7/26/2019: Picnic Table in the Pond!

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hey guys so we're at watson pond again usually here actually there's not that many people here today right still especially in the woods sometimes you'll just be walking I knew that startled if you see like I just sitting down on a chair fishing or something like that they'll get startled you soon as you walk by people notice you receivers you can jump keep on you today give me the shivers channel I still don't know what to do with those delete those two two or three dumb episodes then make them public or what what is yeah because we know no we don't have yeah I know you oh you guys have blogs that you can't see don't you well you see we have none yeah you can even go to the play which they won't say fries nice day out though hi oh hi literally wha Janet's – onk Luke I think you're trying to spill okay there's these flowers hey geez what happened here someone through the picnic table in the water what the heck what is wrong with people this is the one we made the shippers on I would have liked to sit there okay yeah no telling the cons which which path you would take we already took this one because so now we're going to see I mean we're back up until who you guys why do you guys never believe us about what time it is let's just show it so many got very drunk down here because there's tons oh my god you guys thought that was a wall oh oh look at this you thought there was a law now look at this we're going down this path [Applause] it looks like there's so many people here all these cars you're coming you coming Oh focus thank you [Applause] okay what kind of some other time so rank for ordering McDonald's they may not come they might have forgotten again because it's kind of a little bit busiest half day and I gotta call and she got it should we talk about this yeah so there's basically long story short on how we know this person used to be neighbors with someone who is our friends so we were basically kind of friends with this girl who's when she was normal well not like home yes do-seong 2-1 not ended oh yeah and we would have entered it anyway so we basically learned for five we basically oh yes to give me a bit dry juveniles we learned from her snapshot work areas we learnt from this girl's snapchat that she had a court date and she we were fingers snap chat I should we save it for free she basically did sex with another kid when she starts I know I know I'm just I'm just mentioning stuff but we're also her through a snapchat that she's in court for stealing bytes sterile nights and so that's all you think yeah she's been gonna go and steal a couple of play you better watch our bikes this kid lives in her neighborhood by the way she moves out at our friends house and she still lives in the neighborhood somewhere we she she got kicked out of her friend's house basically she smokes she smokes weed also family's always allowed in fighting sisters smashing cars he's getting your coefficient II but yeah

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