2019 RANGE ROVER SPORT SVR – Business Traveler USA Review

Published by Darron Toy on

okay it's luxury Fred and this is the 2019 Range Rover Sport SVR and look what it will do so this is quite simply the fastest Land Rover Range Rover ever made it's got a five liter supercharged v8 engine you have these great SVR badged sport seats they're up front here the cool thing about this is all of the off-road functions are automated it automatically senses what kind of terrain you're on are you on a hill are you on flat ground or you're on gravel sand snow rocks whatever it is and it adjusts everything automatically for you you have your digital display up there of course everything is configurable you can change what it shows up there that's in the comfort mode and then if you put it into the dynamic mode you can see that it says dynamic over there dynamic program is kind of a sport version and it adjusts to whatever the terrain and the conditions are and things like that you've got your SVR badging a very nice leather wrapped steering wheel your drive mode selector here you have normal mode to the right and then if you if we put it into drive like that and then we put it to the right that puts it into your sport mode okay and taking a look at the back seat then we have the rear sport seats here and you can see the front you know you have hardback these are serious sport seats up front here and we'd open up the back you can see that you do have full-size SUV cargo capacity so I really really like the outside the shape and the style and the design of the svr the only big option this car has are the 22 inch rims black finish rims which is about 3000 bucks I really like the the red brake callipers there and you can see how big those break this are this big fast powerful SUV oh I've been really impressed really really impressed this is now that I'm talking about it this is my first experience driving a modern this is my first experience driving a modern Range Rover Land Rover and just really really been impressed you know in the comfort mode on the freeway it rides like $100,000 luxury SUV so you get that you get that true I say this is a lot of reviews but this really gives you a great Jekyll and Hyde experience because you can put it in the comfort mode and you can even turn off the active exhaust there's an on/off switch for it there so you can be subtle and you can be quiet and luxurious and your nice Range Rover but then you put it into that dynamic mode you get the active exhaust going and you get that really seriously angry SUV I'm not sure if I said this already 575 horsepower 575