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Hi friends, I’m Tamsien from Babbling Books
and today I’m going to be sharing with you my 2018 Traveler’s Notebook. Now, there’s actually two of them because
the Traveler’s Notebooks are split into two 6 monthly journals. I started this at the very beginning of the
year. If you’ve watched my Traveler’s Journal haul
and set up video you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t you can watch it, the link
is in the description box below. You might’ve also seen my Japan travel journal,
I actually bought both of these journals while I was in Japan, and I love them so so much. For the first time in, I think, my entire
life I’ve managed to actually keep a journal for the entire year. So I am pretty proud of myself for achieving
that. What I’m going to do in this video is take
you through page by page every single spread in my journal for 2018. And at the end of the video I am just going
to leave a little bit of time to show you a couple of my favourite spreads and some
of the techniques I used to put them together. Because I think that the way I have put these
journals together is just a little bit different and I’d like to share that with you. So, I hope you enjoy. If you keep a journal or a Traveler’s Notebook
I would love to watch your videos, I’m really really obsessed with watching flip throughs,
so please let a link for me down below. [music] Well, I hope you enjoyed that. It was really fun to share all of the pages
of my journal with you. Now I’m going to share with you a couple of
my favourite pages and as I mentioned at the beginning of the video, some of the techniques
that I used to create the page. So the first one is from January, I really
love this spread. There’s something about it which is just all
of my favourite colours all together. So on this page I’ve used a really cool washi
tape that I bought in Japan. So I tried to match up some of the items that
I bought while I was in particular places with the pages that I put them on. I’ve also used the official Traveler’s Notebook
stickers, which are different designs every year. This year in 2019 they are actually music
themed, but they were sort of train and travel themed in 2018. I also used some little cut out details from
a box of cookies that I bought while I was in Japan, and of course I’ve made some notes
up the top here. I really used this journal, as you would have
seen, in a really flexible way and I didn’t write on every page, and when I did write
there wasn’t necessarily writing in the correct sort of sections. Another on of my favourite pages pops up in
April. I love this spread, this was actually for
Easter, but as you can tell there’s not a whole lot of Easter details. There is a little Good Friday thing over here
which I cut out from a State Library magazine. And what I really love about this page, if
you can kind of see, is that I’ve included some fake gold leaf on this page, just to
give highlights to a couple of little details. And I just love the effect. It’s not something that I did on every page,
because it was really fiddly to try and get it to stick in the right spots. But I kind of love the effect. Also over here was one of the first times
that I made this kind of little flap using some washi tape. That was a technique that I used on a lot
of pages, you probably saw me flipping them up and down in the flip through part of this
video. April had a lot of favourite pages because
I also really love this page. Now I am not super happy with how this turned
out. I tried to make a piece of white paper look
kind of vintage-y by using some watercolours and it kind of turned out a little bit orange. But what I do love is this up here. This is a drawing that I did based on a photo
I took when I visited my Grandma, which is what this little note down the bottom is referring
to. So I painted this in watercolour and outlined
it in a waterproof fine-liner. And I’ve actually put it on a piece of an
envelope which I received in the mail. So it’s go this really cool Royal Mail sticker
on it. And over here is the broken pieces of a leaf
which I collected while I was at my grandma’s house as well. So this is a real leaf, and I’ve just stuck
it in with glue. And I just love the texture that it brings
to the page. Another one of my favourite pages this time
in May. What I love about this, aside from the blue
colour scheme, as blue is my favourite colour, is that I’ve included this little pocket here. So you can see it’s attached onto the page
and I’ve used that to keep some tickets and business cards from a restaurant that I went
to. It was a really nice way to keep those in
there without having to cut them down when they didn’t actually fit on the page. And I’m really happy with how it turned out. The other interesting thing that’s on this
page, which is probably included to better effect on some other pages, is the wax seal. So I have a couple of wax seals, you might
even be able to see them behind me in the video here. And I really enjoyed putting wax seals in
different places throughout this journal. Again with the blue colour schemes, this page
from September is a big favourite of mine. I love that I came up with the idea of using
a pattered page for the background on this side and the sort of textured brown paper
as the background on this side. But if you look quite closely you will see
that the little tabs that I have made to hold down these little things are actually pieces
of this background paper, so it kind of ties the whole page together. And I really love the effect that it’s created. Also over here I’ve used a little vintage
ticket as a little tab to hold down this. And I just love how this page looks, it looks
like something off a pinboard or a memory board. And another technique which is a little bit
hard to see in the flip through, so I thought I would share it with you now is sewing. So on this page I’ve actually sewn some threads
onto a piece of paper. I didn’t actually create this with the intention
of putting it in my journal, I was just testing out stitch widths while I was sewing a dress. But I love the look of it and I just kind
of left the little strings on the end here and it looks really cool. Another spot where I did some sewing was actually
a couple of pages later where I made this little ‘beside the sea’. I found this little piece of cotton in the
box of a pair of earrings my sister gifted me and onto it using some blue thread I have
just hand stitched some words that were meaningful to me on that day. And I think it’s just a really fun and interesting
way of getting some more texture into your journal. Though what that does do is make a very thick
journal at the end. The last technique, or things that I used
in my journal, that you might have noticed are these little instant camera photos. I have a little polaroid instant camera and
I didn’t take it with me as often as I should have in 2018, but I’m going to try much harder
to do better this year. These were taken on a little trip that I did
to Malmsbury, and I actually made a video of my reading habits while I was on that trip,
so I’ll put the link to that in the description box below as well. And on this page as you can see I’ve also
included more leaves. I was really interested to see that the green
leave didn’t actually change colour, I was expecting it to go a sort of a browny-yellow
colour, but I love that it stayed green. So that’s it, those are my Traveler’s Journals
from 2018. Thank you for taking the time to have a look
through them with me, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed them. I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing the way
that I’ve recorded all of my memories for the year. Now if you have created a video similar to
this or if you are a journaling fan like me please leave a comment below, I would love
to check out your work, whether it’s on Instagram or here on YouTube. I’m really keen to make more videos about
journaling and I also have some workshops, potentially even some online workshops coming
up, to do with travel journaling in particular. So I’m going to leave a link to my newsletter
down below, so you can subscribe and find out more.


Infinite Text · January 30, 2019 at 12:14 pm

so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing with us, I love watching journal flip-throughs!

Nancy Snedden · February 19, 2019 at 3:07 pm

I loved this! You have given me so much inspiration. I have been wanting to do so many of these things and I too love watching a flip through do you watch Johanna Clough?

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