9 Best Things To Do On An Alaska Cruise

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I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers, and
I’m going to tell you about the nine amazing things that you absolutely
should do if you’re on an Alaska Inside Passage cruise. For many people, an
Alaska cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime event so I’m going to really focus on
things that are going to make that once-in-a-lifetime really really special.
Let’s first of all start by talking about Juneau. Juneau is actually the capital of Alaska it’s been the capital since 1906, and it was originally founded by
two prospectors Richard Harris and Joseph Juneau when they discovered
that there was gold in the area, with the help of a local Chief Cowie. It started
a major Gold Rush and many people flooded into what first was called
Harrisburg and eventually became known as Juneau. About 30,000 people live
there. The gold mines closed in 1940 and now it’s real heart is the administrative
capital of Alaska – and of course tourism. So what should you do in Juneau? Now
many people will go and see the Mendenhall Glacier, which is the big
glacier which is convenient for Juneau. However, what I recommend is you go dog
sledding. This is a helicopter trip where you board helicopters and you fly off
over Juneau, you go over the Juneau Icefield, you see magnificent glaciers and
eventually you land at the Norris Glacier. Here there’s around about 150
dogs which spend the whole season up there, and you get the chance to then go
dog sledding. It’s absolutely magical up there. It’s so quiet. It’s peaceful. It’s
an incredible experience. Once you finish the event you get a chance to interact
with the dogs before the helicopters bring more people and you board the
helicopters and fly back to Juneau. This is probably for me one of the most
magical travel experiences I’ve ever had. It is though rather costly, so if you go
to the Norris place here dog sledding it’s going to cost you at least around
about $630 per person. The dog mushing on the Mendenhall
Glacier is a little bit less, but if you’re going on a once-in-a-lifetime
trip to Alaska you may want to consider going dog sledding – but I would strongly
recommend get up onto a glacier even if it’s just a
landing trip. The other great thing to do in Juneau is
set up the Mount Roberts Tramway. This tramway heads up to one of the
two mountains that are in Juneau, you’ve got the Mount Roberts and you’ve got
Mount Juneau. The Mount Roberts Tramway opened in 1996. It’s one of the
steepest cable car rides in the world and it’s a great way to get incredible
views (even in wet and rainy weather which is what you’re likely to find in
Alaska). The third thing to do in Juneau, which is very popular, is to
visit the Red Dog Saloon. The Red Dog Saloon dates right back to the ancient
mining days. You often have to queue to get in it as it is so popular. It’s very
renowned for drinks food and a great party atmosphere. The second port I
want to talk about is Skagway. Skagway is right in the northern part of the Inside
Passage and is the most northern town. Skagway became famous as the Gateway to
the Klondike. When gold was discovered up in the
Klondike in the Yukon in Canada this became an incredibly important place as it
was one of the easiest ways of reaching the gold, even though it was many many
hundreds of miles away. 30,000 prospectors headed to
Skagway to then try and make their way to the Klondike either using the
Chilkoot or the White Pass to get to the where the gold was discovered. The
most important thing to do in Skagway is to go on the White Pass and Yukon
Railway. This was built to not only help prospectors find an easier way to get to
the gold, but it also became really important for carrying all the ore and
cargo back. The railway ran right up from the turn of the century (the 1900s) right
up until 1982. It was then resurrected in the late 1990s as a tourist attraction.
It travels from Skagway the town up many thousands of feet right up to
the White Pass, where it turns around and comes back down again. It’s about a 40
mile return trip up to the top of the White Pass and back down. There’s two
ways of going on the train. The first is, which is the bulk of the Train, is the
standard class. There is also though, if you really want to make it very special,
the premium carriage. The premium carriage cost three times the amount of the
standard carriage. So standard is around about $130
and the premium is about $320 US dollars. There’s only 14 people in
this carriage, you have big comfy seats, you have a guide just for the carriage
who serves drinks who serves food and gives you commentary all the way. Every one
of the carriages do have viewing platforms. The great thing they do is
there’s normally a train allocated for each of the ships that are in port
that day, and they come right to the ship and pick up passengers from the ship.
The second thing I would do if you’re in Skagway is actually spend time
exploring the town. It’s the most authentic and most old-world
looking of all of the places that you’re going to visit in the Inside Passage.
Many of the buildings are either recreations or restored buildings.
There’s some great tours and history about the Gold Rush and there’s lots of
great things to do just strolling around the town. The next port I want to talk
about is Ketchikan. Ketchikan emerged and grew out of a native fishing camp and it
really became important and developed in the late 1800s when a salmon cannery was
founded in Ketchikan, and it became the salmon canning capital of the
world. Later on it also became well known for
forestry and lumberjacking, and it also became a really important port as
prospectors moved up towards Skagway. Today it is now very reliant on tourism.
So what should you do in Ketchikan? I have three things that I recommend. First
of these is great fun, it is the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show on the site of
the old Ketchikan Spruce Mill. Now unfortunately you are not allowed to video
at the shows so I can just show you these stills of what goes on,
but there’s a whole series of different tasks. The Lumberjacks split into two
groups: the United States versus Canada. It has become a bit of an institution and
it’s very very popular. The second thing, which is another institution in
Ketchikan, is called Creek Street. Creek Street is a series of very
beautiful buildings which are built over the water, and , much of Ketchikan is
actually built over the water on stilts. Creek Street is the old red-light
district and between the early 1900s (about 1902) up until 1954 it was the
heart of the red-light district and prostitution within
Ketchikan. It’s has very beautiful buildings with lots of stories behind them,
including places like Dolly’s house which was one of the most famous Madams
in the area and it’s now a museum. The third thing is slightly more cultural, and
is Totem Bight. The park was originally created right back in the
1930s when it was realized that as many of the indigenous Native people were
starting to move to the centers to look for work there was a real concern that
some of the heritage and the culture would be lost, particularly beautiful
totems that were created (these sort of storytelling totems) and many of
them were just abandoned as people started to migrate towards more urban centres.
So the decision was made to start to collect and protect and preserve these,
and also keep the art of totem making alive. It’s not far out of Ketchikan and you
can get there on the trolley bus which runs tours of the city and heads
out there. The fourth destination that I want to talk about you’re not
actually going to get off the ship when you get there, and this is Glacier Bay.
One of the big watch outs I would have is if you’re heading into the
Inside Passage on any cruise, take a look and see whether you’re going to be going
to Glacier Bay. Only two cruise ships a day are allowed in there, so there’s very
limited amount of ships that go in there. So I, for example, cruised with Holland
America. Holland America have been operating in Alaska for over 70 years
and they are one of the cruise lines that will go into Glacier Bay
because they’ve been doing it for so long.
If you don’t go into Glacier Bay you may be going to some other places like
Tracy Arm – but Glacier Bay is the most magical and important place of all to
see. It’s official name is the Glacier Bay National Park and
Preserve. It’s 3.2 million acres and there’s a number
of very beautiful massive idal water glaciers. The main ones you’re seeing are
the Reid Glacier, the John Hopkins Glacier and the most impressive of all which is
the Margerie Glacier. Wrap up warm, make sure you bought a great camera
ideally with a zoom lens on and just go out there and enjoy it. Make sure that
you spend most of the day out on deck. You’ll normally spend the whole
morning cruising between these different places with representatives from the National
Parks will be on the ship and they will be giving commentary during the day. Once
you get to things like the Margerie Glacier the
ship we’ll spend some time there, because one of the things that everyone wants to
see is the calving of the glacier. You are very likely to see this happen because
it happens all the time during the day. But most importantly make sure that you
are on a cruise line that is going into Glacier Bay, because in my view
nothing beats Glacier Bay and you are going to be shortchanged if you are on a
cruise that goes into one of the other inlets. if you’re on Inside Passage
cruise there are four things that you are definitely going to be doing: you’re
gonna be going to Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and you’re going to be
cruising through one of the inlets like Glacier Bay. To make your cruise, which is
probably a once-in-a-lifetime cruise, I’ve suggested nine things that you
absolutely should do. I really believe these made my Alaska Inside Passage
cruise magical and I would definitely do them again if I was going again. Hope you
found that helpful. I have a whole series of other videos about Alaska cruising
with lots of tips and advice on things to do so please watch those. The
thing I’d love you to do, if you enjoyed the video, is give the video a “like” and
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