2017 MAD Travel Fellowship Review

Published by Darron Toy on

a long to start is fellowship because somebody helped me when I was young when I was a student I didn't have a money to travel so school sponsored the travel if you remember the feelings when you walk into the those places I want to you know how the young students today to experience the great architecture after them I experience a dynamic energy and realize that space not just limited to architecture you know those great architects great buildings from text books from images but architecture is about a space you have to be physically in the face and then you can feel something very special I visited making my shank I are the events and memories I collected all the way have had an impact on thinking how we design our environments and experience base seemingly harmonica existence of nature and technology made me realize that by combining traditional materials and construction methods with cutting edge technology I can create new kinds of landscapes did not compete with the natural modes but confident winners for this fellowship now I think most of them they're still studying in this field some of them they working for the architects they like some of them they already started they're open to you so my hope was in 10 years 20 years when this young generations become the main power for the design industry they will be very powerful in the creative

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