all right there you go rose stone now we have all of these little extras that we have collected from near and far we've also got her casual gear for when she just wants to feel pretty casual she's wearing that now and then we have her fancy gear for when she and thistledown want to feel fancy which I really love I love that we have kind of like a change of clothes that we're keeping all right but let's go ahead and see where will our quest take us next this is so exciting okay up to the Baroness for the fact that we went on the race and then down to Mary and then I think we'll have to just kind of gently poke it a few of the others but I'm really I'm not quite sure where our quest will take us next so let's just follow follow whatever opportunities pop up um I think let's go talk to let's go talk to Mary so let's go over to 14 to now and let's take her these jelly hearts because we do have a special gift from Lance who has the adorable kitten in silver Glade Village and we'll take those to her and see what she thinks hopefully jelly hearts what do you guys think they taste like because I kind they're from a bakery but they're they're supposed to be like jelly hearts and I'm just thinking they were on the ground so I kind of hope they're actually made out of like a hardened and jelly gummy thing so that they're easy to kind of clean off but maybe they could be like really cool things like maybe there's a hard shell and then you open it up and it's full of a gooey Center kind of like a heart a treat huh that becomes a lot less romantic when I think about it like that anyway Mary I hope you enjoy I know when I went to give him the Baker in silverglade it makes the best chocolate hearts in the world I want to give him a whole box but I don't want him to know it's from me can you ride to the Baker order a box and give it to this cute guy he usually sits on the barrel by the fountain I'd be so grateful just at the moment where we actually have the jelly hearts for you too my dear which apparently you just took that's interesting she's like taking the tree for the jelly hearts but she like doesn't even know that it's from oh gosh well that's getting a little interesting you know at rose stone we're kind of close to so Glade so should we just should we just ride it was really fun getting all the horse trailers but sometimes it's just nice to kind of be on the Oh baby I'm sorry rose stone I'm sorry there we go Oh in the short horse trailer ride the leader and we are ready to talk to Harold to see if we can snag some of the chocolate hearts to send from Mary to Lance even though she just accepted the secret admirers jelly hearts and has no idea they were from Lance I feel like they get very confused don't you like they would try to be flirting but at the same time end up with all sorts of like different aspirations like if you think you have a secret admirer wouldn't I be kind of confusing to also be like oh this is so wonderful and delicious but um I totally want to like send somebody else a gift I'd feel like I would have to at least know who the secret admirer was first to be able to say thank you you know ah but oh well Harold you again do you want more candy you sure know how to woo people oh all right one short horse trailer ride later and we are right over here after a short nap coming back over to handle this so that we can go ahead and try to snag some of the treats that he has made here we go one box of chocolate hearts for you who's the lucky one this time Lance Oh for a friend right I've heard that one before oh my goodness yeah it's not for me it's from the friend Lance from a friend what's this you have chocolate hearts warm you have chocolates for me from home mmm who could it be are they from Mary oh I hope they are cute the way that they're starting to like fall for this you're so secretive but whoever the secret admirer is I still want to write a love letter to Mary and that's that that's right Lance stand your ground but how do you write a love letter can you help me uh I suppose I would fill mine with potatoes to be honest roses are red violets are blue if I ask for a date will you see that's cool that's cool Sangha I really hope she will I really hope she wants to go into deep with me it's a bit embarrassing to confess but I would never have the courage to do this without your help oh that's so fine all right so we need another nap it seems my friends because Lance is going to be thinking about his date but I'm actually getting a little bit curious about what is going on with some of the other areas around too so hmm I think I guess we could pop up to silverglade again let's go back up to silverglade we might have another quick nap but I'm just so curious will he get us to being able to explore the golden Hills or working in Depp nah there's just so many places that I want to go and I'm not exactly sure which direction will take me there oh what's this somebody had silverglade wants to speak with me valiant whose valiant things are getting very interesting indeed guys alright let's go ahead and have a quick nap with Judy and we'll see if Lance is going to be get done with his a very romantic love letter to Mary all right Lance have you finished writing your love letter to Mary let's see what he has to say Mary should have received a letter by now oh I guess that he just gave it straight to the post carrier of course could you write to her and see how she reacts and see if the letter makes her happy uh yes okay so we're gonna go ahead and do that as well and then who wants to talk to me somewhere around here someone over at Marley's farm I think so let's write over there and see who is over at Marley's farm just because I'm so excited to see as the stories begin to unravel all of the different places that we can go through your Veck so we're gonna whittle down and who popped up right in the midst of this love tale between these two hmm what's this Marley you want to say something Marley's new plan howdy saga thanks for helping me build my jumping course now I need your help again the jumping course is fine sure but I was reading in the latest issue of the your Vic gazetteer about bear Racing it's the coolest thing I've ever seen I've already started to put a course together as you can see unfortunately I don't have a clue how barrel racing really works so I ordered an official rulebook can you pick it up for me Derek at the post office should have it by now all right so we can go ahead and get that for Marley so we're getting closer and closer and we need to go see Mary now I love how we're just like jumping all over the place also what on earth is this isn't there supposed to be a person here that's curious oh my gosh all right well let's keep going guys we're gonna go ahead and see how a Mary has reacted to the love letter that Lance has sent perhaps they'll want to go on a date to golden hills or epitaph or somewhere where we will be able to carry on it with more of our quest and adventure all right here we go Mary have you gotten the a certain letter I totally wasn't here to like check in on it or anything saga I got a love letter do you think it could be from Lance he didn't sign it of course I want to meet Lance or whoever it is I don't go on a lot of dates how about this I've prepared a picnic and in the meantime you write over to this mystery guy and give him my answer the picnic is tomorrow oh that's so sweet okay let's go ahead and take this this letter back over to Lance and then we are also going to pick up the guide book that Bart Marley Marley karlie I'm pretty sure that brother is Marley needs for the barrel racing and I'm kind of keeping an eye there are a few things that we probably need to look into doing I haven't really helped out with some of the events that are going on down with the ponies for literally like a year or so we probably need to work a lot on building up our reputation with all sorts of people in the arm or like in Yardley game so that we can get the harvest counties I don't really like I love just kind of flying by the seat of my pants with this and not really looking up a lot of the different questline but very curious you never know where something like a simple picnic might lead you and how it might change the landscape of your book forever and I have to admit this is just really cute so I do want to see how this all works out between lance and Mary for sure and then we might start doing a little bit further afield adventures to see if we can get to the bottom of what is going on with everyone else and you were Vic – Lance I would like to ask you on a date a picnic in the shadow of a tree close to the beautiful Cemetery come and meet me there tomorrow what a nice letter and she said yes she says we'll have a picnic tomorrow that's great yeah all right the Lance is ready for his picnic well let's see if we have something for there we go morally high saga yes Marlene's book has arrived here's the book Marley ordered barrel-racing sounds really fun if I ever managed to get up in the saddle I would definitely want to try that out yes I did sneak a peek at the book last night had nothing better to do I hope you don't mind say hi to Marley and good luck alright so there we go but it seems I have a little bit of a crowd so I'm going to say hello to a few people and I will meet you guys next time is when we will see how the adorable picnic between lance and Mary ends up going I hope all of you have a wonderful day if you could do please leave a like for thistledown and rose stone tossing them a treat if you would like to join us on this and literally thousands more adventures you know to do but most importantly guys stay curious and be kind and I will see you next time bye bye you


Jennifer C. · June 27, 2019 at 8:07 am

BTW Gary Goldtooth is at the Midsummer Festival Seri, and guess what's coming June 26th, new Jorvik Wild Horses, they have the teaser video up for it already…both horses are right up your and any other nature loving person's alley, me included hehe. I wasn't going to get another horse until July, looks like I meant June lol.

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SERENITY N · June 27, 2019 at 8:07 am

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