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we all need a break from the hustle and bustle of London life there's so many great places to visit that just a train ride away today we're counting down 10 of our favorite day trips from the capital and while you here don't forget to subscribe to timeout on youtube visit the brighton pavillion on a rainy day have a wonder and the lanes or go sightseeing from the top of the i 360 a trip to the new forest is about as close as you can get to going on a safari without buying a plane ticket bath is a beautiful old city with lots to offer from the historic roman baths to the rooftop thermospa once you've dried off make like Jane Austen and stroll along Royal Crescent Dungeness has so much hidden charm and beauty were amazed it's not more of a tourist destination another seaside spot is mercy which feels properly peacefully remote the big draw is a company shared which serves seafood platters and pulling crowds start your day in Cambridge with a visit to the flips William Museum then refuel updates Phillies with buy a box of the sticky Chelsea buns to take home if you're not down to the Olympic cycle the box he'll jump on a train and head from North Downs kick off a day in which draw a blueprint for the entrance next rent a bike from which fullcycle hire and peddle the five miles along the coast RIE feels like a little piece of the Cotswolds on the coast after a browse in the tiny bookstore treat yourself to seafood lunch surrounded by lobster pots at globin start a day trip to Margate at the Turner then mosey over to retro theme park and roller disco dreamland thanks for watching for more unforgettable day trips visit timeout calm

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