5 Real-Life Anime Locations that Make Japan BEAUTIFUL

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So I just got back from my pre-anniversary
trip to Nagano, and between the incredible food and sake, and even more amazing people
and culture, it reaffirms what I tell friends who ask me about coming to Japan. If at all possible, you should spend more
time outside of Tokyo than in it. And if you don’t believe me, I know some
anime that can back up my argument. Konnichiwa snitches, I’m B, this is Brotakuza,
and these are 5 beautiful anime about life outside the big city of Tokyo. At #5, Silver Spoon. After the main character, Yuugo, fails the
entrance exam for the high school of his choice, he makes a drastic change and decides to enroll
at a school in the countryside of Hokkaido where he encounters the strenuous task of
agricultural life while working on a farm. This is a beloved slice-of-life comedy with
a lot of heart and great character development. And it’s fitting that Hokkaido is the setting,
as this part of the country is known for providing premium food products, particularly dairy
products, to the rest of Japan, although it would be worth your while to make the trip
and get a taste of their wide-ranging cuisine at the source. With the original manga written by Hiromu
Arakawa, who you may remember as the author of Fullmetal Alchemist, I promise you’ll
love these characters, and this 2-season anime might even leave a long-lasting impression. At #4, Non Non Biyori. This anime takes place in Saitama prefecture,
just north of Tokyo, in a very small town with only one school and only one class. The class consists of five girls who find
companionship in their isolation from the big city, providing some lighthearted slice-of-life
enjoyment. The real-life school itself, located near
Ogawamachi Station, can be visited since its no longer in use, and you can see for yourself
just how accurately it was recreated for TV. At #3, Barakamon. In this anime, a young, talented calligrapher
named Handa, who also happens to be a little too self-absorbed, is exiled from Tokyo to
the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture by his father after punching a critic who gave
his work a less-than stellar review. While the real-life location that by which
this anime was inspired doesn’t offer too much to look at, although the beaches and
nature are worth a trip alone, it’s what the small town represents that is key to the
story. Even in the dead of a 95-degree summer, there
is a certain coldness to Tokyo that can really get to you and get you caught up in its fast-paced,
harsh impersonality. But when you explore other areas outside the
metropolis, you discover a simplicity and honesty that reveals this country’s true
beauty. And over time, Handa finds that same beauty
in the locals, particularly in his interactions with the young first-grader Naru. These encounters alone make this a must-watch. At #2, the tearjerker classic Anohana: The
Flower We Saw That Day. If you somehow missed this one, add it to
the top of your watch list right now. The main character is basically a hikikomori,
which is essentially a full-time shut-in, after losing touch with his closest friends
when one of the members of the group dies unexpectedly. The group is then forced back together to
help their dead friend, Menma’s soul, move on. Now you might be asking at this point why
would I get inspired by such a heart-wrenching anime? Well this story, also taking place in Saitama
prefecture, in a mid-sized town called Chichibu, makes for a pretty scenic trip actually, and
visiting the locations will only deepen your connection to these extremely well-rounded
characters. At #1, Sound Euphonium. If you’re a tourist planning on making a
trip to Japan, Kyoto should already be on your list of hotspots to visit, and if you’re
an anime fan then it should be a given that you should visit the home of the recent tragedy-stricken
studio that provided us with so many works of art. This anime in particular I believe speaks
to the spirit of KyoAni more than ever, as it touches on dealing with the past while
pushing to overcome adversity and achieve a better future. This inspiring anime was itself inspired by
Uji, a charming town in Kyoto Prefecture with a rich history and scenery that will absolutely
take your breath away. Well those were my picks, and I hope that
you guys give these a watch. Let me know which small-town anime you would
suggest in the comments below. I will be back very shortly. But until then… Sayonara, suckas!


Duchi · September 8, 2019 at 11:23 am

What Makes Japan Beautiful:
1. The People

creepy sleepy · September 8, 2019 at 11:47 am

Love the video bro and I wish I had your life

Ye Quoc · September 10, 2019 at 11:43 pm

Nice video my dude! Both your calm voice and overall feel of your videos, shows great potential to become one of the bigger ani-related tubers in the future. Thumbs up!

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