1st vlog school / Picnic

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start off the vlog by saying hi well hi guys good morning this is me when I first woke up and I was really tired and yeah let's have a good day we're like 5:45 in the morning so let's start off our day hey guys so now I'm moisturizing my face I use set up a lotion every morning and night – yeah so in this next clip um my sister told some to someone in my class something very embarrassing about me that happened this weekend and this is me finding out and then this is me telling her I know and yeah she's kind of an a-hole so here we go you I didn't tell him to do with stanza so Joey but I waited you were doing it I didn't know okay so why would you say something personal like that you don't even know him it's just just video look weird no it's cute what MA have two minutes okay oh my bus is already at the first stop so I'm going to the second stop guys gonna begin our vlog so we hit it baby baby Jesus Johnson jr. we do gorgeous oh okay can we see you we're gonna file now jess is going to uh whoa okay I was like about to go over you it's amazing day right in bio class learning about eggs eggs no we're not doing that right how disgusting down lower the background again yeah you can't have done it before and snapchat oh it has to be flipped the other way you can zoom in I have no brain guys wait are we playing soccer YouTube yeah oh wait we going Oh Johnson is not here let's go play some soccer guys hopefully we go on the turf I like we have a church who's sleepy nice now it's like 70 right we don't want today I won't be big mad me too because I really don't know sir big Matt over here mad mad are you mad mad yeah who's still eating okay don't act like it's sir picture here is Princess Leia a Disney Princess no yeah no she's a Star Wars character no she's not oh gee Disney Princess she's not notice what she yeah she's not considered as a Star Wars character you guys Princess Leia from Star Wars is not a Disney Princess she is a Star Wars character this is my channel for now and a really good day today how was your day boy suck like you can preach that great I like it thanks it was like wise it was not it was really so Oh follow my youtube channel no no no no no follow no okay channel see you later bye we are going to go get dinner and then go to the park and you play ended so let's go to the park wait no let's go get food ready to play football kay-kay go along Oh baby ready JJC bell right did you hear mom just that I heard a happy hour but not golden me and Lulu are gonna go over there and to the back of like the little building I'll even know this a banquet hall building we're like the back it's like kind of rustic and cute so we really gonna take some pictures Lulu's over there in the car like trying to get her phone I guess she locked her phone in the car so we're gonna run out to my aunt's house and get the keys so I'll see you later bye when I left my aunt's house we ended up going to fight below and I got this really cute new case look how cute it says honey honey honey honey Anna beat it is adorable um I have to take a shower and another doing homework and I have to freaking at it and I'm already exhausted so after I did it I'm going straight to bed cuz it was a really long day and then tomorrow we would have like a really longer day because I'm gonna be doing a lot tomorrow and I'll see y'all then

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