5 Reasons why Black Women need to travel!

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hola como estas wells yes this is Lisa Marie of the BlackBerry Beauty transformative Academy ancient African wisdom for the modern sister as well as rural Sun negra which is black rose or Ladouceur negligee his suits because I am protected by the divine so and you are – and you are – okay y'all can you tell that your girl take a bath or not like that's a gay or name put it in there put it in put it in the comment box if you think that I took a spiritual bath okay put it in the comment box today is Cinco dear oh dear Cinco de 5dd a single day five of me fast so yes I'm fasting y'all I'm doing a juice I'm doing orange juice I'm not doing it just I don't have a juicer I'm doing mostly smoothies coconut water smoothies and supplements and that's it y'all and it's been very wonderful I think if you've never fasted and you if you want to do your first fast I'm gonna suggest that you do that fast in the summertime because I find the summertime is a lot more easier to fast because it's already hot you already want more liquid your body needs it you know there's a lot of benefits to it you don't really want the oven on during the hot summer days it's just something really beautiful about it and you're just so in tune because you're not just fasting alone when you're fasting the birds are allowing you to fast or the birds of the scents are fasting with you the trees are fasting with you the Sun is fasting with you it's all these components I mean the summer time for especially for black people and I'm right now I'm talking to black women we tend to love it if we're at an older age or we're menopausal and like oh my god that heat there's something about going outside and not having to have a jacket during the day there's something about believe it or not the darkening and the evenness of that that the darkening gives your skin and that's another way of actually getting nutrients that's the other thing you're getting nutrients from all these aspects the Sun when you know the earth the the enter fire right the Sun is the fire and ether the creator and a lot of times some of us are lot slower so if we're working a job our jobs tend to be during the summer I noticed the jobs when I did work with a very long time ago outside job because I'm working a job now I find that the summers work was tend to be slower which meant that there was a little more ease so anyway young hola hola hola so yes yeah I wet my hair in the morning so slow frizzy but I'm loving it I got my rosebud necklace someone reminded me and he knows who he is he's like you were beautiful yesterday but you forgot your whole side you forgot your side and ground so yes we got to have the rose cuz you know it's all about the Black Rose so ladies I got inspiration from and you can see since we talked about traveling let's look at all this beauty I mean my actually I'm gonna show you for a second so today's video we're gonna talk about five women pride reasons why black women that's not y'all need to travel need that I say need necesito necesito Jo necesito I mean no soul starts necesitar moans right we need to travel we need to tada I forgot via to the handle I think we need to travel right so it's a very important I'm gonna tell you why so of course I got notes cuz I figured nose keep me like right one and I'm giving you the five you know you feeling good oh and wait you will see this dress honey so this is I believe I got on the república dominicana Carlos I think that I do although it might be red white and more blue but I think this is a navy so anyway I'm close to it cuz I will be traveling to república dominicana for three dos uno dos tres menses oh so excited I'm gonna rent it up into the house near the beach and y'all coming with me you're coming with me with my virtual travel series and hopefully you'll be a part of that but let's talk about reason number one and I really thought about it it gets you out of your head so let me say this what why is that why am I saying 5 reasons why black women need to travel and not just 5 reasons why women or people need to travel first of all I'm always talking to black women because we need somebody to talk and speak just to us and there's nothing wrong with it it's because I love you and because I am you and it's because I know so when I said that the first reason is it gets you out of your head because I know as sisters we we think a lot and a lot of ways to you know black women we are still you know the women that have the highest heart disease rates and still even black women have any infant mortality rates you know but women are not as you know healthy or died of being diagnosed with diabetes or certain kinds of cancer or fibroid tumors so that kind of tells me something that we're definitely not in our body because if we were in our body we would not be experiencing disease disease would not be able to sit in our bodies or live in our bodies if we were living in our bodies I understand if we were fully aware I'm gonna give you example when I say it gets you out of your head I remember when I decided to go back and finish up my degree and I went to a college in Oakland called Mills College that was such a rigorous curriculum it actually was it was I never felt so disconnected from my body all I could feel was here because everything had to operate from my mind everything I had to think everything was writing a paper or asking a question or taking a test to the point that I could feel that there was nothing down here there was no connection I was done and I know that that's a dangerous place to be because when you do start feeling in your body and you feeling aches and pains and dis-ease you're gonna say oh my god how did this happen when did this happen how did I not know it what the doctor you're telling me I got this I got that how did I not know it because you disconnected from your body because you was in your mind so it takes you out of your head and when you are out of your hand and for such a day for black people we experience life look you may look at it as Oh black folks you know we love to dance we love to move we got rid of them but that's actually our natural makeup the melanin we never as Africans we don't separate our bodies and the movements of our bodies and the function of our bodies from our mind or our spirit we don't do that we have to move we have to feel we have to engage you understand and when you're not doing that you can possibly go down the road of being very unhealthy and you don't want that I know you don't so the number one reason to get you out of your head is a black person this is quite important it gets you out of your mind gets you out of your head you light because why just unrealistic stuff you're not home so you're not I know because I was just in república dominicana and I was – I think the thing that I loved was I don't have to think about the bills because usually you took care of that before you left I might think about this I don't think about the dowry thing about this you did so many things that their everyday thing knows everyday stresses you only have to think about and what does that mean and why is that good because there's other things that you could feel not just think there's other there's other impulses that can come to you there's other messages oh that you can hear yeah and so it's very important so I think it's very important for you to travel and yeah let's talk about number two those I don't know those are you meet new people with new ideas and opinions oh this is big how many of us all that you ever think about your life your sisters and thumbs up if you feeling this thumbs up if you if this is making sense to you thumbs up please cuz I want to know you here wanna listen y'all when you're leaving comments now leave them I can't see them – you know I don't see them really see them until I get closer then I can read it but if you give me a thumbs up it make me know I'm not really alone so I mean seriously I I don't know if you're really here so number two is you meet new people with new ideas of new opinions how many of us go to the same people really for the same advice and we're not and it's not making us feel good a lot of times your people around you your family they actually think they want the best for you but they don't really actually always know the best for you because they're too close to you in a sense sometimes the best where you might not be the best for them and even though they love you very much they're still giving you advice based on their connection to you do you want an example you might say hey you know what to your best friend or your sister or somebody that you're close to that you hang out with you talk on the phone you know I really want to do this merchants program in república dominicana or somewhere else or I really want to go on this vacation to Aruba and I want to stay for one month one month one might in the rubra what you gonna do for one month girl girl you're gonna get so lonely out there girl I wouldn't even be thinking about that one might and Aruba for what you're not heard bad things about and it's not because they really are concerned that you might get hurt they're more like but what about me what about our morning cup of coffee we have everyday of Starbucks what about the fact that we go shopping together do you understand you need new people because new people have no idea so dad if you go to Aruba and you mean somebody else new guess what they'll be like oh is this your first time in the room but you'd be like yes they'd be like oh my god you know I've traveled to 15 different countries and then way it'll be a mother a farmer and their five kids and you sat there thinking you couldn't take one week off cuz what would you gonna do with your children and you got this new perspective or you saw this and family that actually is not just doing the damn thing about the black family but they doing it with their kids do you understand how much that opens you up so that thing that you kept saying that thing that you kept saying to everybody but what about the kids like all they'll say to you girl what you're gonna do with your kids you have your kids in another country if you have your kids in the third world country and you got this family this educated black couple that actually has all their children you need to see something different and sometimes in order to be something different if you're hearing me please give me a thumbs up if you give you the watching on the replay that's well that's good as well okay next one no address is you get to be another person another person or side of yourself this one I love the most listen this is why that whole idea of their whole saying that says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas why do you think people say that in other words you may leave as one person from your you know New York home or your Los Angeles home when you go into your new destination but when you arrive let me tell y'all I remember when I remember I told you before I left it y'all know this is true I was like y'all you know why I'm just menopausal I don't really have sexual desire anymore I just used my sexual energy to you know do other things I don't think I ever will have it again it's not really really me I don't think I'm ever gonna have it again right honey wait a second I want to república dominicana I'm learning espanol Joe I blend or espanol you know I'm doing my bag right and I remember going to Sosua this is like a part of week into the trip was a two-week trip adults semana and I'm about two weeks into the trip and we had Sosua which is important lockdown which is a beautiful beach in república dominicana oh my god I love Zazula and the food was good cuz there was some black people end up in the cocina it was cooking the fool honey and it was off the chain and the food and was having so far so far and blind eye nose and eye rolls and I'll be 12 and o mine o ideals meal I was I was in love and the way it was the sea and it was just black man selling stuff and it was beautiful people and everybody was having fun and that moment I said to myself I want a man like I want a man like I want a minute I want a man the name but I don't want to buy him stuff oh I got away things show up but I was I was a different person and it wasn't me trying to be a different person it was the most natural thing being in a natural environment so reason number three you know stress is because okay you can be somebody else that's actually a part of you anyway so you're not even playing the role this is why women go on these trips and they probably pick up somebody it's not there people they don't mean to it's like why must I do that why monster dog chase the cat it's the dog in me like I said my Mossad chased that cat it's the dog in you so I'm not calling you a dog but what I'm saying is my dog goes by it's true instinctual feelings like animals do and in a sense you're so disconnected from your primal self especially black women who are told that we are we don't want to be sexually objectified we don't want to be looked upon as anything primal animalistic in a sense without meanness instincts distinct xual we want to be cool and calm because we got to play a role most black women are playing roles especially if we work outside of our home and we work in corporate America or we work in an environment that doesn't allow you to be yourself because remember you're how intimidated a lot of time specially if you're working with white women or white men Oh am i speaking the truth today holla and give me a thumbs up if that's true and they so intimidated by anything you do to be like Cheryl or Keisha I just want you to know you know you raised your voice you know you scared me you scared me when you told me no I was I was I was offended I felt threatened like this is so you got a plan your little self down it was really real big self you got to act like you not because you're trying to not you shrinking yourself because you trying not to offend Becky and you know that it happens and it's not pretty so you'd have to go and somewhere else so you could experience being yourself and listen y'all you see the Africa earrings going to a continent going to people with self república dominicana oh they're so backwards oh they don't like themselves oh they're not black or they onto the black they are it's a hope but like I said you gonna feel it more than somebody that's Blanca or Blanco you gonna fit in way more you gonna be more normal as a black person in república dominicana and in of course all of the countries mostly in Africa in the sense that it won't be there oh my god nobody looks like me you won't is that a good number three give me a thumbs up if you feel in there number three number four you know dos tres Quatro Quatro Quatro I had it yeah my teacher told me guardo it allows you to experience is freedom hallelujah freedom is a beautiful thing it's the thing black people have been one for a long time we've been looking for freedom feeling freedom singing about freedom talking about freedom praying about freedom and can't a teen about freedom freedom is a number-one game we don't we don't want we want to be free so in this new place oh you got the food in you and the sun is shining and the weather is sweet make you want to move your dancin feet to the rescue Here I am look like it was good you know you're feeling good you might do some things you don't normally do my smoke spliff I'm just saying y'all you don't never know drink a Presidente hey you don't even drink beer it's that kind of move so listen I got so excited I forgot okay it allows you to experience freedom okay I guess I was being free it is free that's why you smoke that spliff cuz he was feeling free that's why you drank that President day or that rum Coco or that Coco rum or whatever else you was doing you know what I'm saying it's okay you know what stays goes up in Vegas stays in Vegas you girl you like yeah you know what that's what I'm doing cuz when I go back I can't do none of this see comprende see so it makes you it gives you a sense of freedom it really does so I'm just saying and the last one is it relaxes and can possibly open you up to spirit and the last one really it's not last but not least it relaxes the heck out of you do you know what you can do do you know let's go outside for a second let's go to the pack let's go to the patio okay do you know what you can do when you feel good do you know what you can manifest do you know what you can manifest when you are in a relaxed state isn't the idea of even doing meditation is all about relaxing the mind isn't the idea of doing meditation all about getting in the receiving bowl so that you can receive that would you say that you want it's a beautiful thing it's a beautiful thing so what I want to do is I know what you're saying belief summary you know we're gonna walk around we don't go downstairs cuz I feel like it okay you're gonna say but Lisa Marie Lisa Marie I know okay I would love to travel I wish that I could travel but right now I just don't really have any money you know what y'all I set up my life for travel I put savings away I say but listen I understand sometimes you're not gonna be able to get there sometimes you just can't do it you got obligations don't have the money I'm sorry fellow teary eyed because I want you to get there but I'm telling you the most the time before I travel I didn't travel physically I travelled spiritually I travelled in my mind I used my house and I made this room if you look at it like a place that somebody looks like oh my god she must have been around the world and picked up all these pieces no I got some of this stuff and Ross off of Amazon I put myself in the receiving mode and so anything I watched videos or people traveling especially black women traveling and that's what got me there and guess what I didn't need to actually travel anymore that was fulfilling to see that and to put myself in that and to feel it now and so what I want to do is I am doing this summer June July and August it is a bulk special and it's gonna be for it's called a virtual traveling to república dominicana you can get to travel with me but you're doing it to your video so you can actually be in a business you know safety and the relaxation the comfort of your own home but you could actually come with me and you can actually travel travel around so we're gonna do some really wonderful things so normally each of my intensive so the June 1 and then the July 1 and then the August 1 normally it would be 147 dollars and I'm gonna have that I have an early bird special of $97 so no more 77 dollars for the summer those early bird specials are over we were zoomed back in September but we do have early bird especially this won't be $77 it'll be 97 and it's gonna go to 147 so basically if you were to purchase June July and August you know what before I even get surprised let me just talk about what we're gonna be doing so one of y'all I want to thank y'all y'all told me about salmon ah salmon ah it's a place in república dominicana that actually is where the Africans came in and it's still very the food is African the press thing beauty so I'm saying you have to take a boat to get there from some place some say you don't it is the most it some say even african-americans settled there beautiful amazing place and we're gonna be going there we're going to talk about learning you so I'm gonna we're gonna eat the local foods we're going to talk about the local foods we're gonna era time we're gonna interview the cook you're gonna be traveling with me through the república dominicana also there's a beautiful place in for the block the Porta Plata where lots of the Afro Dominicans live the African the many kids were born and buting a food that's watch the sewer Beach and that other Beach I want to had the best food because it was black folks up in the kitchen and that's all I gotta say it was it was off the god dang chain we're gonna be going to Santo Domingo I saw my salmon ah I bought the blotter and other places we were gonna interview and learn how to make certain teas from the local herbs we're going to talk about talk to people about growing the fruits and vegetables they hit darlings and fruit ah that grows in república dominicana and also beauty secrets the soaps that they use it's like a black soap but it's not black so but it's indigenous and it actually does the same kind of thing wouldn't you like to know maybe have a cooking lesson on how to make Blanca no free throws which you don't know what you could is simple but you know you gotta pick them in a certain way even shopping at the supermarket row you know or writing in the public oh no pyro público or the motor controls or even the state or interviewing sent any ins that are over a hundred years old and what is their secret does that sound wonderful and you get to sit down and do it it's gonna be June July August together you can buy them individual if you buy the course individually its 147 but if you buy the summer travel series special instead of it being 147 three times which would be four hundred and forty-one dollars I'm gonna give it to you for seventy seven dollars a piece because you're buying it and bulk which adds up to two hundred and thirty one dollars and its own special now the link is going to be in the description box so you are safe so each June July August each month is twenty one day intense there is still the intensive for those that say listen I just I can't afford to 231 even though you gotta give them to me at seventy-seven I can buy one I can buy June for 97 if I catch the early bird special other than that it's one forty seven two hundred and thirty one dollars and you don't have to get on the plane you don't have to deal with TSA you don't have to take the chance of not speaking the language because I'm gonna have a guy that's gonna translate and speak the language also we're gonna have a mini spent oh yes I forgot in Spanish a mini Spanish lessons in each of those months just many many wanted to Spanish lesson some phrases and things you should know not Spanish phrases baby don't minikin Spanish phrases cuz that's different and a lot of that Dominican Spanish a lot of that is African a lot of those words so you're gonna learn some phrases and so you get to see the república dominicana and less of the fear we're even gonna deal with the idea of what is the real strife between so call the Dominicans and Haitians and what that's about you're gonna travel you're gonna eat great food you're gonna lay on beaches it's gonna be the bomb tune it's 21 days July is 21 days in August you can buy all in the packet and how much did I say that was 231 instead of 441 and you don't to leave and it's my travel virtual travel summer series I think if I'm going I'm gonna do all these things anyway why don't you go with me and another thing we're gonna talk about is the cost of rinsing and get a beach house you're gonna love it the cost of living in general oh my god the tips from a black American woman accompanied by a dominican man male guy that is born and raised and me a dominican family and get their take on life and republican be the kind of black Dominicans don't don't that sound exciting wouldn't you want to do that cuz I would want to do that for 231 dollars we get three months of travel with Lisa Marie the ticket alone you can't get that going to república dominicana let alone all the instructions in sight the beauty tips to 27 rivers or 27 waters it's got so many beautiful sights that you're not gonna see because most people are gonna go they can't go everywhere no neither can we but in three months we can hit a lot of ground so I hope you should so if you're interested even if you can't do it if you're interested give me a thumbs up and let me know but stop saying you can't I gave you the five reasons why you need to travel and this is an experience that you could actually have do you see my life changing I'm about to go so I've never in my life been in a country or vacation call it what you want for three months in my life but I'm making it happen so you can do it for 200 buy it in bulk I hope you do this this is also for anybody that's been taking my courses or might be in my course now you too are open to the 231 for the next three months some of you were gonna be in it for the next three months anyway why don't you go for the package and then you said you don't have to think about paying for each month you're already there it's gonna be beautiful some we're going to be live some things are gonna be recorded because they're gonna be so powerful and just lots of information another thing y'all I'm doing mine yes I'm doing my one on one consultation it's 30 minutes $400 I'm just gonna tell you now and it the last appointment will be made on for the last day of the month after the month of May it's overripe cuz I'm traveling and I won't be able to do it but if you always wanted to talk to me 30 minutes is more than enough you'd be surprised you can do it thing and lastly I'm doing this Sunday I'm doing the why it's so important for us and how do we did I call yeah I had a specific name for yesterday the five dangers of an unhealed heart and I know a lot of you thank you for the wonderful comments thank you for all of the views on that we're gonna get it I something came to me so freaking profundo so deep and so profound about sister you left one sister I love that you left about that you were celibate for a while and you then got with somebody after your celibacy and how in the world was he like the same person that you just left which I had mentioned and you're trying to wonder about and I got I got the answer to all of that the creator gave it to me y'all and it is this this Sunday 47 dollars of Kindle 231 for the virtual travelling and you can't do you can't do what's the other one a 100 for the 101 could you do two hours for 47 dollars it is the master class this Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. and it's gonna be very very powerful and I'll still be fasting then I believe yes I win so it's gonna be it's gonna be good all right ladies I love y'all so let me get a little comments hey cool copper genius how you doing beautiful good morning Lakeisha oh Allah hey Lee good afternoon hola I see you letting your inner Karma now you look nice muchas gracias Anika hashtag glow and says Monique muchas gracias Monique says he and he really makes my skin glow and I have less body aches it's not the truth and lets us know we supposed to be t and being warm weather huh Monique happy Tuesday so is this a fail is meltus outdoor Aurora Haley I'm going to New York see this we could have fun darling and have a great time hey look Keesha thank you or larger nature neighbor you add it to the group let me know cuz I'll ask my sister to make sure you're in you are so true I am spirit in that now take the application right traveling with my babies in my future and you know you can do it and you come into the república dominicana cuz I will come back there and set up a real wonderful travel business that you are gonna love a road thank you for the thumbs up yes thank you for the thumbs up ladies hey cutie 11:7 hello hola hey dentistry hey yellow flower Monique says freedom has been my favorite da palabras since I was a child her favorite word so she was a child yes see says mr. Valdez muchas gracias cutie says I'm teaching us grassy and CCC and that is food what kind of food I can forget that give me that again mr. Valdez Chanel says when you mentally prepare yourself for change growth things happen to help you get there that's absolutely true true and neat and this is the way I hope that the series could actually help many of you as well all I see are Lisa Marie sunny loving happen is your way muchas gracias hey everybody loves neech how are you good afternoon to you happy your fans is going so great muchas gracias buenos dias Elena hey Earl okay release the doves okay good all right y'all so let's go downstairs and check out that for the day this is a who what where you know how much I like this designer will return your call okay guys that's right I called you I just called to say hi but return my call all right please 45.5 or alright ladies let me show you so this dress came from where does the dress comfort it's got from Target are today because you know I'm a target girl and it is the whole what we're design and I think it's very uh yes sing it down oh wait y'all cuz you know I'm gonna give you everything do you see let's check out let's check out there what do you see that blue is that blue is girls stop it stop it with that blue in the background I revamped my lounge I remember my lounge room what are you feeling that thumbs up you feelin that room thumbs up if you feel in that room y'all oh that's right I'm gonna change everything now a whole nother situation here let's see what we can do let's see what we can do oh that's right in this thing things alright yeah we don't go ghetto old-school it's okay here is the dress this is the dress a little star I just think this dress needs pockets this is a dress I think that should have pockets but yes in the back okay so how you liking like the dress yes for the vestido megusta vestido I like my dress me me vestido do you tell me okay yes well okay I love love love your Bluebird here yes muchas gracias journey yes okay muchas gracias Wow Elmo sir Oh mr. Valdez muchas gracias beautiful me encanta de Chanel says very beautiful nice-looking Airbnb you got there muchas gracias Chanel it really is I'm looking yo what you waiting for it's an experience to be here close and here on point muchas gracias see yah yah every time leverage y'all cuz my Dominican friends be like you're Americans say y'all black Americans saying hey least I found cerise Pharaohs Fairfax on YouTube she lives in a deal and finds places for people to rent or buy good actually I okay good is another person Abby says but thank you when I started the dress is so cute you're encouraging me to wear more justice yes Abbi oh my god a woman in the vestido oh my god it's a beautiful thing so weird in vestido muy bonita see so yes so yes yo and when I get back I'm gonna be speaking Spanish dominican spanish more fluently I know I am ladies are you excited about the virtual travel series are you excited about the one-on-one consultations are you excited about the master class it's something for everybody I hope you join I love you so much and yes yeah I'm gonna hang out with y'all I got my new attitude in my home and I do love it and I am allowing people to listen what I want I know I could put it on Airbnb and I know I could get people coming in right away but my home is special that's my bag that I sleep in my organic bed you know and every piece that I picked out and some things are so personal so I actually want somebody that is feeling my vibe and I feel they're somebody that is connected to the space and respectful of the space that's what I'm not putting it out there and I know law of attraction will bring me the right people but I would love for it to be a sister one of you are it's a great place to live a great place to live even for a short term and all the information on all the courses as well as ways to get my wave website so you can actually get in touch me through email and even a PayPal donation button it's all gonna be in the description box so you could help you and me out all right ladies share like subscribe and comment and thank you muchas gracias para I'm gonna get coming to meet Ghana and bienvenidos meet got now to meet in Macau now I appreciate it so much I will see you beautiful ladies all in the next video this is Lisa Marie of the blackberry beauty transformative Academy ancient African wisdom for the modern sister as well as la Rosa negra DeJesus ladies I'm going to have places for you to stay in república dominicana you know you can trust me I may have played affordable places to stay and when you can have an experience that's gonna change your life love you very much hey love you too oh thank you so much much as gracias si si Thank You mr. Valdez

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Earth Angel · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

Your video is much improved by Your looking directly into the camera lense — more personable.

By the way, you look absolutely radiant and gorgeous.

Keep shining, sister. Love the hair.

Infinite Alkhemist · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

I can tell. And, before you said you are fasting, I said outside of the bath something else is going on. You look RADIANTLY BEAUTIFUL.

Rasheda Broussard · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

This is my goal. Travel. So i can better educate myself. 🤗Thanks🤗

Geralg Herron · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

U be my black rose

Crystal Knowles · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

You are looking so gorgeous…really glowing!

Siempre Ambie TV · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

I looooove this❤❤❤

Halona Black · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

Ok. I'm loving the blue wall.

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So pretty and that background love it what a chair!!!

Geralg Herron · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

Lisa I really like taste beautiful berry of yours sexy dark chocolate

Jasmine Reed · May 15, 2019 at 7:32 am

Yess you've taken your spiritual bath. You're radiant as usual.

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