2018 Coventry University Automotive and Transportation Design Degree Show

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what's up guys my name is Eric make a forum trends and welcome to Coventry I'm here for the Coventry degree show I'm gonna check out the auto transport and maybe the product design shows as well so here we go let's take a walk let's take a look see what's going on I'm looking at the chef's ability which their main problem with sharing cars people don't want to share cars with the audience someone almost buying a quality material they could configure Tower they want if they wanted to see a PCP and then the chassis which is this section which contains all the autonomous capabilities the powertrain is what you share with other people so essentially good reducing Matthew lies on the upgrade to autonomy will be cheaper because all of the technology is in the part of all Breton and it's got a lot benefits of reducing congestion cars retard quicker it just makes it gives a personal touch to someone else and essentially on paper but obviously there's brand so the companies can effectively do their own versions even if they have like Universal connection systems that would be one covering the game mr. shouts answer each company could do their own reforms which guilty on fits before them where our companies could be their own fault each I've seen some people it's open – well I didn't want to cram this I wanted to leave it it's the concept of what it is we're gonna take away from its open to [Applause] [Applause] which it's appropriate destroy metal and glass in the same time division mr. reality and we are technology for your time there represents my hi my name's max it's my final major project it's a utility drone used for biological sampling 2400 by the humans have been life force underground due to global warming and then what they've decided to do is they eventually decide to come back out and explore the world again which like a desolate wasteland and they're deciding to salt farm and deciding this or buying quality samples on the surface of the planet and it's the vehicle takes you there this is my project I did in my placement it's a hyper car for a company called Chang'an just trying to shed capture the essence of the company there was more of a clay modeling projects basically the whole project was about sketching within your play and then progressing into a pond immortal and presentation hi my name is now here I'm gonna showcase terrain her village Schwarz but the biggest reason why develop Range Rover was all of us and experience not just yachts for the aquarium in the front and show a Range Rover I wanted to keep the room DNA but also to expand the potential the brand really has it's not just words it's all about Evelyn perceived the brand how people feel the materials the color and trim the effective all about the customer customer innovation Peter Boardman and this is things 2043 Marco's loads of sex play into the future I've also visualized what motorsport will be like in the future how were they adapted wrote car technologies of tomorrow like autonomy and electric vehicles and this is what up from Atlas as I'm sure you'll agree as a conceptual sobriety vibrant motorcar and it's not just a race car it's a race car with no personal it's been winter more clustered it's been engineered it's been packaged my name this is my final major project for Coventry University I wanted to update the idea of a limousine before limousines used to be a good show job of an existing design so I want to create design from scratch that's purposely limited so the entire thing is designed just to be the limousine it's the icon itself low proportion of a limousine and it's recognize it much more modern way and then here is my placement model I did last year this was the clay based project we start from scratch using a bot we just put the clay on and start sketching in their design we didn't do many sketches on paper and we felt the sculpture within the model and within eight weeks fully painted based this proportion off of the Vulcan package if you take off the crazy wing the crazy splitters I saw a really nice proportion within that and the dimensions of it and the main volumes from the arches and put that in the sports going they had to be rendered chang'an so I took the design elements from Cheng hands current design language I'm proposing a sub-brand that's recaptures that sort of demographics of people I would rather be buying Lamborghinis or or Parganas in that price range then developing their own sort of bespoke feel thoughtful naked to sell to the lead down to foresee and they have the Julia gulia honest l vo but none of them are up they're not expensive and I felt like they could do their own thing their own alpha thing is set up relying enough on the Maserati engines and drive trains so I'm proposing a smaller engine so a motorcycle engine so they would source if or something similar company Italian company Italian engine that would stay within within Italy with a super capacitor at the front and this is so super capacitor would kick on that at low rpms and accelerate the car up and up until the motorcycle engine gets scream all the way to red line open up the front to reduce the total area to make it a bit more dynamic the efficient and also was doing that of giving it a very interesting also the club relieves us as daytime running lights yeah try to keep it modular so though you didn't know I could rip the bumper off money was still looked like the car there we have it this year's graduating class consisted of about 150 120 students we saw a lot of clay models we saw a lot of boats yacht concepts we saw a lot of really futuristic and innovative electric vehicles people that are developing things for old brands that are bringing them into the future so there's quite an eclectic mix coming out of this school and it's quite interesting to see this but I didn't get a chance to talk to half the people here I didn't even get a chance to see all of the projects that are on display but nonetheless it's something that every year I like to come back to my alma mater and check it out some people may know that I went to school here but it is increasing in numbers and increasing in competitiveness and every year there's a bit more to kind of fight for so you really need to come in and give it your all and that's the only way that you ever succeed in life really is if you come in and you give it everything that you've got so on that note another good Coventry show thanks for joining me see you next year