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I would straighten up the right area oh no no no no hello folks welcome back to the cheery Peninsula and transport fewer I'm completely honest gaming you're awesome as always and yeah so far there's a reason why the game is plugged we're getting to that so far we've done excellent in this game or in this in this playthrough we have 9.2 or that's $9,200 yeah dollars in our bank account that's not dining a lot however yeah there's a but here click here we see we have 1 million bucks in alone right in there we've already paid back you know 1 million of the original loan but we've taken more loan after that so you know we pay back about three and a half million I think a wise I think we started out four and a half exciting stuff and the reason why were pause is because its 30th of December 1880 aiming a one eight six eight here we go and what we'll be doing which means that in a couple of days we'll get two new some new action coming in I believe we get a new truck our first like steam crunk I think comes at nine 1869 that's at least where I'm banking for it because all of my nuts the wrong place look for it in here there we go all of my bosses need a replacement there are now costing more and more money per year to maintain and I don't like that I want them all to be you know cashflow positive as much as possible now for this one as we have 9 million bucks to just you know fling out the window which we surely will do there's a couple of different lines I've been thinking about obviously there's the Arkham Hogsmeade kind of route kind of kind of difficult route to do for the simple reason of this stuff it's called a hill it's not stuff it's a hill but we could go and if I put this on we could try to like slowly traverse the training over this way that's almost keeping you know it wouldn't be a extreme uphill battle but we would peak here and like coming over there we'd have to either aggressively turn or we'd have to go even further around in order to you know not do the peak here and and come in like I know something like this so it's either like this into the into the city or like that so coming here or coming around and in somewhat somehow we'll figure it out another thing that I've been thinking about which you know we kind of sort of made everything sent up for for the Hogs main route last time around but another thing that would be kind of interesting is some Arkin Ironforge twin peaks' twin peaks' isn't even connected yet so that could be interesting and we could do that in a in a way that I haven't done before or at least not on on camera at least not that I'm aware of let's just get rid of the the hideous-looking pretty calm in English contour lines right because right now we have a station here switching that to a regular station and then a non-terminal station and then planing the deferred tracks through the city and or that's gonna be expensive like a lot more expensive than I want it to be at this very moment but what we could do and I've never done this I'm not trying every time I'm definitely not done in a series before but I'm what we could do is we could see if I should have done this last time as well Terk no terminal there we go we could fling a station it's gonna be wildly expensive but playing a station like here those two stations would be then each other's catchment which means we probably don't need a bus route to you like ferry people in between also it would be kind of a fun thing to try out I know that multi stations in a city work not sure how well they work but I know it works as that could be that could be fun and then you know have that line going over to Twin Peaks and the line coming into Arkham your like peel that off and go meet up with the probably on the side of the other industry Pilar can go meet up with the Kranks going over Twin Peaks a lot of interesting scenarios I play around with one thing we definitely could do is download the tracks over to iron forge playing another train online as well because this one train is bringing in more than anything else I'm doing right now if we look at the good old balance sheet all the way please there you go TIF seeds is it below two hundred and fifty six thousand dollars per year that's nice well it's you know this is not chat about what we could do and couldn't do we'll start with art can hogs mean I think I think that will be a interesting route to layout also so let's Raleigh non-existant intro woody now we've made a crap ton of money the only reason we made a Krakatoa money is because I took a blown yeah and no time has passed since since you were last here I did demolish this little one piece of track right here though but that's besides the point okay I think I've decided on where I want to go this route or how you know the the the path in between and it's sort of going up where I'm trying the mouse right now we're not gonna you know buy a tunnel or anything but um but that's sort of the the hope is that that will be the cheapest now this feels lucky oh this is gonna be oh right okay well this is gonna be there's a couple of issues with this or not issues more like casual struggles really one of which is our look motifs right now aren't really powerful per se so this little uphill battle they'll have to go through to get to to the peak here I'm going to turn these on again even though they look hideous like they look as he should look but um yeah what's getting so expensive as they should look but um but I don't like to look at them what was my point I was uh I was having a point like I was saying something that made sense I believe what would you charge me for a tunnel just you know okay so it's a million bucks for a tunnel straight through there like we've already spent like half a million you're getting up here okay that's that's that's all good and well you cannot even connect there buddy okay it's only 32 to get there let's okay you cannot get these struggles to get up there okay I understand you can dial it back a little Oh half a million six hundred thousand what the hell not that the speed matters any but the speed is good too beautiful station in Hogsmeade where we want it Bom Bom maybe that looks ridiculously expensive this is this is I'm not gonna okay alright that's that's you know okay yeah mm-hmm do we have any any any better takers by any chance anything at all hello that's except for in the wrong direction that actually wasn't that bad okay 400 400 first done once count a long Torino that's that's an issue isn't it isn't it why can you not online train is it too difficult for you or is it just too much – too much stuff – a wine that's the question alright let's try and even this out ourselves shall we up to size maybe not that you know vigorously let's try it let's try and even it out and see if that will do its thing see I don't think it's alright let's do that right just you know raise this string here a little ah would hope that this helps it's not I've wasted a ton and a half of cash okay try it again do I did I even I didn't straighten up the right area oh no no no no oh come on all right how about this then you feel better about it now by any chance that was the bus you do okay excellent um maybe I should look where we're headed with this maybe we can you know directionally align it somewhat and we can at least direction of the line it somewhat will go in there hopefully that will be fine that's gonna create some interesting fact layout I'm pretty short okay well that wasn't so expensive I would have thought it would have been more but that's fine I suppose what do we have here okay that's that's overdoing it okay well that was kind of looks fun and exciting but possibly a little less you know a little less likely to be around at this point in time some of this what what kind of that's bricks okay five 1771 okay well you know when we're already playing it fast and loose with the cash gun we might as well you know go all out as they say right I kind of wanted to you know tear these off in a different direction as well can I eat Caillou how do you do that he's that more likely no okay how about this then that works okay all right I love that we have a centralized depo now that is definitely not gonna be a centralized depo for long that is that is exciting right okay for the Train it's let's see tractive effort for you killing a new 20 okay power 90 and I are 30 and it's the strongest one of the of the lot it's also the most expensive one I believe in these way 20 not least five sets four of those why twice mm-hmm I promise I've not just watched you know someone else's show and and realized that weight might have something to do with it or might be of a value but this has a max speed lower than this you know what screw it we're going with it we're bored sticking with the general three trains tree and wagons I mean yeah but we're gonna keep it in there for a little keep doing a pants there son and then we'll double track up here yeah that's something that one might do and the reason why is then will dull up the train over there as well it's gonna make us a boatload of money oh if not you know this is a grand waste of money but um if it is you know okay live and let live and all that jazz okay couldn't like it takes an absolute age to make anything happen in the game when you plan on the 4x mod which is enabled for this playthrough and if trick would have been to just let time fly right not just you know oh yeah no we're we're gonna play them pause because that's what all the cool kids do Hey but but that's what we're doing currently good on me right there we go that's not set up so we can set you yes you melt you yeah that's the one to our commander Forge and then we just need another train looking very similar in nature which means we need more cash as you can see we make a decent track change make half a million a year that is good money forever that wasn't me 42 oh yes sir son why they're there yeah and two very beautiful that will absolutely kill the traffic from from hogs me to Arkham on on Wayne's which means unfortunately they will retire or possibly be a local lights that's that's very possibility right get rid of that type out P and then you can do are come to for without their hog smead like that am I am i hitting this right oh it's an e at the end alright yeah okay check check your t's here son beautiful that's our fourth train no it sir it's our fifth train admit two two one yeah hey five it's how we get to five buddy alright let's let's stop this nonsense and start maybe um hitting the play button there and we should see a you can you train coming and not I'm you trying about a new cart you call it a cart it's calling a cart does that even fair I don't know but okay you can go on always that when you well it's not really that important if you if you drop off your partner's not you are already that one that's that's jolly good I suppose you can can go on that as well beautiful you're both now reconditioned two new kind of services right let's put a stop beer and a stop there and one over here and then you sign just gonna keep that up here because we want wanna make sure there's no more carts running on the great air to Bainer to there oh no I went in the wrong direction oh no that's on the wrong side of the street how we're gonna fix that there we go problem solved how do you figure son and you're still going in the wrong direction though that's that's brilliant right there like that you might want to grab that one too but we'll then we'll do what why it is already on both sides of the street okay um Franklin before that now that we came after okay fine no Pine Street yes that one there you go that is wildly over killing it on this stretch here of the city but um we'll see if it works okay al dot B and then where are we now hogs Meade that's like one awesome ok vehicles I'm here got to you can also be Hogsmeade long speed Central Local mahjongg okay there we go get rid of all of them hopefully that will make some kind of cash there we go and where's our empty you can just be gone and go problem solved it's all good all good Sun right question still remains will we make any cash did we not get a new cart no no I have to look out what our next carts come around I thought I was 1969 Carly that's not it like I'm willing to wait a couple more years before I change out the the carts in favor of something newer faster and better but there are limits you know might want to you know double down and you know replace it now and then later on as well give me a sec all right it turns out I missed it by a year the next one is coming in 1970 and it's I've already forgotten the name of it it's the black kind of square kind of car coming in a year so we're waiting for that most definitely absolutely you betcha and and this is this is Arkham as you might very well know this is gonna be quite quite the exciting stretch of City not one it's also already become the biggest city of them all we have a quick little chat with a city manager Arkham 4:45 biggest right off the bat followed by Massa Isley in atlantis Ironforge iron-forged and Arkham are of course part of the whole train consist we got going on as is a skort Mos Eisley is just ideally situated in the one city which is up here yes I call it one city even though this little stretch of land right here does not as house on it just yet but if you can as you can see over here this is is one city at least as far as I can can tell which makes it more like city districts in the city of muscles almost Iceland I don't know but one thing I've been thinking about will be here which could be kind of fun to try out well we'll see you know depends a bit on how much cash we make in terms of the likelihood of us just trying random out but having like a local train we're going on this side to begin with like that's stage one okay local train line going on this side wait that one stopped to stop three stop yeah and then from firmer firmer firmer sometimes haha now we can also have a number line going on words to Hank Moore Park over there and possibly also over to mega city one but like better from say Caprica either way that that would be some little line going over to Inc and more pork over there and then you know the the inner-city here turns around goes up on this side of things yeah that's gonna make it exciting I mean from a round abouts Mos Eisley here we'll send it off to book clear or potentially Caprica City and sort of how like a circular little route going from going between these three beautiful cities that's at least something worth playing with in your head right like a mine to play mine yeah another thing I've been thinking about I'm just dishing out all the ideas right now and then you guys can hammer about in the comment section ignore it or you know skip onto the next one another idea is to have a ship Freight port for example here or over by wrapped room here like they're here somewhere it depends a bit on where we can fit it to be honest and then we call Sam it on this little semi instead of convince EULA one could argue this might be a peninsula if it wasn't for this we could fix that real quick I mean give me the flattening tool maybe we couldn't fix it real quick okay who's worth a shot don't know no I can't kind of can't fix it okay it's all fixable alright it will call it a peninsula this one probably the only peninsula in the peninsula map that'sactually peninsula not entirely true this would also be that would yeah you get the point all right so I think like I had to be capito on that when I when when the name of the series all right what was I talking about yeah the freight stuff um maybe I having a freight station somewhere on this peninsula as well with um you know all kind of shipments from out here just going into that one little freight station of a freight shipping yard and then being shipped onwards by train and shipping it onwards by train might disqualify this one might not it small because you know we could always redo the track of that road either under or over it that's you know I thought we're thinking about right how do I set up the freight route the freight network a white bad CAG because you know the freight line from here through everything would be expensive it will be ridiculously long having a crap ton of hills and battles to fight faced before getting anywhere I don't like that but then again you know once hitting the main line you have to fight the whole train situation either way so yeah state appetite oh it's a die the judge is out on that still but yeah I think we'll leave it there for today if you enjoyed this one be short fling like it it holds out the tail the videos everything a lot so I'm very much appreciate I've seen I've gotten a lot of likes on on these so far so thank you and leave your thoughts down below where do you what do you think about the freight situation when we get around to it how are we gonna solve it how should we solve it should we solve it at all or should we just go bananas on the pattern routes I can tell you already I'm gonna be trying my damnedest to get some Freight in here I'm not sure what I was supposed to say after that but um I've been a tricky remember to subscribe see I yeah things pop into my head occasionally remember to subscribe if you enjoy this so you get the next one when it comes out but for now I've been average you've been absolutely awesome as always I'll see you next time true

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Andrew (DadofTriplets) · May 14, 2019 at 7:53 pm

Try using shorter stations as the trains you're using are short and also they are cheaper and less hassle to get to fit in the terrain. Once the funds start coming in, then replace them with larger stations.

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