#79: Traveling With the Sec. Of State, Tlaib's Latest Holocaust Remark, A Biden Tape Surfaces

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what's going on everybody and welcome back to another episode of triggered we're here for episode number 79 with our favorite and most special guest Katie Pavlich and she's back from her overseas trip with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yeah and how was the trip it was awesome so last week on Sunday night I left went to the State Department got picked up in the vans with the other peeps and we went over to Joint Base Andrews and hung out for a little while and then boarded the plane and it just was amazing it was such an incredible experience what I think the most amazing experiences of my career it was just really awesome to be able to travel in a way that you're representative of not just your media outlet but also the country right which was really cool so we started out in going to Finland because secretary Pompeo which I was talking about last week on your podcast was participating in the Arctic Council annual meeting mm-hmm and it was just very interesting that you know we were the United States were the only ones publicly at least warning about China and Russia's aggression in the region and China keeps calling itself a near Arctic region they're not country or not and they're just not they're not an Arctic country so but Russia and China are working together to kind of figure out how to stake out some territory up there and how to take advantage of a number of the resources that they have so that was it was interesting to see those meetings happen Pompeyo met with Lavrov as well from Russia the I think he's the his official title is foreign minister and he was just really interesting and good I mean it was really cool to be running from meeting to meeting and covering what they were doing and from there we were supposed to go to Germany took a quick tell us where we were going until he got on the plane and wheels were up and they said that we were going to Baghdad quick change of scenery that's pretty cool so we took about 6 hours 7 hours to fly from Finland down to Baghdad landed and lots of turbulence on the way the way down and then we were only there for about four hours and couldn't leave the base but that was really cool to see all the guys were still there and I could just kept just thinking about all of my friends who had either worked there in the capacity of for the government or there was a Treasury Department the Department of Justice setting up the elections in Iran after Saddam Hussein fell setting up their new Supreme Court really setting up their government and then friends who who serve there in the military and guys who were still over there doing a lot of that that stuff social forces guys and that kind of thing so it just took me back to you know we are still at war in a lot of ways that we don't realize and you know we need to be there because there's still Isis is still around in some ways the Caliphate has been defeated but you know they still have a lot to do in terms of the Iraqi government kind of consolidating the remaining factions and figuring out what to do with the remaining prisoners and then of course the reason we were there was because of the Iranian threat and the United States is trying to get the Iraqi government to consolidate the militias that they have there the Iranian militias that continue to cause problems and to work as you know proxies against American interests which includes American troops who are there and also the Iraqi government and Iraqi assets as well so it was an interesting trip to see him you know he went came on the plane when we left which we weren't allowed to tell anybody where we were until he left because of security reasons an Iraqi government official screwed us over it took like two hours to get the story out because we had to get back on the plane and get in the air first but anyway Pompeyo came back on the plane to talk about the Iranians right and said that you didn't get too specific but he just said it was credible and then the Department of Defense backed that up I mean that they were there to reestablish our support for and reinforce our support for the Iraqi government and sovereignty of this of the country so mm-hmm really interesting flying in there and then we went to the UK where he had a bunch of meetings you know wish Teresa made good luck on brexit she's gonna need it exactly took a diplomatic stance on that and said we know we'll support whatever outcome they can come up with and then he gave the Margaret Thatcher series lecture which I wore my cowboy boots in solidarity with Mel Reagan and Margit Thatcher no so it was really interesting trip and I think we got a lot of really good stories out of it and it was really cool to just see everything up close and personal and I was just very impressed by the way that the staff the press staff at the State Department handled everything I mean they went out of their way to make sure that we had as much access as we possibly could and we're you know throwing us in a motorcade so we could get to where we were going to get the pictures that the camera guys needed you know for the the networks and that kind of thing in the pool reporters who were there getting them you know the information that they needed and in the timing and all of that so I just thought that they really did a good job logistically I'm making sure everything was ready to go and they don't have to do that you know you could say well they're just doing their job but the way that they made sure that everybody had what they need it I thought was really impressive yeah whoo what are their outlets were there with you so there was the Associated Press Breitbart me The Wall Street Journal NBC News and then two crew guys for NBC News so two videographers yeah yeah so there were five of us total and it was you know for print reporters reporters digital so and then there three of them were doing pool reporting which right that's a lot of work so I admire them for doing that but yeah it was just it was great where's in the back of the plane you know Pompeyo usually only takes four reporters and they've opened up two new seats on the plane for more new media which i think is great mm-hmm so we'll see what / – 'not E's present themselves in the future but for now this was I think great for us and got a lot of good reporting out of it and multimedia reporting so yeah absolutely and guys with secretary Pompeo now yeah in Brussels and on their quick stopover before heading to Sochi where secretary Pompey was gonna meet with President Putin right so that's gonna be interesting and all the stories are already written right like this is going to appease Putin blah blah blah and one thing last week when we had our surprise trip to Baghdad nobody this is before the only buddy knew where we were going and President Obama's former ambassador to Russia was saying that we were going to Russia like as a matter of fact yeah and we weren't we were to Baghdad yeah and then he didn't delete it and then he did delete it but he didn't correct it so he made up this whole thing about how as Secretary of State was going to meet with Putin to appease Putin even though he just met with Lavrov the day before it was just so irresponsible for an overemphasis to say that how much is it that an Obama administration official yeah who let Russia do whatever they want to do and we'll have more flexibility after the election and they take part of Ukraine and they do nothing right and they're gonna criticize the election we do nothing when they go into Syria yeah nothing yeah yeah dawn forever now exactly and what are you what are your thoughts on the whole Iran situation because it's it seems to be escalating pretty quickly um you know I don't know if it's it certainly feels that way but I also feel like the United States for the first time in a long time is being offensive on Iran whereas under Obama it was all defensive and embarrassing situations like when the Iranians took our troops hostage on the boat and videotape them on their knees and I mean that was insane yeah so I think that it you know that certainly feels like things are ramping up and they say that you know the Iranians have essentially given the green light for their proxies to attack American interests whether that be civilians or US troops stationed in Iraq or in other places their proxies and Hezbollah and Hamas so it does feel like an excavation but I think it's also just us being smart about being on the offensive especially with the timing right now with the one-year anniversary of pulling out of a nuclear agreement that's why it kind of feels like things are getting heated up but I think that this administration is is on the office and saying you know we're not gonna put up with you guys doing something first and it's just responding we're gonna be right out in front of it and that's why they've moved the carriers and they've moved certain you know weapon systems to send a message before something happens so as a deterrent and saying that we're not messing around and I think we've seen results of that over the last two years I mean during Obama the Obama administration and the Iranian ships would harass our ship you'd get really close to them and then you know like I just said in the time that they actually took over the you know an entire ship of soldiers and took them captive and oh yeah maybe one woman the one female soldier wear a hijab if I wasn't sure I would have blown them out of the water just for that I think told them that yeah you said if you do that to us under a ministration we will blow you out and same thing with the harassment of the ships Russia rules of engagement you come close to our ships right you're done they know that yes so this is their way of continuing that kind of aggression towards them in order to prevent them from doing embarrassing ridiculous things and we heard on the radio on the way in we're listening to Fox News Radio and the apparently some commander of the Revolutionary Guard was like oh now more targets for us that they've moved into the Middle East and like please try to see you tries just because you put a 50 caliber machine gun on a Boston Whaler plenty of times and I'll reiterate again I've been waiting for a chance to take these people out yeah it's complicated situation the stakes are high but 45 years now since the Revolution yeah maybe more and so you know they're at a breaking point now with their economy and the way that things are going and you know the Iranians joke about or not joke but they say they give this like ultimatum about blackmail basically well in 60 days if you don't do XY and Z we're gonna restart our nuclear program which they claims they couldn't do because they got rid of all of their plans and then the Israelis last year went into Iran and pulled out all of that yeah that is intelligence room that was insane that was most insane feat ever and it showed that they obviously have intentions of waiting out the Iran nuclear deal and then using the same plans that they've had you have to start over so this idea that they're now trying to blackmail this you know the cowardly and you know how do I say this yeah appropriate way but no just you know the Europeans who are never willing to actually take a stand on your track other channels to pay Iran without engaging in us Sanchez I mean it's ridiculous and now it's like Iran's taking advantage of them and saying we're gonna blackmail you and restart a nuclear program unless you start doing what we want to do in the next 60 days which is absurd which anyone with half a brain saw they're coming I mean we knew when the deal was happening as it is I mean John Kerry falling off his bicycle couldn't even do that right even after it was signed German intelligence was like Iran is still trying to acquire banned missile so because the nuclear agreement didn't address ballistic missiles at all yeah that was some that carry seated let's give you the delivery device so that eventually you know in there yeah yeah just don't put it on the top of it is so ridiculous the John Kerry body count what's the code when we when he gave them the ransom the 150 billion ransom for the four Americans and then everyone's like well they're just gonna spend that on terrorism like oh yeah and they're like yeah Kerry's like well they're not supposed to do that at the White House the former press secretary Jay Carney no it wasn't it was earnest earnest was asked directly about where this money was going and if it was going to terrorism he said he said yeah it might yeah from the podiatric new obama funds terrorism yeah but whatever and I think people need to remember why Iran matters his people are like why do we care so much Hezbollah killed more Americans than any other terrorist organization before 9/11 yeah Mr Al Queda it is it is more responsible for hundreds if not thousands of American deaths they have actively killed our troops in Iraq we know guys have been blown up by uranium bombs it was let's say there's vets here who still have pieces of Iranian trends away exactly they actively support terrorism in Gaza and the West Bank to go after Americans they've killed Americans in Israel and they're completely running that civil war in Syria all the generals are there exactly so it matters for a lot of reasons they know that there are questions about white why does that you know why are we so intent on Iran well there's plenty of reasons to be in Iran yep these have been usual tentacles reach far and I'm Tehran it should have been here as well yeah which is a whole other topic yeah yeah you quickly on Venezuela before we move on so what do you think it kind of has reached a little low so I talked to Senator Marco Rubio on Friday and we had a 30-minute conversation it was awesome he was focusing only supposed to give me ten minutes and gave me thirty which was great and he was saying you know in the age of Twitter and the news cycle moving so quickly we tend to get very impatient with these things and this is not something that's going to happen overnight usually it's you know it's gonna take some time and it's been a rolling issue and his take on it was that even if you know the United States or Brazil or Colombia don't engage further in terms of more pressure or taking a military option against Maduro eventually Maduro will collapse on his own it's just a matter of waiting it out and figuring out how to best manage the humanitarian crisis that's going on so he doesn't think it's sustainable whether we engage further or not right which I thought was interesting so you know it's it's a big risk that the administration has taken but it's not one that came out of nowhere you know Maduro has been having these kinds of issues for years you know the evenings do animals and Rob you know rummaging through garbage streets has been going on for at least half a half a decade yeah so his message was you know we need to just be patient and self out and right right now we don't need necessarily to have another push from the United States and he stressed this isn't a u.s. initiative right you know the left is framing it like we're engaged in a coup we're not there are 50 other countries and he also made a really important point about the way that South America has flipped its opinion of the United States in the last yeah couple years you know Yankee right you know you have a pro US government in Colombia a previous government in Panama in Brazil in Argentina and there's only two countries that aren't on board with getting rid of Maduro and I think it was Honduras and Nicaragua and they have like left-wing governments they and even El Salvador yeah he's on our side on this and so this idea that we're going at this alone or that somehow they're being reckless with their decision making is a leftist talking point it's not the reality on the ground yeah so what you'll see but one of the things I saw one of the things that was keeping him out you know around was the support of the military but now I hear that he's surrounded himself by Cuban troops because he interesting to senator Rubio is saying that the military itself has not engaged in violence against Venezuelans mm-hmm but these gangs of Cubans that are working for Maduro are the ones engaging in violence against Venezuelan citizens and protesters and the military is slowly starting to defect from Maduro because they don't like what they're seeing with these Cuban gangs going after their fellow citizens yeah so I thought that was an interesting point to be made yeah in terms of what's going on you know and they're gonna run out of money eventually yeah pay these guys yeah and their families so yeah it's gonna be interesting yeah all right let's keep it move it domestic here for a few minutes anti-semitism from the Dems classic right yeah but this is a whole new level I couldn't believe that she actually said this were shoot to leave said though she gets a calming feeling when thinking of the Holocaust yeah I mean she's insane guys she's just criticizing Israeli policies she's not talkative people geez wait a way to pounce you to she's such trash then try to equate it to having to do with some sort of like a loss of Palestinian land there's me actually mean she made a moral equivalency argument so this is what she said in full she said there's quote there's always kind of a calming feeling I tell folks when they think of the Holocaust and the tragedy of the Holocaust and the fact that it was my ancestors Palestinians who lost their land and someone lost their lives their livelihood their human dignity their existence in many ways have been wiped out in some people's passports so essentially she's equating yeah the Holocaust to Palestinians and I'm not exactly sure what she's talking about lost their land and their livelihood I mean let's take Gaza for example okay in 2005 Israel gave Gaza back to the Palestinians yep they said they didn't want any Jews living there so they literally ripped Jews out of their homes 8,000 of them were forced to leave their homes behind gave the land gave them a bunch of green houses gave them livelihood everything that they had set up there for it to be an efficient part of the country they left to them and they destroyed it and then they immediately started launching rockets at Israel yeah or the Jews who are taking away the livelihood and the land of the Palestinians in fact they have gone above and beyond to give it back as in hopes that they would receive peace in response and they haven't done that and the truth is that in Israel Arab Israelis have the same rights as Jewish Israelis or Christian Israelis there's no difference yes is there a difference between a Palestinian who lives in Ramallah who is not an Israeli citizen and an Arab Israeli citizen yes because the difference is that one is a citizen of a sovereign country and one is not yeah so I need for her to equation between its land which I'm not you know clear on what she's specifically referring to right I'm like I don't even know what that is well I feel fine about the Holocaust because my people went through the same right and I'm glad it's equal and that the Jews suffered like we did we take it I think she's referring to the whole right of return thing that that they want yeah maybe the creation of the UN Charter that created the state in 47 that it did again but it's not the same as it's not the same as a systemic and like state-based destruction of I hope people that the Nazis well that's the point oh man relax the right of return in in terms of what congresswoman Rashid Italy believes that is destroying Israel as Jews yeah like the right of return to her is not setting up a Palestinian government that governs different kinds of people including Christians Arabs and Jews yeah her right of return is getting rid of all the Jews in Israel together yeah and that's the difference yeah and I think even the most lefty of lefties over in Israel don't even wouldn't even support a right to rich anyway because there's a scene israel has completely been destroyed by them giving up land in gaza and seeing the results of what they've done in terms of their goodwill yep everyone knows all your rockets yeah a hundred and thirty thousand by the way paid for by torrents credit right exactly oh is that how many that's there yeah yeah there's an auto very shudders terrifying yeah downhill too don't know hmm but good Lebanon borders here and there's a valley beneath where the hell it doesn't Nancy Pelosi I don't know well I mean this is dr. Gork a member of dr. Gorka said this about six weeks ago when he was on our on our podcast he was like there and he was talked about Ilhan Omar he thought L on Omar was gonna you know basically be the tipping point ya know it's rude to leave works in crime then yes a partner in crime who reached the boiling point this is anti-semitism stuff worse you know I mean I thought that L on Omar would mean obviously she would probably say something like this but Filipe saying this quote is not like she said it no of course incorrectly or mushy could have articulated it differently this is what she believes that then there's your classic clarification yeah quote you know you said the correct thing first yeah so anyway okay so Lindsey Graham it Wednesday 2.0 hopefully never reverts to one point oh yes he is working on declassifying a bombshell document that proves that authorities knew that the steeled dossier lacked credibility and then they repeatedly testified before the FISA Court that it was credible yeah John Solomon had this in the hill about couple days prior to the the FISA warrant being issued for Carter page they were as a you know how there's so many assistant directors of whatever over there Jay wrote in her notes that it was biased it was basically because critten chrissteele told told them all this that then was biased and he had a deadline you said specifically I need all this to come out before Election Day what having crystal I still got the FISA warrant how didn't Chris service still been fired at that point when she was taking these outs for leaking to the media as an asset for the FBI and then they still used it I I think that I think so we had to check yeah I the way the FBI knew that it was remember that they did yeah every single time the cave lion McCabe was up there did you verify the VAT dossier I'm not gonna discuss that Wendy Gramm said the bottom line is the dossier has never been independently confirmed and said the FBI was on notice that their confidential informant went to the Department of State to urge the Department of State to take the dossier and week it to the public to affect the election that's about as sick as it gets well and that's my mission now so this Department of State hasn't really been wrapped up in a lot of this mm-hmm until now and the question is you know what were Hillary Clinton's Lackey is at the State Department doing to make sure that the State Department on top of the Department of Justice in the FBI were used as a political weapon against a political campaign remember Evelyn Sarkis were here Circus Circus and she admitted at the end of the obama presidency that they were sending a bunch of russia stuff and getting a bunch of russia information because they wanted to give it yeah in order to use it against the Trump campaign because they were quote worried that he was a Russian asset yeah well there are big questions about what that information was being used for and why they were compiling it and who directed them to do it yeah where Hillary Clinton's staff members on her campaign in contact with the State Department to ask them to do certain things yeah well I'm sure that they were yeah yeah you know there I was what saying there was definitely still people there yeah she was using the State Department as an extension of her campaign to get opposition research on President Trump and to use a government again another government agency to go after him it's insane yeah the IG reports gonna be fun come come enjoy the sleeves we've heard that so I'm gonna be on that sighs it's gonna be like Labor Day weekend yeah yeah naturally I mean we're supposed to come out like last May I know but and month after month after month we go we see a lot of bad sky stuff for us I can say it's gonna be scorching we hope okay so real quickly here new poll came out over the weekend a vast majority of likely us voters is an agreement that the US government should be deporting individuals who overstay their visas yeah yeah and 51 percent said that the government is not aggressive enough in finding those who have overstayed their visas and sending them home yeah which is good that should I mean that that's a positive that's a positive improvement yes where it was before yeah especially the fifty-one percent part of saying the government's not aggressive enough so I think it's time to start up the deportation force and an I agree remember that when they were all like Oh Trump's gonna have an evil deportation force just like the SS going through a door-to-door well and he kept poking the bear when he was on the with Joe Scarborough there might be a deportation I don't know it could be the cannot be but there will be some sort of force these people they disappear we don't know who they are we don't know what they're doing they're from a lot of these people who are we're saying their visas are from countries that don't have the best governments and we and again don't know who they are and what their intentions are and the entire reason why we have a visa system is in order to make sure that we know who's in the country and this is one of the biggest problems on top of illegal border crossings over state visas is actually the biggest problem we have with our immigration system yeah yep come legally and then they're illegal yep and 9/11 hijackers didn't they yes pretty sure they overstayed their visas no and they wouldn't be deported right so speaking of immigration new video well resurfaced video shows Joe Biden talking in 2006 he was then a senator about building a border wall oh and punishing employers that employ illegal aliens presumably three verify that was not a small project think you wanted like 700 miles oh yeah they wanted basically the whole wall bit to the full wall and so the exact quote was but let me tell you we can build a fence 40 stories high unless you change the dynamic in Mexico and you will not like this and punish American employers who knowingly violate the law when they in fact hire illegals unless you do those two things all the rest is window dressing right enforcement on different levels exactly what the Trump administration has been trying to do yep yep it was Obama Dick Durbin was on the Senate floor Harry Reid complaining about how the fence act actually wasn't enough fencing that maybe did more to actually solve the problem yep but no that's racist I let them all in yeah Biden's got a lot of great quotes Murray's gonna put y'all back and change that was a good one yeah that's right everyone's like oh he's a great guy I'm like oh really accusing an entire population of wanting to enslave fellow Americans is a happy-go-lucky good guy we should just talk right no thanks at first you know I was a little bit concerned about Joe Biden but the more and more that this has been going on with all of his past and and his inability to even give a speech without one a 20-minute speech without slurring his words he he is going to have a very tough time yeah he's gonna need like when you go to the dentist you know mr. thirsty he's gonna be mr. thirstiness mouth to make sure it doesn't slur well even if he gets the nomination which I don't think we'll see he's no white man he's going to I don't know I don't know that there's anyone that's either premier Biden yeah exactly that's gonna push off if he gets the numbers she's gonna push off a good portion of the hefty left deals are gonna stay home yeah that'd be great about their maggot KAG 2020 yeah okay yeah I mean Boba cos we don't want to let maggot go so yeah but your zag you have a case where trumps gonna be out there do it same same with different this is gonna be serious Hillary where there's no way you can keep up and then he'll probably get sick where's Joe never call you remember that and then fall apart at the 9/11 memorial like Hillary yeah so I think I think we're going down the scene right here and no one no one can Trump Trump it's like he's not gonna let that happen yeah Trump would rather die than lose to Joe Biden yep and that's what when people are struggling not run for a second term like no he's gonna run for a second kidding remember people are like he hates his job like are you serious yeah yeah how he operates cuz he loves this job right and he knows that that's a dumb thing to say that's like a wishful thinking like he'll just quit mm-hmm not happening exactly he's gonna be the richest former living president in 2024 yep 2025 25 yeah maybe maybe he could stay longer than okay yeah election truthers like Stacey Abrams and Camilla Harris saying that we know Lauri and Hillary yeah singing the election was stolen we no longer need to concede elections guys that's the left real quick exactly new rules new too quick final topics here yeah women are supposedly in opposition to Trump that's the mainstream media narrative yeah yeah but we come to find out not exactly true oh yeah not exactly true three women can take her themselves yes left us block all the time exactly exactly so new FEC filing data shows that more women donated to president Trump's reelection campaign in the first quarter of the year than any of the 2020 Democrats hmm well yeah there's probably a lot of reasons for that yeah the economy security yeah see the left has gone insane when it comes to the women's issue mm-hmm abortion women don't like late term abortion and that's what they've been pushing yeah and also the women's March has been the talking point for everybody and they act like the women's March ladies represent all of us and they don't and we don't want anything to do with their anti-semitic trash yeah and not a bunch of not it's cabal it's called the not-see March oh just be honest with her they're within the Southshore there yeah-oh khan's friend oh well I know who you're talking me right wing right wing [Laughter] patience for the all women narrative like we're not this we don't have to vote the certain way because we're quote women and you don't speak for me well also the dim frontrunners and creep so here's that yes here yeah sniffy creepy Dubai sit on my lap those guys it needs to do that then he doesn't have a job anymore the same Marcia operon sit on my lap mark that's true and so the numbers are going up women Amanda stop bother women they love me oh great job good job also dropping that name off of her last name yeah anti women but he puts his money where his mouth is like Kellyanne Conway is the first female to ever win a presidential campaign there's no credit for that no she ran out in front as the face of the administration and people can see that you know Sarah Sanders is the same I mean he has the time he's put women in positions and he's doing it rather than talking about it which I think women are not sure yet the the CIA first female CIA exactly yep so really likes to you know they can playing about tokenism but all they do all day is tokenism we have a women running for this position this position and love a bla it's like we just put people in positions because they're qualified and if they happen to be women or people of color or we don't results in me for themselves and they do mm-hmm it's all the identity politics be like oh we can't we gotta pick an asian guy for her just half – there's no Asians yeah that's the bean-counting low and speaking of identity politics so one quick last story here before we wrap up the show here in DC there's been quite the outrage on social media because some worker some metro worker yeah was eating a full blown meal yeah on the train that causes brats not allowed folks know which is against against them not allowed right yep so someone one of the customers a rider yeah took a picture and tweeted it yeah right criticizing that worker for breaking the rules while the riders are expected to follow the rules yeah next then it blows up into this huge race and gender thing yeah where they're like you're just criticizing her because she's black and a woman like that's an excuse for bad behavior yes use it as an excuse to cover up bad behavior it's ridiculous actually you're breaking the rules as someone who works for Metro and you should know better look but instead of just taking responsibility for your actions you're blaming everybody else at being sexist and racist and it's an excuse for bad behavior and it's bogus and that's the usual and right crazy even worse the person who did the tweeting is now the one being attacked yep on social media and lost their book deal absolutely outrageous yeah crazy yes a little bit of irony here like she tweeted that photo no one thought that but you people I'm talking to left you people you people were the one that brought the black element and the woman element has whole men's real racism a the real sex someone who is on metros payroll is on the taxpayer payroll and DC yeah yeah it's not a private enterprise so taxpayers are paying your salary and the write the rules yeah and the writers follow the rules and just take responsibility for it that's a fireable of whoa we didn't fire you and instead you're firing this woman and get a book deal like that's insane we've gotten to a point now where if it's not special treatment it see there's people claim they don't want yeah they claim they work equally when it comes down to it exactly they do want to be treated specially exact I don't want to follow the rules no mm you know women do that all the time equal treatment to them is special treatment yes like no you just didn't do a good job yes do better next time hell yes yes better luck next time it's like no don't use and it downplays real racism and real when you use it as an excuse to cover up bad behavior yep yep it makes me we should get storm in almaty uniform you should eat like a cheese steak and I should tweet and see if there's any heat towards me or mica mica can tweeters yeah this guy look at this white natural working you're breaking the rules yeah look at this white sis mail yeah actually yeah we should said Maddon for that Asian privilege oh yeah out of today alright thanks appreciate it give us we appreciate all your ratings on iTunes poppin stitch away we get your podcast follow us on Twitter at trigger THM and online triggered podcast calm we'll see you guys tomorrow yeah tomorrow and Thursday I might not be here there's oh you're gonna be here okay I'm going to drag the show on what I like talk I like I'm a people person I like talking shit except Mikey just like Sam I didn't want to talk all the time but get everyone all right because tomorrow you

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