1,700 Mile Road Trip in the Tesla Model 3 – Part 1

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hey what's up everybody today is the big day we're taking our road trip down to North Carolina so in the garage I'm gonna get we've got some pretty big pieces of luggage here gonna get that loaded up the car just finished charging it's at a hundred percent well it's weird I have the limit set to 100 but there's a tiny little gap in the battery I'll put a screen shot and it says charging complete at 305 miles I mean no big deal the five miles I don't think I'll make a difference but let's get loaded up all right so you can see in the trunk we got one huge suitcase in and then down in the floor we got all our food or renting a house in North Carolina so we're bringing a bunch of food with us and then the other suitcase should fit right here and we'll have a little extra room on the sides of course we got the front that's where I'm gonna put the charger all right so here's how we got the two giant suitcases to fit the one is just laying down and then this one I had to squish a little bit there's this bar here that was kind of getting in the way but they both fit fine all right so I forced the car to charge a bit more you can see charging completed at 306 miles and even on the in-car display I don't know if you can see it I'll show you the screenshot on the app but the battery is not full it just wants to be done charging which is fine all right back seat we got the cooler and I'm using the dog cover you know it might be hard to see but I'm using the dog cover to kind of protect the backseat all right so we're just about ready to go here's the front I have a big extension cord here just in case I don't know what the charging situation is at the house this is the mobile charger and I was gonna put it in this bag but it's a lot bigger than I thought so just in the bag is the plugs for the 1450 and then the normal wall plug and the J adapter but probably won't use that okay we're heading out we have a trip set from Michigan to North Carolina and then we're going to put our destination in I just want to see kind of what the Tesla routing does but we're gonna navigate ourselves to the different superchargers according to a better route planner so the Tesla routing is figuring out how we're gonna get there it's taking it a good amount of time it's a long trip so it calculates kind of where you need to stop at the different superchargers to make it to your destination okay so the Tesla routing has a stopping it looks like three times the first stop is actually the same one we're gonna actually go to for a better route planner so that's good but then after that it's having us only stop twice which might seem like less time than the five times we're going to stop but actually ends up being faster if you charge more often and don't charge very long so they'll probably have us go to this supercharger and stay there for like an hour or something crazy and same with this one they want us to be at this supercharger for an hour where is the way that we're gonna do it we're gonna stop at the first supercharger for I think we only need to be there for 20 minutes or so to make it to the next one so Stephanie brought up a good point the Tesla routing is saying 15 hours and 58 minutes which isn't actually that different from what a better route planner said so I'm almost tempted to do do it but we'll do our pre-planned route because already I checked out all the superchargers we're stopping at to see make sure they have food and bathrooms and all that yeah we don't want to end with nine percent battery yeah that's that's a good point that's the other thing is we don't want to end it our destination with only nine percent because we don't know when we get there how the charging is gonna be so that's why I brought I think the extension cord and all that stuff so I'm planning on ending our trip with around 50 percent battery so just in case there's no way to charge which I can't imagine but you never know I can then go to a supercharger or whatever if I need to and come back so it's a little weird charging so full I'm not used to it because you lose all your regen so now when I'm letting off the pedal the car's not slowing like I'm used to so it's really strange it's kind of nice that all of our stops are like already planned out because normally when you go on a road trip you're like oh we're running low on gas and you got a look at what exits have a gas station coming up and even though there's gas stations everywhere it still requires thinking and planning but now it's just like up we already know where we're going and when we're going to stop I don't know am i all right we've been going an hour and 40 minutes we're gonna get off here at the service Plaza just for a minute and it'll be back on the road does that freak you out at all hundred miles I don't know every time like this is less than like 200 I'm like panicking because like my phone like less than 70% I'm like photo ID detergent it's a good thing you didn't get the short range yeah man if you know seconds on the right it already is the traffic lines are confusing I thought it was like gonna do a turnaround like this look sheets all right we're pulling up to our first super charging stop if we continue to our next one will be at minus 58 percent so we better plug in I don't think that would work a lot of region yeah nice yeah it had one more model three here and that's it so I'm gonna pull in and we'll take this one on the end here I got the white seats cool there will be significantly less energy if your battery gets cold but at 61 miles left alright let's plug in okay what just watching it yeah yep well we're missing it well actually we're not so is it good or does it need more time what do we have to 28 yeah we're like almost done actually no yeah 223 so we're frickin done already oh my gosh that was so fun okay this is really quick do you mind it's fine okay really quick I wanted to like have us were charging right now I wanted to have us kind of like just talk about the first part of the trip but the charger is done we went inside we use the bathroom we got some food we walked around for a minute and like the cars ready to go we didn't even have enough time to do everything we wanted so it's good I mean you don't want to sit here and you know be waiting for the car to charge but whatever it was too fast it was too fast so slow it down really quick autopilot worked very well all the way here the only thing I have one annoyance and I think Stephanie has one mine is when the lane opens up and I've complained about this in other videos stop centering in the lane it is so annoying that's my only complaint what about you what is your suggestion my complaint is that Tesla likes to ride in people's blind spots and like you can tell like they want to get over to pass a truck maybe and you're in the left lane already getting ready to pass that truck but they can't because Tesla's just like cruising there and like my brain I would want to like speed up a little so that they could get in or let them in because it's just a courteous thing like it's not necessary so in the future I agree it needs to be updated so the car won't sit there so we're gonna go we want to get to the next stop maybe also understand that Tesla's brain isn't that quite up to are yeah I want it to be that's the best part is the car will get updated one day and then it'll do that is that sweet okay so we're taking off to the next stop we have more miles than we need it's kinda ridiculous so I'll see you there alright do you don't probably want to wait to get on the highway I'll hand you your food yes cuz then you can use both of your hands so yes it wants us to go to this one and it says we'll have negative for if we go now but what we're gonna do is we're gonna cancel some North Huntington Pennsylvania that's the one so we navigate there let's see it'll say we have 16% left which is exactly our target was that 15% left when we get there so we should be good so I'm gonna unplug and well continue so 15 percent is it gonna be yeah that doesn't make you nervous no yeah that's the car cooling off it's hot from charging okay so no 50% is good and you know the other thing is if if we weren't gonna make it we were gonna have enough time or enough energy one the car will just tell you hey slow down a bit so you can make it or two there are other chargers on the way so we're not going to be stranded if we wanted to stop a little earlier because we're not comfortable then oh I didn't even talk about that so I since starting the channel I've had a few people use my referral code thank you if you're watching I really appreciate that one person so far has actually taken delivery of their car so during May they're the the credit for super charging is times five so you actually get five thousand miles of free charging but the person took delivery last month so I have a thousand miles free so our whole trip there will be taken care of that'll all be free actually if we look here so yeah zero dollars is what we spent last time so the whole way there will be free I'm hoping that during this week while we're in North Carolina one more person will take delivery and then we'll have some more miles so the whole trip home will be free but even if they don't we'll only have to pay for I don't know a couple hundred miles so that's another awesome bonus we're not paying anything for fuel so like Michigan thank you okay we're past that toll we're getting to the next super charger with way too much power so when we left the last supercharger it said we'd arrive at this one with 15% that was our goal and that slowly crept up over time and now it says we're gonna get there with 21% so we gained five or six percent I don't know if the wind is at our back or I know if the wind is at our back or what but we're driving efficiently no problem shouldn't shouldn't really matter it's just this stop is gonna turn from a 15 minute stop into a 10-minute one and again we're not gonna have time to even do everything we want which is fine that's that's good we don't want to have to wait for the car we'll just rack up some extra miles here at this sheets and we'll be good sorry I'm following the GPS Tesla's bullies are in the Tesla station what is he thinking oh my little three friend oh he doesn't care I tried to wave at him but he was like nobody cares about you so we got one eye sir here this blazer in the Tesla spot nicer ice is an internal-combustion ice means internal combustion engine and when an internal combustion engine car parks in a charging spot we call it iced so it's not that big of a deal right now I mean these are all open there's literally nobody charging but it's still kind of dominant oil Ike what do they do to spy that I don't want to rush it over there okay we're part stephanie's plugging this one in let's do it your first time super charging so hit them there you go hit the button hit the button none I mean you can hit it on the door too but there you go nice job that's it it's just science but it didn't even pick like meat okay so it's a burger yeah all right we're heading out we were here charging for I think ten minutes and again we're gonna get to the next stop with 21% the goal was to arrive there with 15% so we're getting out of here I mean the car has been ready before us both stops now so it's pretty nice we had 888 three miles of supercharging left when we arrived here so the Apple update to reflect it a few minutes or something and we'll have plenty of miles again to make it there and that's it we're off to the next charger alright stop number three is up here on the right this is I guess our longest one but again we're coming in with way more we're at 24% and we were planning to arrive with with 15% but again we haven't even had to think about the time we just leave when we're all ready and the car always has more miles and the whole time we've been using less miles than estimated which is great so here's our busiest one yet – Tesla's are here get into this oh that one's handicapped like that that's weird so there's a handicap sign on the stall see how it's handicapped it's the farthest one away from yeah it's pretty weird it's like got like a van accessibility but Tesla's don't have metal X maybe you never know sure to plug in alright we're at our third charging stop in Breezewood we actually arrived with 21 or whatever a lot higher percentage than we thought but you know I was like okay I can sit down update everybody I'll have you know probably a few minutes after we eat and everything and it's done the cars done like finished eating and all right let me see it's probably almost there and it was at I mean right now it's at 244 miles we only need to 26 and when I looked when the car was done it was at like 235 I mean it Church is so fast it's just I don't know it's not an inconvenience at all we would have made these stops anyway I suppose if you're just like trying to get somewhere instantly you know having to stop here for 15 or 20 minutes might be a bit of an annoyance but I'm just blown away but so a while I have a second it's been great so far autopilot has done pretty much all the highway driving I'll take over here and there to pass sometimes the car will pass but sometimes I just like to do it myself it's a little faster and easier I have to wait for the car or anything like that but when there's not many cars around which is most of the trip it just their car stays in the lane it does the speed for you I mean I'm just relaxing I'm not doing much more than stephanie is in the passenger seat I'm just making sure nothing is coming up ahead which you know even when you're in the passenger seat you kind of are paying attention anyway it's it's very similar to that but so far the trips been really fun it's we're more than halfway there and I'm like ready to go it's awesome alright just a quick check-in this is after our third charging stop or more than halfway done I feel great I've been driving the whole time letting Stephanie relax I'm not fatigued at all I'm not tired I could do this for another ten hours I say that now I don't know how I feel in ten hours we're not using very much power I mean 211 watt hours per mile is really low and this is the all-wheel drive we have the arrow wheels on so those are efficient but the all-wheel drive usually uses more energy does it uses more energy than the rear-wheel drive but with this kind of efficiency we're gonna make it really far so here's from the morning over 500 miles this is how much energy we've used a full battery is about 73 kilowatt hours so we've used around a battery and a half more than that and then this is our efficiency which is pretty good rated efficiency is 240 we've been going 3 to 5 miles per hour over the speed limit the entire time so efficiency has been really good I don't know if we're going downhill or I'm really happy with the trip so far it's very easy to do all right so we made it to the fourth stop we're at Wawa just funny I've never heard of that but it's just a gas station it's just like sheets the three previous stops the ye my little action camera that you see most of the driving point of view from is full the the cards full so for the rest of the video I'll put my phone up there so don't look a little different but that's fine we're doing pretty good we're actually gonna get there I think a little early which when does that happen on a road trip but that's exciting the charging we've been driving more efficiently than what the route planner showed us so all the charging has been faster than we expected so it's been good it's been fun I'm more tired now so I take back my ten-hour comment I'm now ready for ten more hours but overall it's been great it's been a lot of fun so at Wawa this is our first stop that I've actually had a minute to kind of sit down and look we're not eating or anything so here is from the last charge this is our efficiency and everything I mean that is really efficient for the all-wheel drive especially it's great here's our trip overall so we've gone 610 miles so we've got about 200 miles to go we've used over two full batteries worth of energy and here's our efficiency we're almost at this is not focusing 2:58 is almost the rated efficiency of the car so we'll head out in a few minutes we need to be at 195 or so and then we got one more stop it should be about four more hours it'll be done milk alright we're at the last stop we got our Wawa milk from ah there's a Wawa here on the list it just said Walmart and something else it's all kind of far away I'm sorry I know it's it's dark here it's now nighttime if I turn this around you can see we're not really near anything and it was a little treacherous it was a little treacherous getting over to the Wawa we don't like cross the street it's kind of weird but um it's fine we're here now when we pulled up the supercharger was actually full and we were a little worried we were going to get that reduced charge rate but when I check the app as we were walking full charge here that is I should just turn the camera around but that's our full charge rate right there so we need to get to 70 2 / 7 T 2 percent which is like 220 miles or so and then we'll be out of here so we're later than we thought I spoke too soon at the last stop there was an accident that we got caught in oh and I'll give you one last update the last update I'll just read it to you our Michigan to North Carolina stats 747 miles so far 190 kilowatt hours and were averaging 254 watt hours per mile so really efficient alright well see you at the final destination all right we made it before you get to go in I need to interview you Wow tomorrow okay all right it's the next day I was gonna try to make a video that night just give the impressions of the day and stuff but we were exhausted ended up taking about 17 hours to get here but as far as the car the Tesla super charging like using an Eevee for such a long road trip it was awesome it was kind of nice to have the route pre-planned and we did stop once before our first charge but then after that we just stopped when the car needed to stop and only really on the last one the last supercharger stop we waited for the car to charge just a little bit I think we spent maybe 10 minutes in the car so and that was again only because I didn't know the charging situation at our destination so I wanted to get some charge in the car so that when we parked here we had enough battery to kind of make it away to get to at least some kind of plug nearby but we do have charging here I plugged it the mobile charger inside on just a 1/10 the small small normal outlet that you'd use for any anything inside and I just put the charger out the window so that's pretty funny but it works well actually no let's be real it doesn't work that well it's really so right now we're charging at three miles an hour so since I plugged in this morning let's see it's 11 a.m. now I think I plugged in around 9:00 we've gained eight miles so that's four four miles an hour average so far so that's really slow we have 139 miles on the battery but we don't plan on doing a whole lot of driving at most of the time and we already found a restaurant that has a charger that will probably go to at least once so we can charge their super charging is kind of fun might sound weird and maybe just because it's novel it's not something I do very often I I did kind of enjoy just kind of plugging in you know hang out at the supercharger a little bit I it didn't I'm sure to added you know maybe an hour or two to the trip but it didn't feel that way you know that's kind of the key it was fun the whole time so I did all the driving you know Stephanie didn't even have to drive she offered but I said no I want to drive the Tesla and then the Tesla just did mostly driving anyway autopilot was on for more than 95 percent of the highway I didn't intervene very much I did a few lane changes because it was being a little slow for those at the second or third charging stop it was pretty interesting we had to separate people ask about the Tesla the first guy was actually blocking a bunch of the charging spots which was funny but we were the only car there so it didn't really matter and he was like hey how long is that thing take to charge and I was like oh be here I'm not probably twenty minutes or so and then we're off to the next one and he goes wow that's not bad at all and another set of guys they were in like a big work pickup truck came and parked in front of the car we were getting ready to leave and they were just asking you know in general about the car they were more curious about how much it cost us to travel like in fuel and so we told them that was free you know and I explained it's not always free but you know and I told them it probably what it cost you know joining her $30 if it wasn't free they just they thought it was really cool for whatever reason like kids love these cars you'll always see kids staring at the cars pointing at the cars it's it's a pretty funny aspect that I didn't you know think about so thanks for watching if you enjoyed consider subscribing leaving the questions below happy to answer them overall highly recommend that do a road trip in an electric vehicle now do a road trip in to Tesla it is awesome it's fun it's easy it'll be great alright see you in the next one


George Shonia · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Use 240v wall outlet, guarantee 55 km.ph charge

toads4ever · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Never heard of Wawa?!?!?!? I thought Wawa was spreading out all over the country, not staying in the northeast

Mark Fitzpatrick · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Why not go from Michigan to ohio to Wv to Nc not enough supercharger in wv. Brian from iwon Tesla went from Cleveland thru ohio back home to Charlotte

Tom R · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

This is perfect timing for me with your video. I am planning on a trip from Chicago to New Jersey next month, about 870 miles. Great to see you had a great time. Maybe on the trip back you could show the Trip Tab on the energy feature to see how you managed the energy vs. what the car thought you would use.

J. Kevin McNary · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Made a 1600 mi. December trip New Orleans to Naples, FL and back in Model 3 AWD. Largest gap between superchargers was 210 mi., so no problem. Can't wait to do it again with the faster charging rates. My local supercharger has jumped from 45 kw peak to 145 kw peak, so overall charge time should be substantially reduced. Superchargers were sufficiently abundant that we skipped several en route, and never had to wait for a stall.

Mark Fitzpatrick · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Cool you are in ohio .

Wadley225 · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

8:00 – You've got to be the nerdist looking couple I have seen in a while.

M · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

:)),, thats kinda waste of time to use another trip app when it comes out to the same time as the tesla app lol

Mike Kern · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Being ICED would raise enough of a red flag to also have me put the car in sentry mode…

hotlobstahvids · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

I remember doing MA to FL road trips in my Model S60(210 mi range) when there were like only 5 SC along the whole route and even back then was no problem. You'll find as you do more road trips your comfort level will increase and you'll give yourself a much smaller buffer. I think the 15% on arrival standard was appropriate when range was in the low to mid 200s but now with 300 plus 5-10% max is totally fine(except winter…).

richard blaski · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Just a suggestion in case you aren't aware: If you want to get out of someone's blind spot or pass a slower car, there is no need to disengage autopilot. Leave it in AP and just use the accelerator pedal to speed up until you have made the pass.

Rrr Ggg · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

24:33 "110 V"
It's been 120 V since ~WW2 šŸ˜‰
Also in a lot of places there are 120V 20A sockets. Buy the plug for your Mobile Charger, it's only $35. Worth it.

Chris Brighterman · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Hey buddy, thanks for your vid. Please consider: at your first SuC stop you should not use that stall if possible, that one is very usefull for the X (or maybe later some time the 3, Y) towing a trailer.

Popescu Sorin · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

the video is fine but you are not CGP Grey

Glen Bledsoe · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

My wife and I are planning a trip from Oregon to Indiana this summer in our Model 3. This gives me an idea of what to expect. Thanks.

Andy Maurer · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

It looks like Ohio was by far the most scenic state of the whole trip! šŸ˜

Life Is Wild · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Great video! Iā€™m taking my first road trip in the Model 3 this summer. 950 miles to Minnesota, so good to know what these cars are capable of.

Tortellini · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

Love this video, you are helping me decide to buy one! BTW, Thanks for having nice music to go along with my viewing

Phil Baxter · May 15, 2019 at 4:23 pm

I bet the Model 3 just handled it just fine.

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