6 Questions with Jon Brassey, Founder of the Trip Database

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I started Tripoli in 1997 because I was working for the National Health Service and I was answering clinical questions for general practitioners and it just made my life an awful lot easier I could search all the sources of evidence in once in one place and so I started trip that way Oh trips sources huge we cover thousands of different sources millions of documents we range from the highest quality evidence from likes of nice AHRQ Cochrane through to key primary research all the way down to e-textbooks but the really as thousands and it's it would take forever to go through them all well it's not easy to say as an average trip user you know they're over a hundred thousand users a month typically there are health professionals about 70% of our users are health professionals we've we've been even split between doctors physicians and non doctors we also have about thirty percent of our users of whom information specialists and librarians well Tripps got to main use cases the main use is around clinical question answering health professionals would have seen a patient and uncertain of the treatment and what come to trip to have a look for the latest evidence releases guidance and that's the by far and away the most popular reason for coming to trip but in the second use cases for researchers or information specialists who are undertaking a review of their own perhaps compiling a guideline and again they need access to the latest evidence and so they come to trick I think well I'm obviously biased but I think Tripp is a great way of finding evidence really easily there's no steep learning curve to using it if you know how to use Google you can use trick and I think because we've got the largest selection of guidelines we've got one of the largest collections of systematic reviews probably the single largest collection of high quality evidence of any resource and our algorithm is so good it's very easy to find the evidence you need so ease of use well we create a trip pro for for more discerning user really trip the free version trips really powerful but what trip pro does it gives you the use of greater access to content we have a lot more systematic reviews they have access to images and videos but also there's greater functionality for those users who need it so there's an advanced search there's different ways of refining your search results and so there the main reasons people buy Pro because they just want more control over their searching

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