6 Chicken Kebab Tava Bites Restaurant Flavors

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let's say Yama Yama boom ba-ba-boom six chicken kebabs the masala this will be coated you know I've got less than 1 kg of boneless chicken made them into six different kebabs each piece of this chicken is sticking well to the pan these are perfectly done Namaste Salaam walekum Saskia Cal welcome back to another session with your worship and today we're going to make six chicken kebabs these awesome chicken bites will be so tasty when you are making in your family for your friends you don't have to make one kebab and lot of it the same chicken you can make different flavors only thing is the base will be same for at least 3 kebabs and 3 kebabs so I'm going to make 2 base recipes and one is yogurt based so for this you know first I'm going to take ginger-garlic paste in this garam masala powder some jeera powder Kasuri methi pada see this Kasuri methi and all this jeera will give a very nice taste to this curd base and in this I'm going to add some chaat masala we're going to add some salt we're gonna squeeze in some lime juice this lime juice will also help the chicken remain nice and tender but the chicken pieces what I am going to use today you know already brined that means I put it in the salt water for 4-5 hours so this chicken is tender this will cook very fast what I'll do is I'll put the chicken pieces here and mix I'm going to make three different kebabs with this and all the three are going to be curd based this Curt will give a very nice that tandoori masala effect and everything and the curd is the basis of almost all the nice thundery kebabs mix this chicken this is our base chicken masala in this I'm going to divide this into three portions so each chicken I'm going to make six piece six and six thirty six pieces and of chicken kebab salt everything is perfect first I am going to just take six pieces of this and this one I'm going to make nice red spicy chicken add Kashmiri chilli powder and this will give a very nice red color for the kebabs then you're going to cook them add a little bit of oil just keep this ready my first kebab ready to go on to a schema chicken pieces the sixth one with the red kebab they're all ready I'm just going to keep it here I'm going to skewer it later in this I'm going to add very little pepper this one has red chili and pepper so I'm going to add six more pieces one two three four five and six this one has the chili the pepper and both the masalas we're going to use some onions bell pepper some tomatoes all the cubes so on one of the skewer we're going to have this vegetable this is perfect so my second one is also ready this is got the pepper and the chili and it is I'm going to leave it here on the side in my third kebab this is pepper kebab so this is extra pepper but I'm also going to make this internet nice Malaika Bob so what I'm going to do I have cream cheese here so cream cheese will melt so what we'll do we're going to add this cream cheese in this along with the yogurt this one just make sure the cream cheese is nicely mixed if you don't have the cream cheese all you can do is you can take any of those grated cheeses make into a nice paste and add to this do not add too much but they affect the end of it these kebabs will look excellent black pepper cheese kebab ready the red spicy chili kebab ready I've got the shashlik kind of thing with bell pepper onion and tomato ready so we're going to put it on the skewer first all these three and next batch is going to be another marination which I'm going to show you how if you have skewered like this now you see they are not round they are squares and if this kind of skewers are there it is lot more better take the chicken piece the lengthy side you put and the other side you get it out so that way the chicken will be nice so the same thing we're going to do with the other pieces also make sure that there is little bit gap air gap should be there between each of the kebab they can touch but some air gap the pepper and the chili pod of both of them in the curve base gravy we put these vegetables and first you put onion tomato capsicum and then put a piece of chicken and you keep repeating till you get this nice fantastic thing on one we put cheese another one you know only chili powder but all of them have yogurt the next kebabs what we're going to do is non yogurt based so again I'm going to use some chili powder of course some salt also I'm going to add some pepper powder so these things will balance the flavors in this again some cumin powder a little bit of garam masala powder and a little bit of coriander powder and also you know a little bit of chat masala squeezing the lemon juice here I've got the chicken pieces without yogurt we're going to marinate this chicken pieces try and keep this chicken marinated for at least a few hours that's when you will get excellent result I forgot a ginger garlic paste little bit of ginger garlic paste and look at it how dry it is if we add oil to it it will be good but I'm going to divide this again into three different portions so here I've got six pieces of chicken each three and three six again three and three six so the first one what I'm going to do here I'm going to add them mint and coriander leaf I just made the paste to add little of this and you have this fantastic green kebab so a lot of people what they do is they add spinach to get that nice dark green color so if you want you can do it but don't add color I see sometimes the kebabs they are really really dark green but for me even if it is not that green if it is pale green like this it is okay but the flavor will be excellent once you rub in these things we're going to let it rest after letting these chicken pieces rest and observing the juices and the flavors then we're going to add the oil this one is already next one is Peri Peri Peri Peri is again very famous kind of you know very commonly used nowadays you can make the periphery powder and keep it or else had very little ginger product see ginger pata is very strong flavor in this had some rocks little bit not too much because again it'll get salty a little bit of hub the citric acid citric acid is very tangi just you know to give that tan genus this one is all good to make it a little bit even more delicious I'm going to add some chili flakes to this if you add honey now I know the chicken will get brown faster but this is very well marinated this is pretty good and the next one is garlic in the same thing we're going to add lot of garlic and this garlic you know it has to hold on to this so what we can do is you can add a little bit of my de or corn flour to this and it'll hold the the garlic just because the garlic has to be whole we're going to sprinkle a little bit of my de anyway when we add oil along with this it'll all be good this is little bit you know see look at this kind of sticky that's fine just leave it like this and we're going to rest all of them in each one of these kebabs we're going to add little bit of oil just on top similarly the green kebabs few drops of oil and on my garlic kabob also little bit oil now we're going to put it on the ski work just like the way we did the other kebabs beautiful kebabs they're all ready you can do it directly on the charcoal or the way I am doing today on the tava you know I'm going to add some oil in the center this oil I'm going to take with a spoon and pour on top of the kebabs and even with the brush you can do it so look at this the chicken pieces won't touch at the bottom and there is an air gap here so if you can see kebabs are floating on the top so whenever you want them to be cooked just move it to the back you do not want the pan to be too hot so reduce the temperature arrange the pieces like this so one the second the third these are all oil-based so the next one is that the Kurd based ones they are slightly bigger and now here is the another one the malai cup of one is little bit delicate so I just want to make sure that I add the oil on top first you do not want any of these to be burnt because there is a cheese in this this will get stuck at the bottom so I'm just going to put it on the side and slowly cook them by moving the car a little bit up and down you will move the oil also look at this now the oil is come to the center part so if you want the kebabs to the cook just move the kalaiy backward and the oil will all be out each piece of this chicken is sticking well to the panel so on a slow flame let's cook them till they are perfectly done we can do lot of vegetable carvings and when I was in college I used to do lot of vegetable carvings this has one you know a couple of melons for me during the college time but today if this is lot of effort we will be introducing lot of carving along with another young budding chef whom we call it junior worship so he'll be introducing him soon you can spend some time and make these wonderful carvings and here I have got awesome chicken kebabs ready my number one this is the cheese pepper kebab and this is the spicy chicken kebab and this is of course you can easily see the shashlik Abbas and here is my garlic kebab and here you can see the chili flakes and with the honey another see this is my green kebab I've used mint and coriander but the color is you know almost gone if you use spinach you will get good color I'm going to show you another time I've cooked this kebab so delicately so look at them two of them can go on top here the first three kebabs are you know non yogurt based kebabs my the next three kebabs yogurt based kebabs they're all so super so beautiful you know with this onions cucumber the tomato and all you need is a lemon of course we have the very standard mint chutney this is also good this is amazing let's say Yama Yama and let's eat look at these kebabs they are nice shiny and all we do is just apply a little bit of butter and then we're going to sprinkle a little bit of the chaat masala and other things if you want you can add it otherwise these kebabs are just perfect which one should I eat first my favorite is usually the malai kind of thing so whenever you are pulling out the kebab just scrape it a little bit so that the kebab will come out easily let me try this and my god I'm telling you you will never be able to get that such kind of best kebabs anywhere else you will be able to make them at home very easy you have seen how to make it the second with the onion the tomato and even the capsicum I have got the chicken peas the tomato onion everything this kind of has a nice barbecue kind of effect means very juicy and awesome so if you are doing a shashlik when you're doing outdoor even on a cava this is awesome so the whole thing goes hmm just amazing the next one is the spicy the chili powder kebab usually I always you know such a little bit of to lemon juice and if you want you can also put a little bit of mint chutney on to the kebab nothing more maybe onion yes one ground rule of onion on top of this should be good enough with the roti and now this is you know the chili flakes the honey everything so this I'm sure absolutely good I'll go to the next one the garlic right from the skewer I should be able to pull it off so this one haha mmm my god make this fantastic garlic kabob and enjoy the mint coriander kebab so this I can you know always add spinach and make it more greener a little bit of lemon and the mint what a flavor what an aroma the whole story is I want you guys to try and experience the best of the best food in the world make them and eat it but remember share these videos with your family and friends by our facebook whatsapp whatever social media you have and even on the YouTube channel please share these videos with your friends that option is there so keep cooking and keep saying whatever then boom boom boom ba boom then boom boom boom ba boom you


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Shahi Kitchen · July 26, 2019 at 12:23 pm

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Shahi Kitchen · July 26, 2019 at 12:23 pm

Wow chef u rocks u both mr and mrs south indias best. Chefs

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Gangadhar Ganga · July 26, 2019 at 12:23 pm

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sureha insi · July 26, 2019 at 12:23 pm

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