8 Fortnite Locations You Wouldn’t Believe Are Real

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Video games are supposed to be these fantastical
worlds where you can go to have some fun and escape the real world at least for a while. Well, good news for Fortnite fans because
there are real places you can visit and feel like you’re right in the game! And in case you’re thinking, “Uh, what’s
a fortnite?” let me just go over the basics real quick. Fortnite is a video game that takes you to
a world with very few people left. When you join the game, you become one of
those lucky 2% of survivors, and your mission is to protect yourself and others from zombies
and rebuild civilization. As for some of the popular locations in the
game, here are the real-life ones you can visit if you ever get the chance, starting
with one of the most iconic places… 8. Battle Royale Island
Interestingly enough, the whole Fortnite world actually looks like a country that exists
in real life. Now let’s take those outlines any fan will
recognize and check your knowledge of geography. Does it look like any real country to you? I’ll give you a hint – it’s in Eastern
Europe. And the country is … Poland! When looking at both maps side-by-side, you’ll
definitely find some differences here and there, of course. But the resemblance in outlines is still pretty
amazing! Both places also have a river running through
them. The real river in Poland is called the Vistula,
and it’s actually the longest and largest river in the country. Sure, it certainly isn’t as dangerous as
the river from Fortnite, which is a real challenge to cross or be in. And if you study a map of Poland in detail,
you’ll also notice certain similarities with Battle Royale when it comes to regions. You’ll find grasslands in the middle, mountains
to the east and west, and the capital city by the river. One big difference is that Poland can’t
boast any desert at the moment, so it’s kinda like Fortnite before the meteor struck
and turned it into what it looks like now. 7. Clock Tower
Any regular Fortnite player has been to Tilted Towers. It’s the largest city in the game, and it
has tall buildings, a bunch of cars, and a pretty impressive population for a world of
very few post-apocalyptic survivors. Some players compare Tilted Towers to New
York City, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. New York is way larger in size and population. However, there is one landmark in Tilted Towers
that has a real-world inspiration! It’s probably the most famous clock tower
in the world we all know as Big Ben. Now, here’s a fun quick fact: Big Ben isn’t
actually the name of the tower, but the bell inside. In any case, this extremely popular UK tourist
destination that you’ll see on any postcard from London must have inspired the Clock Tower
in Fortnite. In case you doubt that since they don’t
look that much alike when it comes to architectural details, then check this out. The real Big Ben is actually leaning (or tilting!)
to one side because of its unstable foundation. It’s actually a cause for major concern
among local officials and the public. So do you get the pun? A tilting clock tower in Tilted Towers – the
game developers definitely added some secret meaning to it. 6. Loot Lake
Loot Lake is a location that remains basically intact up to season 6 of the game. There was just a house by the lake standing
in solitude, until Kevin the Purple Cube dove into it and then reappeared above the surface
to take the house with it. Then, a massive whirlpool was formed in the
middle of the lake. As crazy as it might sound, there’s an actual
place in the world that looks a lot like it. It’s the Covao do Conchos lagoon in the
mountains of the Serra de Estrela in Portugal. It looks like a gateway to a different dimension,
but it is, in fact, completely human-made and was part of a hydro-electric dam system
from 1955. Still, it’s way more exciting to believe
it’s home to something like the sea monster from the Odyssey or a portal to another world! Hey, what can I say, I have a vivid imagination! 5. Wailing Woods
Just like Loot Lake, the Wailing Woods weren’t that exciting until season 6 of the game. Then, cabins appeared in the woods along with
a maze and secret bunker underneath. This change made the location a lot more interesting
for players. Now, there’s a real place in Scotland that
has a circle of greenery that looks just like the Wailing Woods. No one knows if there’s a secret bunker
underneath it, though. Maybe you’ll have to go there to find out! 4. Dusty Divot
Dusty Divot was originally called Dusty Depot and served as a government research facility. Then, a meteor crashed there and completely
changed the area. Hence, now we have Dusty Divot, and based
on the game’s storyline, it apparently took years for the place to get its greenery back. Any Fortnite fan will know the crater and
the diner right next to it. So if you want to visit the real-world version
of it, head right to Arizona! There’s a very similar looking crater in
the Northern Arizona desert that’s actually a national landmark. There’s some greenery inside and outside
the crater and a building that looks just like the Dusty Diner and a road that leads
there. 3. Pleasant Park
Birds singing, the sun shining, squirrels and dogs running around, and kids laughing
is how most people imagine something that could be called Pleasant Park. Well it’s definitely not the case for Fortnite
players because Pleasant Park is more like a war zone! Yeah, nothing “pleasant” about that, but
maybe that’s the irony? But rest assured, the park that inspired the
game version looks quite the opposite. Mount Pleasant Park in Vancouver, Canada is
located in a great family-friendly area, and the perfect climate makes it green and pretty
all year round. What do the two Pleasant Parks have in common
then? They look pretty much identical, except for
the fact that there’s a soccer field in Fortnite and a basketball court in the real-life
park. Now, you’ve seen places around the globe
that inspired Fortnite developers, but Epic Games actually went further and shifted the
borders between two worlds. They made the motto of season 5 “Worlds
Collide” and placed a few well-known objects from the game in real-life locations, like… 2. Loot Llamas
Loot Llamas (or Llama Piñatas) in Fortnite are packed with heroes, survivors, weapons,
traps, and important resources. Any player is happy to find them in the game,
but imagine the joy of seeing them in real life! And it became real in 2018 when 7 huge sturdy
metal llamas were spotted in Paris, Cologne, Cannes, Warsaw, Barcelona, and London. There were actually 2 llamas in London, and
the most famous one was stuck halfway inside an iconic red phone booth. It was definitely a great marketing trick
from Epic Games! 1. Durr Burger
Durr Burger from Greasy Grove is one of Fortnite’s main symbols. It’s a fast food restaurant chain that has
Beef Boss as its mascot. Players got really sad when it shut down in
season 6 and got covered in ice in season 7. Luckily, a Durr Burger food truck opened in
Retail Row instead of the old stationary restaurant. Anyway, that was all in the game, but in 2018,
Fortnite fans went crazy when a random photographer shared images of a giant Durr Burger head
in the California desert surrounded by warning signs. Some super loyal fans immediately set out
on a journey to find it and noticed a police car looking exactly like the one from Fortnite
by it. There was also an agent nearby questioning
visitors about the anomaly. When the questioning was finished, each visitor
received a card with a number on it. When they called it, they heard a recording
that could be transformed into geographical coordinates. Who knew the real world could be so fun! Hey, don’t go anywhere just yet! I’ve got a fun bonus for ya! If you ever wondered if video games can help
you out in real life, check out this awesome story from Ohio. A group of high-school students took a picture
with their teacher and wrote a bet on the whiteboard. It said that if their photo got retweeted
6,700 times, the students would win. What was the prize, you ask? Well, the teacher, promised to change regular
exam questions into ones on Fortnite. And since the tweet went viral and was shared
over 30,000 times, the teacher actually had to ask game developers for help to write the
exam questions since he lost the bet! So, are you a Fortnite fan? What’s your favorite location in the game? Feel free to share in the comment section
below! Don’t forget to give this video a “like,”
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