3 Nightmarish Camping Trips

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Marion was killed the police in South Bend got an unexpected phone call from a 77 year old man named George Kearney at the time Kearney was serving a 40 year sentence for molestation he started serving a sentence in 1988 Kearney told the police he had been receiving letters from a woman named Holly Brooks Paula was the daughter of his former girlfriend Barbara Brewster Kearney said that the letters accused him of killing Miriam rice he told the police he wanted to clear the air about Miriam's murderer Kearney said that his former girlfriend Barbara Brewster killed Miriam and he was there when it happened but he denies hurting Miriam himself after talking to Kearney the vestigators spoke with a woman named Helen patron patrin told the investigators a rather disturbing story she said that the day after Mary went missing her sister Barbara Brewster dropped off her daughter Paula who was 7 years old at the time how do I notice that her niece was upset about something Paula told her that her mother and Kearney had taken her her six-year-old brother Robert and their two-year-old brother camping and Pinhook Park at some point in the evening Kearney Brewster took Robert to go get food Paula said she was left on the campsite to babysit her two-year-old brother some time after they left Paula heard a woman's blood-curdling scream this was followed by screams of a woman fleeing for her life anyway quiet again Paula said that a short time later her mother Kearney and her six-year-old brother Robert returned to the campsite they were all splattered with blood they burned their clothes if Paula says she was forced to clean blood out of the van either burning the clothes including up the van they all laugh Pinhook park hydrants said at first she wasn't sure what to think of the horrifying story their niece had told her within hours later she saw that maryam rice had been reported missing so Patrick called Crimestoppers and related the story that Paula had told her but no one from the police department got contact with her then when she heard that Miriam's body had been found she called crimestoppers again once again she heard nothing from the police hydron is seeing that they didn't believe her because of Paula's age guru sir ended up leaving Robert and Paula with patron patron said she didn't see Brewster for 14 years after she left her kids with her patron raise both of them and it was apparent to her that Robert was deeply traumatized by that night but he refused to ever talk about it after talking with patron the investigators tracked down Robert and Paula who were both in their 30s Paula confirmed what her aunt told them she said she was baby Singh of the campsite and suddenly the quiet of the night was shattered by a horrifying scream she then heard a woman pleading for her life after her mother her mother's boyfriend her brother returned to the campsite they burned their blood spider clothes and they clean the van when the police got contact with Robert at first he didn't want to talk about that night but then he finally opened up he said he was six years old and he was in the van with his mother in Kearny they happened upon Miriam rice who was running with her dog Robert said that Kearny got out of the van and he grabbed Mary him by the hair she tried to fight him off so he slammed her hat into the side of the van Kearny then got her into the back of the van Kearny then told Robert's mother to kill her so Brewster beat Mary him in the head with various tools that were in the van Robert said he watched the entire murder in July 2018 two years after George Kearny first talked to the police he and his former girlfriend Barbara Brewster were arrested at the time Brewster was 56 years old and she was living in Weaver Alabama after the arrests were announced the police will depress the time of Miriam's murder Kirti Brewster were on probation they were both supposedly question about Mario's murder by their probation officers the police also said that they were aware of how on patrons phone calls to Crimestoppers they said they did not look into it because they received many tips I led them in many different directions so while Colonel Brewster were on the police's radar they were not considered prime suspects after they were arrested with Herning Brewster pleaded not guilty and in March 2019 Kearney changed his plea to guilty he was looking at sentence of 60 years of prison Vic hernia lung cancer and he died in prison on March 24th just weeks after pleading guilty Barbra Brewster is expected to go to trial in June 2019 she is planning on pleading not guilty she claims like her knee was the one who killed Miriam rice and not her number two the wels Grey's Provincial Park murders in the early 1980s George Bentley of Port Coquitlam British Columbia had a heart attack George who was in the 60s society was tied to retire from his job a lumber mill he and his wife Edith buy a pickup truck that was fitted with a camper they planned it to her the southern United States during the winters in stay in British Columbia during the summers in the spring of 1982 they may plan Co camping in the summer with their daughter 40 year-old Jackie Johnson her husband 44 year old Bob and their children 13 year old Janet and 11 year old Karen at the beginning of August Jackie Bob Janet and Karen left their home in Colona British Columbia and they traveled to wells grave Provincial Park Wallace gray is a 1.3 million acre park located south central British Columbia the park has several mountain peaks and 39 waterfalls the three generations of family were camping in an isolated area but none of them were worried about it they were all experienced campers Bob Johnson worked at a lumber mill and he was due back at work on August 16th when Bob didn't show up for work on August 16th his co-workers thought it was odd Bob had worked at the lumber mill for twenty years and he had an impeccable attendance record so when his co-workers had not heard from him by August 18 they were worried about him on August 22nd a hiker found the shell of a burnt-out car off an isolated Road and Wells grave Provincial Park he didn't think much of it when he saw it he just assumed it was stolen and then whoever stole a torch did to hide any evidence that they may have left behind the day after the burnt-out car was found Bob's co-workers reported him missing Bob showed reported to work exactly week earlier and there was no sign of him or his family at their home a major problem for investigators was that at the time of Bentleys and the Johnsons disappeared there was a labor dispute at the park so no one was keeping visitor records they learned that Georgian Edith Bentley has signed in on August 3rd which was the last day the park employees word before going off the job but after that the police had no idea where the Bentley's and the Johnsons might be since the park was massive they had no idea where to begin searching news of the missing family was featured on local news programs and in newspapers after learning the family was missing the hiker who saw the burnt-out car called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police also known as the RCMP but they didn't pay any attention to the info he gave them in fact the hiker thought thought the officer he talked to was rather rude a month later the family still had not been found on September 13th the hiker was talking to his friend who was a police officer with the Chilliwack Police Department the hiker told his friend I had called the RCMP and told them about the burnt out car or they weren't receptive to him his friend thought that what he found was worth investigating and he called the RCMP himself an officer with the RCMP picked up the hiker and he led them to the burnt-out car shell the burnt-out car was a Dodge Caravan which was the type of car the Johnsons drove in the back seat of the car there were the charred bone fragments of four adults in the trunk they found bone fragments belonging to two girls it was immediately obvious to the RCMP they had found George and Nia's Bentley involved jockey Janet and Karyn Johnson because of the condition of the remains the police didn't know for certain how the family was killed in one of the skulls they found would look like a bullet hole bullet fragments were also found in the car so the RCMP assumed that they had all been shot the RCMP continue to search for the Bentley's truck which had a camper affixed to the bed of it their hope was that I would hold some clues as to who killed the family once went by and tips continue to pour in a waitress of British Columbia told the RCMP as she was sure she saw the truck and it was in the possession of two men she said that the man had french-canadian accents the RCMP received over 300 tips from people who said that they saw the Bentley's truck heading east the RCMP thought the men were heading to Quebec which is the province where French is predominantly spoken by May 1983 about nine months after the murderers the case was cold and the Bentley's truck still had not been found the RCMP was desperate for answers so they decided to buy the same model Ford truck as the Bentley's and affixed a replica camper to the bed of it they attached posters to the camper the appeal for information on the murders and the whereabouts of the truck the two officers started driving the truck east more tips came in but the police still couldn't find the Bentley's truck the first anniversary of the mass murder passed the no new solo leaves had emerged then on October 19th 1983 to forestry workers were inspecting the soil on logging road after a forest fire they were just over a mile away from where the remains were found 13 months earlier it is some dense brush they saw the burnt-out shell of a pickup truck with a camper attached to a bed of it they immediately contacted the RCMP the only thing on the truck that wasn't damaged by the fire was the license plate so immediately the RCMP knew though the forestry workers had found the Bentley's truck after the truck was found the RCMP began to suspect that the killer or killers were local the RCMP thought that only locals would have been familiar with the area where the truck was found the RCMP thought the killer or killers possibly led to Clearwater British Columbia which is the town closest to the murder site so they started interviewing the residents of Clearwater one man statements caught the attention of the investigators a man told the officer that was interviewing him and late summer or early fall the previous year a man named David shearing had asked some questions about registering a camper the man said that by the way sharing was talking he thought of the camper had been stolen the man also recall that sheering had asked him about fixing a hole in the door of a Ford truck the man said he suspected that the hole was made by a bullet the statement about the hole in the door convinced the officer conducting the interview they needed to talk to David shearing because the Bentley's truck did have a bullet hole in the door without the information had never been made public the police track down sheering it was then living near Dawson Creek British Columbia which was over 500 miles away from Clearwater at the time of the murder shearing was 23 years old and he was living with his mother in Clearwater her he was a shy loner who was awkward in social interactions in the two years before the murders sharing it suffers several tragedies sharing Dendy much but in 1980 he was dating a young woman and things were going well but then a month after their first date she was killed in a car accident several months later shearing was out of party after the party he was driving two people home when suddenly they came across a teenage boy lying in the road Sharon couldn't stop in time and he ran over the teenager sharing in his passengers didn't report the incident the police investigated the teenager's death in their investigation led to sharing the police decide not to press charges against him because the teenager was drunk and had passed out on the road less than two years later sharings father died unexpectedly after his father's death shearing started to drink excessively several months after his father died the Bentley's Emma Johnsons were wiped out on November 19 1983 shearing was brought in for questioning after a 10-hour interrogation he was charged with six counts of second degree murder her he then confessed to the six murders he said that he had been suffering from insomnia when he couldn't sleep he went for walks that's when he came across the Johnston's and the Bentley's he sat down the first night he watched them from a distance without them knowing he was there the next night he went back and watched them again he saw them for the two girls to bed in a ten and then the four adults at around the campfire sharing said he got close to them by hiding behind the camper her he said that from where he was standing all the adults were easy targets he aimed his rifle at Bob Johnson and then he shot him in the throat out of the first shot George Bentley his wife he did it his daughter Jackie scattered cheering said they picked them off one by one he then opened up the tent where Jimmy and Karen were sleeping and he shot them as well after killing everyone he hung out at the campsite they drank some beer then he loaded the bodies into the car he then left the campsite he said they came back a few days later it drove the car to the spot where it was later found he poured gasoline onto it and set it ablaze he went back to the campsite the next night he moved the Bentley's truck he then torched it as well shirring was rebellious why did he kill them nearly every time he said he didn't know one time when he was asked he said he thought was because he wanted to steal the Bentley's truck but then after that he went back to saying he didn't know sharing pleaded guilty to all six counts of second-degree murder in April 1984 he was sentenced to six cooker and life sentences without the chance of parole for 25 years after shearing was sentenced the lead detective on the case visited sharing in prison and asked him why he killed the six family members the detective said the motive of stealing the Bentley's truck didn't make much sense sharing apparently told him he didn't kill the girls right away he supposedly cut them captive and sexually abused them he said he didn't remember exactly how long he kept them but he said it could have been over a week the walls Grays Provincial Park murders was one of the most expensive investigations in Canadian history many people were critical the RCMP about how much time resources were put into looking for the Bentley struck which ultimately led to the break in the case the RCMP thought that the truck was thousands of miles across the country when it was really just over a mile from where the remains were found the RCMP contended that they had over 300 leads I led them to think that the truck was either heading to already was in Ontario or Quebec while he was in prison David shearing changed his last name to ns in 2008 eNOS became eligible for parole he was ultimately denied for all he was able to apply again in 2014 but he waived his right in 2018 he waived his right to apply again he'll be able to apply for parole again in 2021 when he's 62 years old number 1 Susie jaegar in early summer in 1973 Marietta and William Yeager were living in Farmington Michigan they had five children together for nearly a year they had been planning what they considered the family vacation of a lifetime they were going to take their children camping for a month in Montana their first stop was a campground just inside the Three Forks Montana on the night June 23rd the family went to sleep in their tents at 2:30 in the morning the jaegers three daughters were woken by the sound of a train whistle they chatted for a few minutes but then went back to sleep just two hours later while the family members noticed that seven-year-old Suzy was missing beside your empty sleeping bag there was a circular slash in the ten a massive surge which included dogs and helicopters was conducted but no trace of Suzy was found three days after she went missing the FBI field office in Denver Colorado received a phone call the caller said that he had Suzy and he demanded a ransom of twenty five thousand dollars but he did not give any instructions on how to get him the money nor did he provide any evidence that Suzy was alive five days after that the sheriff's office in Three Forks received a call from the same man this time he demanded fifty thousand dollars but once again he gave no instructions on how to get him the money and he offered no proof of life in 1972 FBI agents Patrick Mulaney and Howard hadn't established the behavioral science unit as tonneau became part of the unit was to utilize a new investigation strategy called offender profiling Mulaney and Tenten worked with two other agents to develop a profile of Suzy's kidnapper the other agents were Pete Dunbar who was an agent stationed in Bozeman Montana a wrestler who would go on to be an essential figure and behavioral science unit they thought that the kidnapper was a white man who was most likely in his twenties he was probably a loner he was organized and had average intelligence or above average intelligence they also thought that Susie was most likely dead and the killer probably kept a souvenir to remind him of Susie in the early days of the investigation the FBI received a tip that 23 year-old building contractor named David Myer Hoffer may have been involved in Susie's kidnapping the man who called in the tip so that Meyer Hoffer had acted strangely around his own children my offer was a former Marine who had served in Vietnam he lived in Maine had Montana which is a small town a little over ten miles for the campground at the time the population of Manhattan was about 900 people Meyerhoff er was a near perfect match to the FBI's profile the problem for the FBI was that their profile with no evidence that Meyer Hoffer had done anything wrong Meyer Hoffer was an upstanding citizen the former Marine did not have a criminal record he was involved in community activities in Manhattan so the FBI did not have probable cause to search his home or arrest him seven and a half months later no trace of Suzie had been found then another female went missing a short distance from the campground Sandra's fall again was nineteen years old and she lived in Manhattan where she worked as a waitress on the knife every eighth 1974 small again went to the American Legion clubhouse in Manhattan she was last seen walking to her apartment which was about 30 feet from the clubhouse her father reported her missing three days later her car was also missing the police looked in her apartment and there were no signs of a struggle a week after a small again went missing an investigator was searching an area north of Manhattan called the Horseshoe Hills the area was about 12 miles away from the campsite where Susie went missing seven and a half months earlier the investigator came upon an abandoned ranch he found a pair of women's underwear hanging from a fence the investigator went into the barn that was on the property and he found small again scar he continued to look around the abandoned property and he found two fire pits in the fire pits where the burn fragments of human bones and teeth why the fire pits was a little bit bigger than the other the bone fragments were collected and they were sent to the Smithsonian Institution to be analyzed the Smithsonian said that one set of bones belonged to a woman who was between the ages of 18 and 22 the other set of bone fragments were from a girl who was between the ages of 6 and 8 the police quickly concluded that they had found the remains of Sandra's Mulligan and Susie jaegar besides their burn remains being found in the same location something else tied the murders together a short time before small again went missing she had gone on a date with David Myer Hoffer after the date small Ian told her friends that she would never go on another day with Mayer offer because he was too aggressive why offer volunteered to take a polygraph exam and to be interrogated after taking sodium pentathol which was thought to work like a truth serum he passed the polygraph exam and he didn't confess after being injected with sodium pentathol the local sheriff's office became convinced that Meyer Hoffer was innocent the FBI profilers weren't as convinced they were not surprised that Meyer Hoffer had volunteered to take the polygraph exam and be injected with the sodium pentathol in the profile that they constructed they thought that the killer would try to interject himself into the investigation the profilers also thought that my how firm I confess if he was confronted by Susie's parents Susie's parents agreed to meet with Meyer Hoffer but my offer continued to deny having any involvement his Susie's murderer out of the meeting the FBI agents told Susie's parents to keep a tape recorder near their phone they thought that Meyer Hoffer wasn't done talking to them On June 25th 1975 which was the first anniversary of Susie's murder the jaegers for the Farmington Michigan started to ring Susie's mother Marietta answered the phone the caller said that his name was mr. Travis but Mariota knew precisely who was calling in said hello David the caller insisted on being called mr. Travis he told maryada that he was the one who made the ransom phone calls and the days after Susie went missing he also told Marietta something that was a public knowledge he said that Suzy he had malformations on her index fingers Marietta was able to hear the caller on the line for an hour during their conversation the caller broke down in tears it turned out some Arrieta had done what the FBI suggested and she recorded the conversation she not handed the recording over to the FBI it was compared to the recordings of the ransom calls that were made days after Susie went missing the FBI agents knows that there were similarities between the voice is a couple weeks after Marietta received a call a rancher Manhattan got in touch with the police and told them he had been charged for her phone call to Farmington Michigan which he didn't make agent Dunbar went to the ranch and discovered that the telephone line having hide and he used to make the call when my offer was in the Marines he was trained in communications so he knew how to kind of phone line and use it to make a phone call the FBI also learned that before it was abandoned Maier Hoffer had worked at the ranch where the remains were found at the end of September 1975 the investigators thought that they had enough evidence to arrest Meyer Hoffer he was taken into custody in his home was searched as the FBI profilers predicted by Hoffer kept souvenirs in his freezer were body parts from both victims the police confronted Meyer offer that he quickly broke down and go fast he said that he had kidnapped Suzy and took her to the ranch once there she started fighting him and he ended up strangling her he then said you kidnap Sandra's Mulligan from her apartment he put some tape over her mouth and as he was carrying her out of the apartment she suffocated to death Meyer Hoffer then shocked the investigators by telling them that he wasn't done for fascinating on March 19 1967 just over six years before Susie was kidnapped thirteen year old bernard poolman and a friend were climbing the supports of a bridge she suicide of Manhattan wire hopper who was 16 years old was hiding 150 feet away from them he aimed his rifle at Bernard it fired a 22 caliber bullet went through Bernards heart and out of his body and he fell into the water fire Hoffer couldn't explain why he killed Bernard he said that he knew Bernard and he even liked him 14 months after that on may 5th 1968 Meyerhoff er paid a visit to the same campground where he would kidnap Susie from five years later that night there was a group of Boy Scout was camping there he cut a hole in the town where 12-year old Michael Raney was sleeping he stabbed Michael under his left arm and struck him in the head Michael was discovered on conscious the next morning sadly he died a short time later in the hospital Meyerhoff er said that after that he served in the Marines for five years and then he returned to Manhattan just before Susie was kidnapped hours after Meyerhoff work and fast he was found dead in his jail cell I offer who was 25 had hanged himself with one of the jail's towels David Meyer Hopper was the first serial killer to be caught with the aid of offender profiling thanks a lot for watching today's video hopefully you found it interesting if you did please give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos just like it also please go criminalistic home where you can suggest cases buy merch to find out about exclusive podcast but that's all for today thank you so much for watching


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Dey Knight · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

13:15 and with this lazy ass law system- they'll probably just let her go with less time because "the real killer" ie a man, Died first.

hd31 · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Six daughters and seven son. That’s a lot of hard fucking for years on end every other week for days.

Miranda Clarke · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Killed and raped children and “didn’t know why” and he’s able to get parol? Way to go “justice” system.

Thomas Mann · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Interesting how Meirhofer aged from 16-25 in 7 years.

V1per O · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Those sketches match another sketch that has to do with a Canadian woman who was murdered in California. I think it may be in a video from this Youtuber…

Darrell Mickel · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Did he say she was found by a 'young man who was engaged to marry his sister'?

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Wow this dude is stoned that Valiums kicking in

John ramon Daniel · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

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This all sounds about white. In the 2nd case the dude ran over a whole person but never went to jail? Lmao. He was free long enough to go kill a bunch of people he didnt even know. I cannot.

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I'm happy the dog was found safe 😊

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When I go camping you better believe I'm packin'. Why these families didn't bring some protection out in the middle of nowhere is beyond me. There are wild animals to say the least.

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the fact that i stay near weaver and my grandma used to stay in weaver and i never heard of her or this story until today !

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All the horror, the dog had to went through. Poor soul.

Also the kid.

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am I the only one who thinks it weird that the people behind Raid thought "Do you know who our game would really appeal to? People who are really into vague, creepy murder mysteries".

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What does this have to do with camping???????

I am a creature of the dark · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

The ridiculousness of trained law enforcement is baffling to me in these cases. Still. These are old cases so it's nice to see how far we've come

Megan Layne · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

June 12, 2019 "SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Barbara Brewster was found guilty of murder on Wednesday for her role in the 1988 killing of Miriam Rice." https://www.abc57.com/news/barbara-brewster-found-guilty-of-murder-for-her-role-in-the-1988-killing-of-miriam-rice

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Catch watch video because of the way he’s trying speak, it’s just not working, you don’t sound spooky or creepy etc your actually not understandable and make it impossible to watch, just speak normal for fucks sake!

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The narrator is putting me to sleep with that droning monotone voice. Sheesh.

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An update for anybody interested: the woman from #1 was convicted in June

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In Florida, in the 60’s, my dad’s cousins came down with some tents and their 5 children. They were camping in a very nice campground. Their 6 year old disappeared from a tent in the middle of the night. Sadly, her disappearance was never solved. Wasn’t an animal. Animals leave signs around, like clothing, prints, etc. It was horrible. My parents went on many organized searches. I was 11 and will never forget the nights with my parents and that family at our house….

Mephisto1991 · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

David Shearing is a monster. Jail, or better yet a grave, is the only place he belongs.

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M Sci · July 27, 2019 at 1:50 pm

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That's why you bring a watch dog with ya. And a gun.

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