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alright guys after lots and lots of requests and five years later I'm finally doing a 20-19 modern vintage gamer game room tour let's go down and take a look so this is the entertainment center it's absolutely awesome I love it took me a long time to get all this set up the way that I wanted it to as mentioned there's a lot of cable management that's involved in getting something like this set up but you know my advice is take your time and really plan out how you want to set your your systems up and once you do really just sit back and enjoy them the good news with what I have here is that I can pretty much connect anything up and turn it on and just play I don't have to fiddle around with cables or switch boxes or anything like that everything is wired up and ready to go which is which is outstanding so first of all we got the Sega blast City arcade cabinet and now I've had this machine for a long time I've bought it I believe in 2012 so this is the you know the seventh year of me owning it I love arcade cabinets and this is one of my favorites now if you are interested in getting into arcade machines and you know you want to do something a little more I guess a little more upmarket than the arcade one-up stuff and you want to get a Japanese arcade candy cabinet the velocity is probably the best entry level machine that you can go for there is a lot for the beginning here that is really nice for example you get the ability to get a try sync monitor which means that you can pretty much plug anything into this and it will sync up and get displayed pretty easily so you'll see people connect up things like Xbox 360s as well as you know Jarrod gamified Sega Genesis systems and and Super Nintendo stuff it's a really easy system to get a get to grips with and it's certainly one for the beginners they also are probably one of the most popular candy cabinets that you can get in the United States especially over in you know Southern California where it's kind of candy cabinet central over there now before I talk to you about the systems that I have these shells are Ikea collect shells they're really cheap to pick up at IKEA and they're great for retro they will fit most of your consoles quite comfortably but one thing I will say guys is if you are thinking about setting up the collect shelves keep in mind that there is no backing so there's no board or particle board that you put behind the shelves so what's going to happen is you're going to get some serious cable management issues you're gonna have cables hanging out the back of everywhere and if you're like me I really don't like that I need things neat and tidy I'm kind of OCD whatever you want to call it but I really need those cables to be tidy so I've done a pretty good job securing all the cables but I've got to say it took me a long long time so let's move along and take a look at the game systems that I have in my entertainment system here now the first system I have here is the Sega Dreamcast now I love the Sega Dreamcast it's a staple of any game retro system entertainment center that you set up you have to have a Dreamcast in there I absolutely love this machine it's one that I always go back to and play over and over again it's so awesome with so many amazing arcade ports underneath that we have seven choice Neo Geo MVS arcade games that I use in my arcade machine now the cool part about having these games in the entertainment shelf here is that not only does it make it look really cool but it also covers up a lot of the cables that are sitting behind those games so I'm like I said I'm really big on cable management and you know it's another reason why I put those games in this shelf the next system I have here is the Sega Saturn Jeopardy's this is cool special edition now this is a fantastic Sega Saturn console that was released in Japan limited edition they're very very hard to find I picked one up back in 2011 when they were probably worth about $50 they weren't a big deal but now as with everything in the retro gaming you know community and hobby things have gone up in price quite a lot you can still pick these up they're not super expensive they're uncommon I'll say but it's an awesome system and this one obviously has the action replay cartridge which allows me to play a region-free games now underneath that is probably the machine that gets the most amount of use out of everything in my game center here and that is the Sony Playstation 4 Pro I love the ps4 Pro it's easily the best console of this generation and so many amazing games for it and I love it I can't wait to see what certainly brings out with the PS 5 hopefully you know we'll hear about that coming up later on this year and into next year with the release in the holiday season of 2020 moving along we have the Sony Playstation 2 slim and next to that is a band Ridge Scout switches so I have multiple systems hooked up via RGB scart and that's feeding into a X RGB framemeister bye-bye comm soft that's sitting right there so that's the framemeister that's taking all the scart signals and feeding it into the HD television I also have a five port HDMI switcher as well for everything that's plugged in directly in via HDMI into my television as you can see with this many amount of systems you need some type of HDMI solution in order to get all your systems hooked up at the same time otherwise you're going to be fiddling around with cables and that's certainly something that I'm not interested in doing underneath the Sony Playstation 2 slim we have the pc engine by NEC which is a fantastic 16-bit console very much underrated and behind the pc engine we have the Terra Onion super SD System 3 which plays all the hugh card games as well as the pc engine CD rom games i don't need to hook up any type of cd-rom interface or anything else now this is the North American Halo 2 special edition Xbox this was pretty limited edition I wouldn't say it's rare it's uncommon it shares the same case design the same blue as the Japanese dead or alive' limited edition Xbox awesome set up to have and this has hooked up via component cables into my HD television then underneath that we have the Nintendo Wii now I love the Nintendo Wii and I love the GameCube it's always a struggle for me about which system I need to put into my entertainment center unfortunately you know I love the Gamecube so much but the Wii is more practical because it does allow for GameCube games to play as well as we games so the Wii ends up winning that battle at least for now and I've got it hooked up into my entertainment center here by component cables and I'm using the wavebird controller as well for all my GameCube games next to the way you guys know I can't get enough NeoGeo so I have the Neo Geo a yes and that is one part of my system here tucked up again via RGB scart into the HD television and then down below we have the gold limited edition Goldeneye Nintendo 64 that's currently going in via composite cables into my framemeister which is not ideal but I am told that ian has just announced a HDMI solution for the Nintendo 64 so I'll definitely be checking that out and adding that to my collection here because I'd rather have an HDMI solution of course over a composite solution and finally on the end here we have the amiga cd32 which currently is not hooked up yet but I'm in the process of getting it wired up into the entertainment area here as well and then underneath that we have another seven choice MVS Neo Geo arcade game so you know again I love the Neo Geo it's such an amazing system and then on the top of the entertainment setting here I have the analog Super NT which is the FPGA Super Nintendo clone system that is awesome it came out about two years ago now and obviously the mega s G came out earlier this year right now I don't have the mega s G in my game room but I will be adding and I'm still using it upstairs and I'm doing a lot of video and capturing with with that particular system at the moment but yeah I love the the analog products they they make an awesome awesome hardware now moving along to the right-hand side of the room this is the second of the two arcade cabinets that I own and this one is the capcom mini cute now this is a machine that came out in the 90s it was released by Capcom in Japan this is another candy cabinet as you can see you know it's a sit down variant of a arcade cabinet that you would see and I absolutely love this machine this is probably something that is around the same size as an arcade one up probably maybe just a little bigger it's fully metallic of course this is everything is metal and it's still pretty heavy to move around but it's an awesome arcade machine it's running a Toshiba 18 inch CRT in its display and I'm currently running armed police batrider which is an awesome shoot-'em-up game by rising that came out in 1998 and this is the original board that I have in the arcade and what can I say I love my shoot-'em-up and I love arcade machines and this is this one particular machine is they're not rare because you know they are definitely a lot of people that have these machines but they are very very sought-after there's something obviously very appealing about them not only is it Capcom that that has released them which you know means that all the Capcom and collectors are interested in getting one it's a small form-factor you can really stick it in a corner which is exactly what I've done here and you can really enjoy it but it's just a great machine aesthetically it looks really awesome and absolutely love it and this machine I've also had for quite some time it's probably like the sixth sixth year of owning this machine maybe my seventh year and it's a great machine you know I'm pretty good at you know maintaining my arcade machines making sure that you know they're kept in tip-top condition and you know it's definitely something you need to do if you are thinking about getting into the arcade Hobby and you know picking up original arcades you have to put in some some time to get them you know working and looking you know quality you know you can buy one but you know you have to put in some hours to really get them looking the way you want them to [Applause] these are my game shelves now I have a lot of different games here and I want to talk to you about you know the different game systems that I have and the different games that I collect for now starting at the top here we've got Playstation 4 and you know I PlayStation 4 pro is as mentioned is my system of choice so there's a lot of ps4 games and I've got some empty kind of spaces for for more games I'm going to be picking up and then the next kind of shelf is starting at the bottom we've got PlayStation 2 and then moving up a little we've got more ps2 and you know we've got some heavy hitters over here you know we've got we've got Maxim oh we've got Silent Hill 2 which is probably one of my favourite games of all time we've also got godhand which is one of the most underrated games of all time if you have not played godhand on the playstation 2 do yourself a favor and check it out we've got some more stuff I've got some pal games as well there's also a rule of Rose in there which is obviously a very expensive game to pick up these days we've got Shadow of the Colossus Silent Hill 3 so there's some really good choice ps3 games here in the collection now one thing about me guys is I don't have a full set of anything I'm not that type of collector I like to play games I like to buy games and play them most of the time I mean I have some seal stuff here you know I'm not gonna say that I don't but I like to play the games that I own moving along we have Nintendo switch stuff I've got a smallish library of switch games you know there's probably a lot of games here but compared to others that I've seen online it's a pretty small collection and then even smaller than that is my playstation 3 collection the ps3 was something that you know I like the ps3 but I was an Xbox 360 guy so I kind of only played kind of the exclusives on the on the ps3 I didn't really bother with the you know the ports to the ps3 at all moving along we have Nintendo Wii U and I love the Nintendo Wii U there's still some really good reasons to play the way you even to this day games like Super Mario 3d World you know there's there's a lot to like about the way you you know I'm very sad that it ended the way it did but you know the Nintendo switch obviously is a great system in its own right so I'm not too disappointed I guess and then the Nintendo Wii is the next system that I have here and I've got some interesting games for it you know probably most of the you know that the regulars I guess but we've got some we've got Tatsunoko vs. Capcom we've got Silent Hill shattered Memories which are pretty interesting games we've got Xenoblade Chronicles as well so some of the I guess more sought-after harder to find games I guess but I've got the kind of the usual suspects as well and then moving down we've got the Dreamcast now I have a pretty beefy Dreamcast collection again I've got a combination of North American and PAL region games as you can see the PAL region games down here are really awesome I love the the PAL region cases that came out for the Dreamcast this is something awesome about them that you know a lot different they're obviously a lot thicker than the North American ones which are kind of just generally dual cases now moving up here we've got Sega Saturn I've got a small but pretty good Sega Saturn collection and then Sega CD I've only got a handful of those games and then these guys here pal region Sega Saturn games which have the dark cases which I'm not really a huge fan of I much prefer the american-style long box white cases but these are interesting you know these are obviously games that I bought back in the day when I was growing up so over here this is my GameCube collection now I have about 75 GameCube games across different regions and of course you know I've got some of the heavy hitters like zelda winwaker noticeable games that i like in the gamecube collection is Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes this is an absolute classic game one of my favorites in the GameCube collection and you know if I'm going to recommend someone try out Metal Gear Solid for the first time I would say play this one over the original PlayStation version some people probably won't like that opinion but I think it's an awesome game I have some other really cool games in the collection as well including now resident evil 3 nemesis Resident Evil 2 connects to get these games out they're really packed in there let me pull out resident evil 3 this is another awesome game in the Gamecube library and another one that's really starting to click creeped up in price Resident Evil 2 is getting up there as well I've also got Ikaruga which is a fantastic shoot-'em-up game that was originally released on the Sega Dreamcast as well as down below here one of my favorite games on the Gamecube and one of the best role-playing games I've ever played this is Skies of Arcadia legends and this is the GameCube version once again this was a port from the Dreamcast version and then down here I've got a small library of PAL games now PAL region games you can see the difference is that the the Nintendo GameCube logo is on the top here but if you look at the North American ones they're kind of at the bottom so that's one way of determining the different regions that you have underneath that we have the Neo Geo CD as well as PC engine hue cards and CD games moving further down we have Sega Saturn this is kind of the beginning of the Sega Saturn collection that I have these are the Japanese Sega Saturn games I might add not the North American ones as we just saw there's a couple of mega CD games from PAL region and some Japanese PlayStation as well and then down here more Sega Saturn and then down here this is my sad little Xbox one collection which was something that I stopped collecting pretty early on in the Xbox's life cycle I kind of just got fed up with the system and decided it wasn't a great system to own so I just ended up getting a ps4 pro and never really looked back moving along we have more Sega Saturn up here we have some 3do games long box 3do games and this is where my xbox 360 collection starts so we've got one two three four five and six you know full sets of full rows here of Xbox 360 games which comes out to about a hundred and seventy-five games I would say maybe a little more maybe closer to 200 but I have a lot of Xbox 360 games and then next to that up here we have we have Neo Geo AES games I have a small but pretty awesome library of Neo Geo AES and then moving down this is my OG xbox collection so we have one two three four five six and seven rows of that so there's a lot of OG xbox games I've got about I think about 175 to 200 of those games as well certainly not a full set and not something that I want to complete but you know you guys know I love the OG xbox so this is my retro corner set up where I've got my Sony PBM and these different retro systems all hooked up via RGB scart so we've got the Super Famicom that's currently connected up playing Super Mario all-stars or Super Mario collection as it's known in Japan and then we have the Japanese Sega Megadrive and make a CD or the Sega CD Sony Playstation as well as the Panasonic Q so I absolutely love playing retro games on a CRT sometimes you just need to bust out the CRT and that's what the reason why I have this set up in my collection here in the corner so it's kind of sitting in the corner kind of between this set of games and then between this set of games which I'm now going to talk to you about so the last part of the tour is these shells so these are additional games shells that I have and these are all my kind of old-school games so these are Japanese Mega Drive games and then more Mega Drive games and then Genesis Genesis Genesis Genesis and Genesis and they're more Genesis down the bottom here so you know I love Sega Genesis and the Mega Drive stuff I also have more Genesis over here I have a pretty decent collection of Genesis and Mega Drive games and then we move down here into the Nintendo 64 stuff as you can see some of these are power regions some of these are ntsc and then we have Super Nintendo these are all box some of these appalling in as you can see the PAL versions of Street Fighter 2 and Super Metroid and then into your si versions of games all these games are ones that I've owned in my collection pretty much since the start and then we have Super Famicom games as well just I've got a choice collection of those I've got some heavy hitters down there as well including Yoshi's Island Gradius and Castlevania super Castlevania 4 now there's more Genesis games here and more Super Famicom games down the bottom and then down here we move into more Super Nintendo and some n64 this is kind of a little bit all over the place right now we've got more Super Nintendo and then we move up we have some Game Boy Game Boy Advance and this this pile here is my Japanese GameCube stuff so Japanese GameCube games look very different to the North American ones they're in these kind of cute little cases which I think they look they look fantastic and I love everything about these they're awesome so I have a collection of those which is really cool and then moving up we have three DS and Nintendo DS and I have some handheld systems as well so as you can see this is the Sony Xperia Play which I did a review on recently this is the Nintendo DS which I also did a review of as well and then the 3ds and the DSi we also have the Gamecube more GameCube and more DS games here some of these appel region as well and then moving up here we have PlayStation Vita with why Japanese PS Vita as well another set of PlayStation Vita here as well I'm kind of big on the limited run games things so I have a pretty decent please here's a vita collection and then finally I have some play PSP games at the top here as well as some additional PS Vita games [Applause] so there you have it guys that is the MV G game room to a 20-19 let me know what you thought about it in the comments below I want to hear your thoughts do you like the room do you not like the room if you don't like it let me know what you don't like about it and maybe give me some tips on what you think I could do to improve the room and guys if you like this video you not to do give me a thumbs up and as always don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll catch you guys in the next video bye for now [Applause]


Farglior X · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

"I'm really big on cable management."
*some cables still visible*
Mistakes were made.

UPDATE: Looks like the joke has gone over a few people's heads!

Minolta4Life · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

I love old games but I don't have a CRT TV anymore so I like playing these old games on emulators with filters sometimes. So filters really do clean up the pixels really nice.

Sean Howell · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

No 8-Bit Love?

Discover Life Media · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Winner winner chicken dinner! Lol

Erza Jumeidi · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

7:45 oh my god…amigacd32
avgn wants to know your location

Dahni Lama · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Cool collection but I couldn’t be arsed getting the duster out to clean it

Jimmy Lee · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

braggart (just kidding)

Baqt · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

I like your gameroom it is very good, but I think it only miss some special edition consoles, you could have some playstation and xbox console limited editions which would be nice

cicada · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

What's the Sony Trinitron CRT Monitor model number you have? There was a particular one that was recommended for retro gaming, but I can't remember which model it was.

r4dius · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Looks like you like video games

Arthur Collector · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

nice but lacks more retro

predatest · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

wow you don t have any Amiga or nes games ?
For my collec, i only miss xbox, master system neo-geo and Saturn game, which are expensives in France

Deadzio · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

omg 🙂 this is really amazing

Faxtron · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Awesome game room.

Otis Duncan · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Do you mount your shelves to the wall?

Phil · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

..and yet my dream is to be a 13-year-old with 2 games but the time to play them.

samoan SAIYAN · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

It's better to have an open back due to heat. Nice set up mate!

Jacob Cushman · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Awesome game room man that would drive me crazy to still does to think about it even setting up a simple gaming set up.

RC Empires INC. · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Dude that light strip is so OCD

William McCarthy · July 27, 2019 at 3:26 pm

You'll get a huge quality boost from your N64 if you just order (real) S-Video cables online. Make sure they're really s-video and not composite wired through an S-Video plug. Retro-RGB has information about where to get them!

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