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this is adding to the bottom guys at my hopefully have nice steel shot long enough in these they'll be in next month boys alright guys you got to explain the shirts to be here what's what's up with research pretty cool got your names and somebody turn around to see the back off all right on Ernie old cat and Wilson over so what's the story behind French you don't know captain yeah I had the pleasure nobody myself it was a quite a character all be obedient Jim and all that Jim just died about two years all right well this is Jason right here this is later on the way out but Jason and I we got to do all the way out I'm going to be going to fishing seminar eagerly waiting to get back on my word right take off from johns pass here I'd walk up here on such a beautiful day it's almost like summer though pretty warm check out the pelicans that are just kind of chilling out beautiful day here at John's pass that's the Treasure Island side over there this where you see the friendly fishermen restaurant that will cook your catch by the way is the Madeira beachside in the home of Hubbard's marina there's your dolphin watch boat looks like some people are getting ready to go out on it fairly soon that's the friendly fisherman anchored up next to us does mostly all day but it did a half-day today forced a pirate cruise ship yeah we all guys is getting ready you got your own ready here we go can you do it again two in a row well good show sir bands you see that good job all right well Bob we're headed out here I got a little rain around us right now but I don't think they're going for much rain out there the weather looks great one or two foot seas out there this weekend we're coming off a real good trip this last trip we did good and the 140 150 foot range so we're gonna do that again but in a different area and see if the fishings good out there in the deep water a little bit south of where we fished last trip if you remember we were a long way out last trip and we're gonna try a little bit closer in but around the same depth to see if we can produce the same fish out of there with a little bit less of ride time so snappers tonight and big for millions maybe some big yellow tails and then we'll be Gruber fishing during the daytime tomorrow we'll see how it goes thank you well first night we've got to enlist for what over ten years yes sir fantastic guys let's go get up judge will tell exactly what to do it once it's back you can go in for an interview expert so bob is 99 guys hi with a family special this is just a hamburger this is a hamburger look at that data with you this is how we start our trips on Friday afternoon data to the hands you can see it's getting close to sundown they pulled in several nice Kings on the drift over on the troll it's really beautiful out here it was like it was raining back in shore but further we get out the clearer it looks like it is I guess that means we're headed in the right direction got my break brining up ready to go check it out over here six and infant and even the even the brute runners out here looking big look at that thing with this as a offshore sized blue runner for this all right yeah hey we're getting off to a good start nice going guys all right triggerfish just one season time so we can keep this come up beautiful out here still it's got a bit choppier winds picked up usually do this first thing in the morning but it is absolutely still gorgeous out here I'm guessing it's about 72 foot possibly three foot chopped fish bit pretty steady during the night and they're chewing a little bit right now so I'm gonna get right back at it but I wanted you to see just how beautiful it is out here on this Gulf of Mexico come join us all right recognize micro guys this one's coming up every one a lot more very my new year hey ma'am blinds here's the lion buck which is that oh nice going ma'am thank you dad yeah a lot of fish gettin started nice never Don what a damn way to go commander look at that red skinny guys come next month it's gonna be holy heck we'll take a look at that thing was it this one's payback time guys retching that brawl over the place again these women are caramel for guys Robert had a good fit Marin barbecue clearance Oh big triggerfish hard oh my God look at the size of that triggerfish good gosh and I can't there's one I've ever ever seen just about you one time yeah 5p pirate one time the again nice going sir pull out nice going ma'am Oh two at a time leave it to the ladies leave it to the ladies yeah bro yeah they go kind of beat and he will get oh no there's one for you nice going sire nice going well yeah okay we came to the pictures bars guys a little small yeah TV much for fight sir big big fight huh nice miss sir congratulations you did a fantastic job this won't be proud of thank you congratulations okay the daddy or daughter Tessie gives you the cow tell you why I bet daughter is really proud all right cut and Bryan showing it's just young lady exactly what a mango snapper is and I'll tell you why she has shown us how to catch them congratulations you did a fantastic job even captain Bryan's amazed better see that all right nice going ma'am looks like another another good one guys right a little bit deeper water out a full of great this bitch nice going nice going way to go ahead you don't fool around do you look at that woods antastic going next month's gonna be something else and gross snap or wonderful wonderful good job I know you watch somebody get away oh that Oh oh that's nice going there we go again can't get away from guys there's a nice one more red snapper guys to the ladies guys leave it to the ladies good job man they're all over the place nice fish sir nice fish peanuts temper hello nice guys are all over the place they are we can't get away from nice one side hope see you next month there we go again nice going – Jake how's that day to register your nose it's like uh I thought I had it comin up first look at that rise of these sniper Bobby we're getting so many cheap guys finishing up here this even another good trip we got into some red groupers here today more than we've been catching and still picking at some fish here this evening mangoes yellowtail Vermillion losing a couple pelagic fish right now I haven't gotten to the boat I think they were king fish but we got a big Barracuda sitting by the boat right now but all in all a good day of fishing we had some big groupers bite now here today I'm pretty sure they were big gags but we didn't land many of them one or two of the big gags but hooked a lot of those things I'm pretty sure that's what they were but a lot of red snappers out here today as you guys saw we're looking for a good red snapper and gag season coming up here so we'll wrap it up here in just a little bit guys another good catch you guys will see it and we'll see you guys back at the dock thank you well ladies and gentlemen all good things got to come to it here thank for we're heading to the house I just caught a mango Frank up fighters to see the Sun has set we should part of this trip is officially over this trip is officially over as far as the fishing part we got a about an 8 to 10 hour ride home where these guys will be scrubbing the boat up I'll show you that a little bit later well you have a good time multi-generations your family seemed enjoy would you like an antenna from scratch is unimaginable look at this where do you like pepper thing in fantastic fantastic what else guys say oh boy what a way to enter Korea sad right now are they getting their teeth howdy Bob one in the books brother where'd y'all come from so Florida boy do you enjoy yourself sir see y'all again soon alright here we are backing down you got it first time around well joint fishing we join fishing with you sir enjoyed fishing with y'all come see the skin I love my wife so out the real thing did you out fish your pops you don't know look something like you were doing pretty good did you enjoy yourself yeah alright I hope you'll come back says alright oh you want to come back the man saying the coolers a bit fuller now I gotta come back in fairness okay better that's better I should have never doubted we'll come back and we'll fill it up with a remaining space with drag snapper and grouper hope see it in its people are lining up for the fish cleaning sir that is stringer to what for you there you go fish all over the dock there you have what is the end result of all of this a stack of nice fillets as I told you earlier you would the pelicans guys are lining up get their fish clean I stand there stacking out you


Sharon Hutch · May 14, 2019 at 8:46 am

Like Video it really helps

Rasheed Muhammad · May 14, 2019 at 8:46 am

Great video. Will, show us that 2 hook rig on camera!

circusmime · May 14, 2019 at 8:46 am

Kinda sad that you gotta throw so many back

jack starcher · May 14, 2019 at 8:46 am

First like and comment wooo hooo

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