#29 – Tourism industry & Common Language – صنعت توریسم و زبان مشترک

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Greetings to you, I’m Nick Arya In a so pleasant weather of May 28th Here is Baku Center of the country of Azerbaijan It’s a spectacular place I wanted to say about the tourism industry that this SMBWAY app, how can play a so important role Note that this app is a global network of connections between small businesses In regard to it is a multilingual app. it means it can support multi-language platform Any supplier, or any service vendor In addition to her/his native language, definitely has English language too. Somehow all the businesses that are going to work with this app They will be in common in the English language together, in addition to their local language. Just taking a few photos simply, not only each of the suppliers can make their own website with this app quickly; but also, if any tourists from other countries, have similar businesses, and also they are part of that network, then this app easily connects them together. In this order, they can look for spectacular places, or looking for the locations that they want to go, for even entertainment or business, they can use this app. It means, the suppliers put their goods and services in US dollar too, In addition to their local price in their site. It will become a common language. For example, I’m going to look for a restaurant right now I want to see the price of a meal when they tells me that about fifteen Manat for the here price, for me which I came from Iran, And every Manat I suppose, for example, is 8500 Iranian tomans is the price at the same level which I ate a similar meal in Turkey? or suppose that price is the same as I ate in Iran? What is its price level? I have no comparative scale! I have to convert all prices to a dollar unit first, And then sit down and compare those. If I had such an app, I could easily compare similar same food with In Turkey or in Iran, or in the country of Georgia that is near here or Armenia to see if this is a good price? Or not? If not, where in this city can I find similar foods at a more affordable price? of course, if the restaurants use the websites. And if they show themselves in the search engines. Either way, in a not-too-distant future Maybe until the next one or two years If we don’t switch, if we don’t go for e-commerce, And just try to run our business in traditional ways Unfortunately, we will not have a chance in this world competition Remember the SMBWAY app, on all the details of your this wonderful journey, would be with, among with you. and will provide you all the required services as an all-in-one and integratively, on your mobile phone, or on your smartphone Until another application of this app,
be happy and successful Goodbye