10 Upcoming Transportation Projects in India | SuperPower by 2030

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Welcome to the Top 10 Hindi Chanel. Friends, it is necessary to move ahead with its industry, farming, and business for the economic advancement of any country and for this there should be basic infrastructure with a special part being transportation. It is very important to get people and goods or products fast from one place to another For this, good roads, air travel facilities, and sea routes this is the main tool of foreign trade it is necessary to have good ports. At this time our country wants to move forward on the path of rapid economic growth. What is the infrastructure for transport or transportion being created for that, this is our today video report. Hope you like it 1.Bharatmala Friends, this is a 83,677 km long and 5.5 million crore road transport scheme whose main road leading to Gujarat goes to Srinagar in Kashmir, while reserved for Punjab, then from Srinagar to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, once again in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Bhutan, gets back to Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya near Bhutan. This is Bharatmala Apart from this, hundreds of small roads will be built which will connect cities and towns around this highway. This will take the country forward uninterrupted on the main road of progress. 2.Sagarmala Project Friends, like the Bharatmala Project, the road network of our country is spreading from the west to the north-east in the shape of a mid-land, and in order to fulfill this mid-land, the Sagarmala project will cover our 7500 km maritime border. A network of lists are going to spread from Kandla port of Gujarat in the west to Cochin and Tuticorin in the east and to Kolkata in the west The cost of this project will include both the repair of old ports and the construction of new ports. 3.Bullet Train Friends, when every small country like Austria and Belgian, China and Japan has a bullet train, how can we go behind them now ? So, the glory of Hindustan is coming up to 320 k M per hour speed train. Instead of 7 hour journey, it will take only 2 hour for 508 km from Mumbai to Ahmadabad, reaching Ahmadabad, away making it worth Rs 1.1 Lakh crore, and the 7 km ride will be underwater. will be our first bullet train. There is no need to be over-excited by listening We doubt that ordinary people like you and us will never pay rent for this 4.UnderWater Meteros If you are thinking that we have brought bad news about drowning in metro water, then be assured, because we have brought the news of working metros underwater rather than drowning Yes, it is going to come true, that the 16.5 km away from Hawara station in Kolkata, which is going to run for the Sealdah station, will come out of a tunnel constructed under 100 feet of Hooghly river which is ready. It has happened to understand that this project, which is being constructed at a cost of Rs 9,000 crore, is completed and visit Calcutta to enjoy this metro next year. (5) Chenab River Railway Bridge Friends, you know where is the world’s highest railway bridge? The answer to this from next year. will be in India.The completion of the bridge, which is being constructed by the Indian Railways on 359 m of Chenab river in Kashmir, will be the world’s highest rail bridge 1200 crore The bridge, which is 1.3 km long and joins from Katra to Srinagar, Friends, talking about the price, height, length of this bridge, do not forget to tell about the businessmen who take them on the ground from the letters and those working in these dangerous situations. Our salute to these real hero 6) Mumbai-Pune hyperloop Mumbai only 35 mins from Pune Friends, Hyper Loop Technology is also a rapid train technology like the metro and bullet trains but cheap and fast from these. In this, a tunnel is prepared by adding several layers of a very large dimmer Then the air inside this tunnel is made almost vacuum, in which the passengers carry the pod 350 to 700 kms. Mumbai will be able to reach from Pune only in 35 minutes Is it not surprising? (7) Setu Bharatam Project Friends, if you are often used to traveling by road, then surely the railway will be fed up with crossing How long does it cause trouble, and what are the losses of the business from those trucks that stand? And if the crossover is not fenced, then it can cause also accident. The solution for both of these problems is the Sethu Bharatam Project. Under this, railway crossings built on all national highways, at the cost of Rs 20,800 crore, will be reduced and bridge will be built on it. and you will be benefited. 8) Engine-Less Trains Yes, do not take it otherwise. This is not a political statement but we are going to tell you that our Indian Railway has developed a train in which there will be no need to separate the engine but every bogey will have its own motor which will run it. Train 18 will be replaced by the speed train of 160 km. This train built in Integral Coach Factory, Chennai has run and now just get ready for its ride. (9) 100+ New Airports Friends, when any trade and production increases in any country, people also increase traffic within the country and to the other countries This requires more and quicker air travel. Keeping this in mind, the construction of Jeweler International Airport in Greater Noida of Delhi NCR is being constructed at a cost of Rs 20,000 crore. On completion of 2022, it will provide air travel facility to nearly 2 lakh passengers per day with its 4 airstrips. (10) Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Friends, Infra Structure is another step towards furthering the features. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Under this, a 6-road expressway is being constructed from Delhi to Mumbai. This expressway will be accessible from Delhi to Mumbai in 14 hours. On this route, 23 industrial areas, 24 smart cities, 2 power plants, and The Rs 72 lakh crore scheme is one of the biggest plans in the world and in this seven years, 25 million people are expected to get jobs. So friends, today we told you about where the country is going As always, we will pray to you to send your comments so that we can provide you a better service


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Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor: I pray to god ki Please is project me corruption na ho. ho bhi toh kam ho. Nai toh hamara desh 10 saal aur piche chala jayega because of corruption. People in Power and respective officers in corresponding department please see WE AS INDIA PROGRESS well. Dont do corruption

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South India ka infrastructure ka kya Bhai, sirf north India hi improvement hora hai, what about southern states – Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa ke bhi improvement karo, kya ham desh ke hisse nahi kya, we are not the part of India or what. Always central government give preference to north India only. Look at south India and southern states also. We also give you the tax, we also provide Doctors, Engineers, Architects. Stop the partiality of northern and southern. We all are Indians.

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Australia doesn’t have bullet train

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