25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok Thailand is a fascinating Southeast Asian city that offers something amusing for everyone sometimes referred to as the big mango Bangkok is an important international hub and the home of over 12 million residents this video includes 25 of the best things to do in Bangkok so let's jump right in and get started exploring this magical tasty and diverse city number one is Wang long market which is located adjacent to City Hospital there's a stall that makes deep fried bite-sized pieces of pork that will literally melt in your mouth kaanum tongue tag is another famous street at wang wang market number two is the gigantic Chatuchak weekend market including over five thousand permanent stores and if you count the makeshift stalls and hawkers around the market the number of vendors is closer to 15,000 making chatter Chuck the largest market in Thailand number three is clong Thai market the fresh food breadbasket of Bangkok the biggest most bustling fresh wet market in central Bangkok lots of food divided here we're gonna check this out the entire repertoire of Thai cooking ingredients are available at Quang Huy including a few interesting and extremely exotic foods if you look in the right places number four is to visit a floating market and there are a few that setup on the weekends just on the outskirts of town though Bangkok floating markets are little tide touristy they are a great place to spend a day of leisure browsing and eating wonderful food it's kind of like a sweet tomato juice maybe with a little bit of papaya mixed in that's that's what it tastes like that's pretty good number five is platinum market Bangkok's busiest sale markets in bangkok shopping is often a major component of any visit to Bangkok and platinum market specialises in wholesale clothing number six is MBK shopping center a mega mall that's literally a country in and of itself electronics clothes souvenirs and a huge food court on the sixth floor are a few of the drawers number seven is optical market a high quality fresh market that caters to the upper-class the aisles are wide and clean and the produce is nothing but the finest there's also a great selection of hawker stalls serving delicious food Bangkok's dusit zoo is number eight okay I'm here today at Fang Sioux City Zoo which is the central zoo of the city in case there are any lions or Tigers that decide to escape there's a good selection of street food right outside the gates of the dusit zoo to distract them as you run for your life number 9 on the list is Lumpini Park located just north of the Salome district surrounded by tall buildings this is like a sanctuary of green it's in the middle it's great if you want to go jogging but I'm not here to jog today I'm just taking a stroll and eating ice cream Lumpini Park is a natural escape from the fast pace of Bangkok it's a sanctuary where crows and monitor lizards reside don't miss the evening public aerobics dance sessions getting a Thai massage is number 10 you cannot visit Bangkok without indulging in a traditional Thai massage I can already feel my body rejuvenating I'm gonna take a quick nap a Thai massage can actually be quite painful but keep in mind that you can always ask the masseuse to take it easy on you number 11 is the grand palace and wat PHA kaeo located in the heart of Bangkok I'm standing outside of Bangkok Grand Palace and Wat Pacquiao which is one of the most famous attractions in all of Bangkok I went there a couple years ago so I'm not going to go in today but definitely if you come to Bangkok you've got to check out the Grand Palace and walk back out one of the most revered sites in all of Thailand and one of the most iconic landmarks in Bangkok if a tuk-tuk driver approaches you and tells you the palace is closed for the day it's probably a scam and instead walk yourself to the main entrance gate to get in so I'm gonna enter the reclining budda just behind the Grand Palace is number 12 wat Pole home of the golden reclining buddha wat po is also famous as being the birthplace of the title massage number 13 is Wat Arun the temple of Don the fine sculpture details and the steep climb to the top level of the temple are a few of the main highlights of visiting Wat Arun definitely not for you if you're afraid of heights because it's almost like climbing up a ladder but the view from up here is great number 14 is what Sukkot also known as the golden mountain one second which is also known as alcohol which is the golden mountain Bangkok's golden mountain the 318 stairs to the top takes just five to ten minutes to climb and your effort is rewarded with fantastic panoramic views of Bangkok number 15 is the Etta Wan museum famous for three headed elephant within the three headed elephant is an impressive Museum while the beautiful gardens that surround the complex are neatly manicured and make a perfect place to take a peaceful stroll number sixteen is the women McMansion it's the world's largest gold antique mansion so unfortunately they don't allow photography inside but we can't get some photos from the outside just finished the tour it took about 30 minutes and it's it's really cool inside impressive and impressive to see for nightlife shopping and restaurants khao san road is number 17 I am on cows on road which is the center of backpacking here at Bangkok Thailand located just outside Saladin BTS station the area of Silom is number 18 and at daytime is the central business district of the city and at night it turns into a night market all kinds of salts shopping starting at about five pm businesses and banks control the day while night markets and the famous pot pong street takeover at night silom is yet another area in Bangkok where there's an abundance of street food available everywhere you look victory monument in Bangkok Thailand at number 19 is Victory Monument and since it's a transportation hub of Bangkok the roundabout is full of shopping food and entertainment don't skip a meal at boat noodle alley a collection of canalside restaurants next to victory monument that served balls of pure porky delight number 20 is 30 and fruit while its shell is spiky and intimidating its flesh is sweet like nectar and creamy like butter a durian is a fruit like no other a unique and sensational flavor and texture that should be experienced by anyone that visits Bangkok while some dislike the pungent smell or the pudding texture in my opinion a durian is the absolute heaven on earth Thai Street food and homestyle restaurants is number 21 fresh herbs spicy chilies zesty lime juice and a host of tropical fruits and vegetables all combined to make Thai food intensely appetizing rated is one of the top cities in the world for dining Bangkok's food paradise reputation won't let you down fancy sit-down restaurants are great but in my opinion it's the street side stalls and the family-run all in the walls that serve the best Thai cuisine a tie feasting experience will thrill your taste buds and keep a smile on your face one way to bring home the wonderful array of Thai flavors is by signing up for a Thai cooking class which comes in at number 22 there are a number of different choices from professional cooking schools to motherly style home cooking courses often a cooking course will include a visit to a local wet market followed by preparing a set menu of a number of different dishes don't worry you'll get to eat what you cook – this is delicious number 23 located near yawa Chinatown is Papa Rock a little slice of India in the heart of Bangkok fabric and clothing chai and chapatis are all available in this concentrated area of merchants I go to explore the mixture of cultures and of course to eat Indian Bangladeshi and Burmese cuisine give me a position I'm happy the historical parkland palette or Bangkok central flower market is number 24 I am at Bangkok polka lot which is famous flower market people come to purchase flowers for everything from gifts for their special loved ones to flowers with religious and cultural significance the sea of brightly colored flowers is mesmerizing finally at number 25 is yahwah at Bangkok's bustling and always energetic chinatown gold stores lottery ticket vendors Chinese medicine dealers and exotic food markets all add to the mix when evening in Yaowarat falls street food and seafood restaurants take over and don't stop serving until the wee hours of the night something market also located in yellow dot is an intensely busy shoppers paradise that includes an unfathomable range of knickknacks so whether you choose to go on a shopping rampage a street food pilgrimage a peaceful temple visit or a cultural museum trip there's no doubt that the steamy hot capital of Thailand has it all hey everyone its mark Wiens here thank you very much for watching that video and if you enjoyed it please remember to give it a quick thumbs up and also leave a comment right below to let me know what you think about bangkok i want to hear from you finally don't forget to click the big red subscribe button so you don't miss the next travel and street food videos and one last thing right below this video in the description box you'll see some links go ahead and click those links for lots more useful information about visiting bangkok thanks again for watching and see you soon


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Welcome to Thailand

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The best of Bangkok in a nutshell. 👍👍👍

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Rip dusit zoo

SanFran-Siwat Rojanapaitoon · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

For some reason I a, Thai and most of the things that mark introduced I never visited in my life like the grand palace

somsaks2001 · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

I like the way you first had a bite of Thai food, it's really made me think that I'm having that food myself. You've done it perfectly, nobody could ever do it like the way you do!

Meg League · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

It's all markets? Wtf else you do man?

Realistic Man · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

25 amazing things in Bangkok.
1. this market
2. that market
3. another market
4. other market
5. more market
6. big market
7. guess what…

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It's really beautiful and such an amazing country. My favorite vacation of all time.

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hey, Mark do you know how to cook?

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This is the reason I love thailand you can go play with freinds with out asking your parents and you can go to the dentist for free! And now I'm now at Brisbane and I really miss my freind name. Ing, Boon, Fet, Jep, wayo. And we can make slime with out asking parents. So I really miss my family at thailand and freinds there.

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25=1 just eat!

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you asians are still making ivory sales you are destroying the african elephants to fuel your bussiness i hate you

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Wow I'm Thailand now

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6 ล้านวิว แล้วหรอเนี่ย…ตอนผมดูครั้งแรกยังไม่ถึง 6 แสนวิวเลย ยินดีด้วยครับพี่มาร์ค✌️

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Hello. My name is Ebine Kani. I’m Japanese. I have been yearning to visit Thailand(Bangkok,Phuket).
Bangkok looks really exciting city. I like Asia best I’ve ever visited. Hong King , Vietnam. I’m studying English, so If possible, I hope I can study English in Asia. Like They say, Canada, Britain, Australia and the USA are very good when I study one, but I would like to go and study one where I would like to go to. Thailand,Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia,Hong King.

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are you from tie-land

person: yes

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songkran 2 mins at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE_AeudVouM&t=7s

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Nice…as indonesian i love to see ur face when enjoying that heavenly tasty durians…love to visit bangkok..

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How safe is it for a 18 year old white male from the US?

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Hi mark, love your videos. Where did you go to get green curry in the video??????????

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Really well made and quite helpful indeed!

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Hey mark I am in Hong Kong 🇭🇰!! Where I can get good street food!!! We are confused!! Please help 😂🙏

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is it safe to walk around bangkok at night or day?

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Thank for u all love my country..

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Thanks so much where's can I stayed cheap and good local food

Mason Sanchez · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

I'm half thai and I remember watching this before and during my longest time in Thailand. I was there for 6 weeks during the summer in 2016. I had a great experience honestly. I watched this video multiple times in Thailand while visiting my family in Bangkok to find a wat for us to visit. I miss Thailand it's been awhile and in ready to go back soon:).

Thailand 1 · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

Hell0 i'm new here 1354188

GarryJose · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

you can visit also on this area https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKjkCbAk0w8

Not a backpacker · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

Bangkok is truly amazing!

Alex Lao · May 14, 2019 at 8:04 am

If the tuktuk driver says the grand palace is closed, why would it be a scam? How? Pls explain

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thanks this intro help alot

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😎 Nice.

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I had been thrice in Bangkok.I came to know more from your which i have missed.Thanks for guiding and sharing.
#simanchal the nature lover

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We just came across your video on Bangkok Mark, it's so good. You look so young 🙂 We love Thailand. Went there for the first time last year and can't stop talking about it. We also did a vid called Things to do in Bangkok. We hope you enjoy it. Keep eating and producing great content Mark !

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lol mark why you shave, is it so hot there?

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