13 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Hong Kong

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Hong Kong from the moment you arrived your senses are engulfed by the perfect blend of east meets west a city of Commerce of natural beauty of 10 trillion stairs of none of the world's most impressive and stunning skylines and some of the greatest food you will find anywhere on earth it's impossible to visit this incredible city and not leave in some way changed by it every time I visit I discover some new hidden treasure some new delectable meal and some new fascinating pocket in this ever-changing ever growing urban wilderness so come with me as I show you what to do where to stay and of course what to eat and the pearl of the Orient tip number one how to get around when you fly into Hong Kong you'll be landing in the impressive Hong Kong Airport from here the simplest and absolute best way to get into the city is the Airport Express for 115 Hong Kong dollars it takes you directly from the airport to Kowloon or Hong Kong station in about 25 minutes once in the city there are a number of ways to get around the public transportation system is efficient immaculately clean and gets you pretty much everywhere you need to be and maybe the most important thing you can do to get around the city in terms of convenience is to get an octopus car which will work on trains buses those adorable double-decker trams which are actually a really fun way to get around the city the card also works on ferries at 7-eleven vending machines and can even be used to hire a live donkey to carry your bags around town gambiing inform that that is untrue you cannot hire a donkey but even with your handy non donkey renting Octopus card in hand Hong Kong is actually quite walkable plus walking gives you the opportunity to stare up and marvel at the towering cityscape rising high above you just you know don't become so enamored by the buildings that you accidentally walk into traffic I know that seems like an obvious tip but I've seen it happen sorry and while you're walking around just be prepared for the many many many hills this city is like San Francisco on steroids so if you have a roller board suitcase maybe use public transportation or even splurge on a taxi instead of trying to drag your bag all the way up the hill it will never end oh that's pretty and speaking of taxis compared to most cities of its ilk like New York or London Hong Kong taxis are surprisingly affordable you can also use the brilliant mid-level escalators if you're staying in central though I personally think walking up all the hills and stairs is awesome why didn't nobody tell me about these pills tip number two where to stay so let me get this one right out of the way and let you know that Hong Kong is not a cheap city the fact depending on how you like to travel it can be downright what's the word crazy expensive but don't fret there are some budget options out there I found my room at the charming Hong Kong mini Hotel for around $80 a night on Expedia or one of those aggregate sites was it fancy no it was well many but it was clean centrally located that had a surprisingly fantastic view the next big question is in which part of the city do you want to stay unless you're staying in the New Territories you'll likely be staying in either Kowloon or Hong Kong Island both are wonderful both have their own unique and distinct vibe so it really comes down to personal taste if you want markets and shopping Kowloon is your best option if you want to be right in the middle of everything surrounded by those famous skyscrapers and the historic hilly streets I'd choose Hong Kong Islands I always stay in Hong Kong Island because I just love the vibe there and Kowloon is super easy to get to but if you truly can't decide to stay a couple of nights and both and decide which side of the harbour you'd like better tip number three where to eat a whirlwind of edible delights a kaleidoscope of delightful flavours and other cool descriptions as well you can't walk more than 10 feet in this city without bumping into something delicious yes that's a fact ten feet I read that on some guys Twitter but seeing as I can only feature a handful of places these are just a smattering of my favorite spots in the city so if I did leave off your favorite spot throw it in the comments below or just call me a douche bag hipster or that I look like a washed-up 90s sitcom star or my personal favorites that I look like Marv from home alone the Internet can be such a cruel place anyway my first spot is in no way a secret but it's so good I had to win cluded Tim ho Wan on the second level of Hong Kong station sits one of the cheapest Michelin restaurants in the world the line for this place will be intimidating but just wait it out I promise you it's worth it everything on the menu is incredible with if there is one must hit item here it is the baked barbecued pork buns a perfectly baked semi sweet flaky roll stuff with succulent tender barbecue pork these little things are worth the 13 hour flight to Hong Kong by themselves yes this place has a lot of hype and yes it lives up to it continuing our tour of dim sum we arrive at another Hong Kong staple the luck u teahouse come here early in the morning hang out with locals reading their papers or enjoying their tea and chow down on some fabulous dim sum and don't miss the always popular Linda Wong tea room where you can navigate through the crazy crowds to grab some authentic and old-school demo zone next up Hong Kong is the capital of earth-shatteringly delectable roast meats and for that I have two favorite spots the roast duck at cams is arguably the best you'll find anywhere in the world crispy juicy and packed with flavor there is a reason that this place has a Michelin star also there suckling pig has perfectly crispy skin and beyond tender meat and their pork belly char siew is probably my single favorite thing to eat in the city there will be a line and when they run out of meat they close so come here early my other favorite spot for roast meat is the insanely good joy hang meats everything I've had here is heavenly also with cheaper than cams if you feel like a slightly more affordable pile of roast meat next up noodles first the Hong Kong institution that is Max noodles a tourist mainstay but the wonton noodle soup here is great the secret to their broth is dried flounder which I guess isn't really a secret anymore and wasn't really a secret to begin with because I quite easily goo of it I'm right across the street from Max's symchay Key whose wonton noodle soup is in my opinion actually better than max I know them's fightin words but I say try both spots and make up your own mind my next restaurant is one of my favorite spots anywhere in Asia little bow there's steamed buns with different options of meats or inventive savory sweet spicy and just plain tasty come here eat these little pockets of wonder and wonder how you've lived so long without them next holy fook the food at holy fook is just special no other word to describe it the Wagyu beef short ribs might be the most tender meat I've ever eaten and they're chicken wings are without question the best I've ever had this place is a must hit on any trip to Hong Kong it may not be the cheapest place in town but holy fook is it sorry I can't even finish that for some truly cheap food don't miss Hong Kong's famous street food my favorite street food item are the curry fish balls and to end our food segment we hit some of Hong Kong's rock your taste buds baked goods first head the Tai Chung bakery for some of the best egg tarts in the city egg tarts are basically little custard tarts but the texture is so perfect and creamy the crusts so crumbly and delicious and they're just sweet enough without being cleaned there are excellent egg tart bakeries all over the city but I Cheung just happens to be my favorite probably because it was my first and you never forget your first inappropriate next Hong Kong's unique looking but totally scrumptious egg waffle and last but certainly not least we arrive at the famous pineapple bun a flaky semi sweet bun that's vaguely shaped like a pineapple hence the name I guess and stuffed with an actual stick of butter that melts in your mouth I wish I could go back in time and array them from my memory so I could experience them for the first time again in my opinion the best spot in the city is hong hwon restaurant and kowloon bonus pineapple buns are surprisingly good for you okay they are not good for you but they are good for you diet when you get home and like I said this is just a tiny sampling of the food in Hong Kong so my advice look for a crowd if there's a throng of eager locals waiting outside a restaurant chances are you're in for a good meal tip number four explore the many wonderful and colorful neighborhoods of this bustling ever-changing city make sure to check out the central business district for the sheer aw inspiring buildings that grow around you like a canyon of architectural splendor Wan Chai is a great neighborhood with incredible food shopping and some affordable hotels Jim saw Troy and Kowloon is another excellent neighborhood that's centrally located with outstanding food and shopping a vibrant energy a gorgeous waterfront promenade with a perfect view of that iconic skyline and close to the many fascinating markets that Kowloon has to offer don't miss the Symphony of Lights show every night at eight pm mong kok is a fun busy and lively area I also love wandering around the charming Soho area and central on Hong Kong Island make sure to stroll the many streets and feel like you've been transported back in time some of my favourite streets are Wellington Street and the many alleys old stairways courtyards and side streets that branch off from Hollywood Road speaking of fascinating places tip number five make sure to hit up some of Hong Kong's truly impressive and phenomenal markets first one of the most famous markets in Asia the temple street night market in Kowloon this place will blow your mind stall after stall of crafts art and knickknacks this simply put is one of the most fun markets in the world for an awesome dining experience make sure to get some spicy crab at one of the Dai PI dongs outdoor eateries that spill out onto the street and then a side corner of the market try some truly tempting Nepalese food at Monica mana up the equally enjoyable Mongkok ladies market another perfect place to wander shop and explore the antique market on upper Laska row is set on a historic old street and is filled with countless oddities and finally don't miss my favorite market in Hong Kong the picturesque stanley market located on the waterfront in as fate would have it stanley a great place to shop take in the views of the harbor grab some food on the shore and just stare out at the water tip number 6 visit some of hong kong's many beautiful temples monasteries and sanctuaries my first spot is one of the most stunning things you can see anywhere in Asia the giant Tian tan Buddha surrounded by the lush and rugged mountains of Lantau Island the largest sitting buddha in the world stare up at the glorious statue and let it take your breath away and right across from the Buddha is a gorgeous complex of temples also getting to the Buddha is an awesome experience in and of itself just take the cable car at Tung Chung and enjoy the 20-minute ride high above the island next tucked away right in the middle of central on Hollywood Road the man mo temple is a beautiful magical and spiritual place and finally don't miss the impressive ten thousand Buddha's monastery all of them completely unique this place has more buddhas than you can even believe i dare you to try and count them all hint it's around 10,000 I just took a stab in the dark on that one these temples offer a lovely respite from the ultra-modern and hectic city and speaking of taking a respite from the din of the city tip number 7 make sure to visit Hong Kong Park located right in the middle of Hong Kong Islands business district this park is a splendid escape gorgeous walkways cascading waterfalls ponds with adorable turtles and even an aviary full of exotic birds this is a terrific place to stroll do some Tai Chi or just sit back and take in a completely unique view of the city reminding you that you're still in Hong Kong but feel like you're miles away tip number eight hop on the historic Star Ferry for some of the best views of the city carrying passengers across the harbor since 1888 the Star Ferry runs from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon and back all day long it costs next to nothing I'm talking like 25 cents u.s. and it offers some of the absolute best views of Victoria Harbour the experience is equally worthwhile both the day and night in fact it's so much fun and so affordable that I just wrote a back and forth for about an hour and speaking of views of the city tip number nine taken the breathtaking vistas at the top of Victoria Peak there are a few ways to get to the top the tram is a fun easy quick trip to the top of the peak but beware the lines can be Disneyland long so unless you're going very early in the morning and probably on a weekday I'd say just take a taxi it only takes about 15 minutes to reach the top of the price is about the same as what you pay for the tram once at the top there's a new fancy observation deck built an additional 300 feet above the original viewpoint I guess it's worth the 7 or so dollars to check it out but honestly the original viewing point has been there since the 1920s and the view is just as good now as it was then walk out to the edge stare down at the dynamic city glittering far below and taken the incredible Vista of one of the most spectacular harbours in the world tip number 10 get out your debauchery shoes if that's even a thing because we're hitting a pong Kong's excellent our first stop lan kwai fong the area with the busiest and all-around craziest nightlife in the city and all along hollywood road in central bars become so busy the crowds are sort of pile out onto the street it's an awesome experience also for about half the price of the drinks in central you can head to la carte Road in Wan Chai where you can get lit with the locals make some bad decisions and have an unforgettable night that you won't remember this is a blur I I got nothing and finally make sure to check out some of Hong Kong super cool speakeasies my favorite spot is called mrs. pound hidden behind what appears to be a locksmith shop I won't spoil the fun of figuring out how to try to get in it took me so long but once you do you'll find yourself in a 1950s esque diner with creative and inventive drinks and surprise surprise more absolutely enticing food tip number 11 continuing our theme of debauchery if you have more than a few days in Hong Kong use one of them to take a day trip to Macau to experience what many refer to as the Las Vegas of Asia but contrary to its reputation this is actually a captivating historic city and just an hour away from Hong Kong by ferry note you need your passport to visit Macau so don't forget it once a Portuguese colony makes sure to visit the ruins of st. Paul check out the beautiful senado square wander the many cobbled streets visit the old churches meander around the historic and bewitching type of village or if you're so inclined try your hand at gambling at one of the many casinos just please don't spend your entire time here and make sure you don't leave here without trying one of Macau's famous Portuguese egg tarts or like 15 of them they're completely different than the Chinese style of egg tart but equally tasty my favorite egg tarts in Macau are at the famous Lord Stowe's tip number 12 head outside the city and experience some of the splendid nature that surrounds Hong Kong let's start with my two favorite hikes first up Dragon's Back is a great beginner hike with lofty views of the popular shek o Beach and if you continue the hike to the end you'll be rewarded with another beautiful beach called big wave Bay Beach I have no footage of this because the day I went it was crazy foggy and cold so instead I've drawn you a picture of what I imagined it would look like true artists trend you are welcome next lion rock definitely more strenuous but still manageable is it bad if I can feel my pulse behind my eyeballs the hike of the gorgeous lion rock offers a different but equally breathtaking view of the city next hit up one of the many gorgeous little islands that surround Hong Kong there's so many but I adore the laid-back and astounding the beautiful Cheung Chau Island a lovely hour ferry ride away from the city while on the island explore the lush foliage visit the many perfect secluded little beaches and grab some of the best seafood I've ever had in my life in the enchanting little main town another alluring spot is the tayo fishing village also on lantau island located an easy bus ride away from the chantin Buddha this place is just delightful take a boat ride through the village and stare up at the houses built on stilts over the water grab some local grub or just chill out and have a beer Hong Kong may be a fast-paced hectic global city but maybe the thing I adore about it the most is that just outside the city you can be completely transported the beaches mountains islands and little villages that feel worlds apart from the bustling city just a few miles away and finally my personal travel motto just wander the city and allow yourself to get lost every corner of this city has some unbelievable place to eat something amazing to see or do and some surprise waiting down every alley market row or old cobblestone staircase you see something interesting walk towards it Hong Kong is a spectacle deeply rooted in its history while barreling forward into the future this city has certainly changed dramatically since my father was stationed here in the 1960s or my mother and grandmother visited in 1985 or even since my first visit just five years ago the street food stalls that once littered the city have almost entirely disappeared new buildings seemingly spring up every day but the heart of the seductive beautiful and enthralling city beats on what will Hong Kong look like a ten years I have no idea but I can't wait to visit year after year to wander adventure and eat my way through Asia's World City thank you so much for watching if you liked the video make sure to give it a thumbs up punch that subscribe button and flick that little notification bounce also like I said if I left off any of your favorite spots please throw them in the comments below I always love to hear what you have to say one huge final thank you to Gabriel Joella and Anthony my road warrior out there who helped me film for like 14 hours you can check out his youtube channel here and some of my other videos somewhere up there thanks so much I'll see you soon from somewhere else in the world


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