15 Winter Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know!

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a winter trip is a wonderful fairy tale it's snowing the bonfire is burning and you're sitting all frozen up in a tent thinking why you haven't gone somewhere to the tropical countries on your vacation if you don't want to turn into the snow queen during your vacation use this compilation of winter travel packs a loyal suitcase is a girl's best friend while traveling your sweaters and other warm clothes go straight into the suitcase don't forget winter medicines winter weather is dangerous this is why you should take care of everything and take flu remedies in addition to the regular one gather them in a separate ziplock bag and don't forget about a spare set of hat and gloves put an extra set into your suitcase it won't take up loads of space if you lose or get your gloves and hat wet you will have the spare ones on the other hand a skirt and a dress are very unlikely to come in handy during your winter trip no one goes skiing in a skirt my knees may freeze up so I'd rather not take up extra space in the suitcase but what if my suitcase gets dirty damaged or what's worse I won't be able to recognize it in a pile of other black suitcases and it'll wait for its owner all alone at the station I won't let it happen I'm going to make a suitcase cover take an old sweater you don't wear anymore and pull it onto your suitcase cut off the sleeves turn the sweater inside out and hot glue the sleeve holes then decorate the cover hot glue small pom-poms in a heart shape my luggage will definitely stand out from the crowd with a cover like this and a bulky suitcase turns into a colorful accessory during my trip I get new friends and was invited to a party I go to the party wearing what I have in my suitcase a warm sweater and pants oh dear now I regret not having taken a skirt or a dress with me my outfit is not really perfect for a party unless it's a party for oversized skiers it's okay I can always say that my suitcase was mixed at the airport when I travel next time I will definitely take a skirt or a dress with me just in case it's not fun to be lost during your trip and to be lost and cold is twice as no fun hurry up call your friends so that they can find you use hands-free if you don't want your hands to turn into icicles while you're holding your phone your hands will be warm and your friends will find you within minutes we have downloaded map apps to our phones but phone batteries are so unpredictable in winter they run low when you least expect it take a portable power bank so that your phone doesn't turn off all of a sudden remember not to leave it in your suitcase put the power bank in your backpack as a matter of fact a phone runs low two times faster in winter be ready it's so good to be in a comfy tent in the forest some winter magic and voila your dreams come true a whole forest has grown up around us as in a fairy tale spruce trees snow banks a bonfire and snow right into my friends boots and how should we dry them up it's easy take a long shoot drier when you go on a winter trip it will dry your wet boots quickly and you won't get a runny nose you're dreaming my friend we are in a forest in a tent what do you want to plug an electric shoe dryer into a tree hollow there is only one shoe dryer available a bonfire watch out don't burn your shoelaces the boots are getting dry but my friends got one more life hack she takes out water repelling spray apply it to your boots and wear them dry throughout your trip we enjoy sitting near a bonfire drinking cocoa and eating marshmallows winter was created specifically for this I feel the taste of happiness on my lips moreover I feel the taste of snow cold and chapped lips your lips need special treatment during winter time my friend suggests making a special soft lip balm great beeswax on a fine grater melt in a microwave add some honey put an eye shadow for a rich color add a few drops of coconut oil put in vitamin E and mix it using a wooden stick pour it into an empty lipstick container refrigerate when the lipstick gets solid draw a snowflake on it with a toothpick melt cocoa butter and mix it with blue food coloring pour it over the snowflake when it hardens snip off the top layer using a knife apply a soft lip balm to your chapped lips it's great protection you may even kiss a snowman safely wearing this balm on your lips is it cold outdoors and hot near the bonfire remember about our next life hack when you get dressed remember to wear a few layers of your clothes in winter in this way you won't get cold when it's cold outdoors at the same time you can take one piece of clothing off when you get hot to be comfortable you won't get too hot or too cold the bonfire faded away my friend went to get some firewood and I'm sitting in a tent all alone covered in snow and freezing don't turn your winter vacation into the frozen audition my friend comes back with firewood and finds a snowman inside of the tent instead of her friend it's time to warm it up wrap the snowman into a blanket a little better it can turn into a human again take the icy hat off and put on a hood it'll keep you warm when it's cold and if you're up to a ski outing use a gator to protect your neck nose and ears take a piece of soft fabric and fold it in half hot glue the ends to make a tube turn it right-side out firstly put it on as a hat it will also work then pull it over your head up to your nose a ninja style vacation not bad take out your hair and put on your hat it is almost impossible to catch the flu with the Gator take your skis and go ahead enjoy winter sports oops made a protecting mess for my whole body and not only for my head to tell the truth the reason why I have fallen into a snowbank is not that I'm a bad skier it's because the Sun is blinding my eyes in order to look like a pro on ski slopes don't forget to take your sunglasses on your winter trip they'll protect you from snow blindness and even if you fall no one will recognize you in that ski ninja outfit to verify your identity and not to lose your phone tickets and other documents keep them in a small belt bag as a result all your necessities will always be within easy reach even on a ski slope the only problem you may reach it faster than a mobile network my phone is ringing I've been dreaming oh gosh I'm on vacation get some earplugs if you don't want any unnecessary sounds to annoy you during your sleep just put them into your ears and enjoy your catnap right up to the moment when my active friend runs to me what does this ski ninja want my friend gets upset cuz I don't pick up when she calls sorry I've been sleeping with the plugs in my ears even if Johnny Depp phoned me I wouldn't hear so don't worry I like riding a bicycle very much but it's a bad idea to go for a psycho ride in the winter you can easily find yourself in a snow bank before you know it what should I do I'm calling my friend for a piece of advice she knows one life hack use cable ties in order to get your bicycle tires prepared for winter attach a cable tied to the tire and tie it up cut off the excess glazed Frost is just a piece of cake to me with this bicycle I can easily ride along snow-covered trails the most pleasant part after a trip is taking a stroll down memory lane of the wonderful vacation Oh unfortunately it has come to an end so quickly but my friend knows how to make my vacation joy last longer she's made a travel book for me take a spiral notebook prepare appropriate scrapbook cutouts to age the pictures scratch the edges with a blade glue the cutouts to the notebook cover fold the corners inside decorate the cover with a handmade sticker so that everyone knows it's a DIY right travel on a thick piece of cardboard cut out the letters paint each letter in a different color embellish some of them with glitter hot glue the letters to the notebook cover attach an envelope for postcards and photos to the inside of the notebook write the year when you began your diary on the first page decorate it put some memorable things from your trips into the diary you can gather all your photos postcards tickets maps and travel notes in this notebook be sure you won't forget anything with it if you have a hankering to relive your vacation just look through the pages of your diary it's all about enjoying your trip write in your comments how you get ready for winter vacation which of our life hacks have come in handy don't forget to give your thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and click the bell not to miss something interesting


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Flu is spread from person to person

Cold is spread from person to person or contact with it

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