A conversation between Maria Grazia Chiuri and Adesuwa Aighewi – Dior Cruise 2020 show

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Why did you choose Africa
as your next collection’s inspiration? – No. I didn’t use Africa as my inspiration.
– It’s just Morocco? No no. We decided to speak
about the craftsmanship that travels all around the world. I like this idea of objects
and techniques travelling. We worked,
especially on this collection, for example, with the indigo color. Indigo is a color
that is part of the wax print but it is also a color
in common with denim, it’s in common also
with the Dior blue. And another part that I really like
is to work with these beads, that come from Venice
because it’s glass and were moved to Africa and made into jewelry
but also embroidery. That is what I really like, it’s what we have in common ground
with other cultures. And you weren’t scared
at all to do this, in this political climate…
to try something new like this? I think that at this moment
everybody speaks about – cultural appropriation…
– Yeah yeah… We also have to explain it in fashion, because this is an argument today
that is very important. I’m African. I’m Nigerian and I personally don’t think
it’s cultural appropriation. I thought it was
a very beautiful blend of the Western world
and the Old World coming together
to make something beautiful. To unite the bridge between
you know, West and here which is such an interesting
conversation these days where everyone is saying
cultural appropriation this and cultural appropriation that… But I think that
when you do things like this, you’re starting a conversation,
you’re bridging the gap. You see what I’m saying?
Now Africa isn’t like this mystical place that no one knows about,
do you know what I mean? Now with this kind
of exposure with Dior, we can have a conversation about,
like, prints. Do you see what I’m saying? Like, yeah.
Tell us about the wax. What is so fascinating about wax print
is that it comes from outside. It’s indigenous because
wherever you come from in Africa, you can come from the Ivory Coast,
from Nigeria, from Mali, you will relate to wax print. So it unites people. And what is so amazing
with Maria Grazia is that she didn’t use
the European one, she wanted to really show the quality
and the talent of the African industries and to show that there are people
who have skills who can make very luxurious,
valuable, quality products It’s important to focus
on the artistry. With events like this,
it brings the spotlight to Africa so when there are artisans there,
now they get the shine. I’d like to move
the brand in the future to have this kind of conversation. I give a Dior code
with another point of view. That doesn’t come only from me, but it comes
from other points of view. Was it very long?
Not easy to achieve. Do you think that the Dior women
will love this collection? You have to understand
that women live in different parts of the world. I want to see
that this code can work for all the women
around the world. We are a global brand
and it is very important to reflect what it means to speak
about femininity today. We have to reflect about that. It’s very complex and this kind
of intellectual conversation I think has helped us – to understand more…
– To move forward. – You understand what I mean!
– Got it, got it. Well thank you, thank you so, so much.
Thank you. – It was very fun.
– Thank you. This book is fire!


Gweynn5 · May 6, 2019 at 9:06 pm

Beautiful collection and collaboration!!!

Malak Essmat · May 8, 2019 at 10:18 pm

appreciate Adesuwa for starting this

Golden Glove · June 11, 2019 at 1:23 pm

I could not stand her or her designs…But this collection is amazing….The techniques…..and designs are beautiful good job Maria.

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