10 Things To Do In Seattle

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my number one most asked question of all time is Monica I'm going to Seattle soon what do you recommend you do so here's that long awaited video on what to do in Seattle so in today's video I'm gonna walk you through the top ten things to do in Seattle if you were to Google what to do in Seattle these are the things that are gonna come up they're like the top tourist attractions and I'm just gonna walk you through them through my perspective as someone that's lived here like all my life if this is your first trip to Seattle these are things I would totally recommend you go do I have some other video ideas in the works of 10 things to do in Seattle on a rainy day and 10 underrated things to do in Seattle so if you want those videos be sure to give this a thumbs up and comment what you want first and don't forget to subscribe to my channel I try and up um I don't even know when anymore okay so when you think of Seattle you probably think of Twilight's I really hope you don't still think of Twilight you probably think of Fifty Shades of Grey I really hope you don't think about either I hope you think of like the Seahawks or Jimi Hendrix okay but sightseeing wise you probably think of Pike Place Market Place Market is a farmers market that runs 365 days a year local vendors come with produce fish cheese you can pick up a bouquet of flowers the first ever Starbucks is located on Pike Place the Starbucks line out the door one thing I want to clarify a lot of people say Pikes Place Market did you go to Pikes Place Market Pike is not a person it isn't Pike's Place okay Pike is the street that it's on it's on Pike Street so that's why it is Pike Place it is not Pike's Place no Pike doesn't own it it's just Pike Place okay please don't make that plural it bugs me so much so after you explore the farmers market at Pike Place Market it would have to go to the gumball you can't come this yellow and not go to the gum wall even though honestly it's kind of gross like it's just a sight to see so to get there from tight place you take a left you walk down these stairs and then you're there so I'll show you let's go and here we are it immediately it smells like gum and you see people like popping gum and and like ready they like stick it on the wall and beware of getting gum stuff on your shoe because it'll happen number three on the list is gasworks Park which is obviously named after this large gas plant behind me that's no longer operating it's shut down and I think the 1950s when Seattle converted to natural gas that's what Wikipedia said I'm not really an expert to our guide here but Gas Works is cool because you have this gas plant and then you have this large sprawling Hill that you can walk up and get a 360 view of Seattle you can get downtown Lake Union Queen Anne it's nice on like a sunny day to just sit on the hill and have a picnic that's what a lot of people like to do and just watch the boats and the airplanes fly down and land claims actually a lot of seaplanes land in Lake Union it's technically like an airport one time I went to the airport and I was checking in and asked me if I was gonna fly into SeaTac or Lake Union and I was like wow that's so weird this is technically literally an airport sattell can be pretty weird it's known to have some weird stuff and this is one of them it is a giant cement troll under a bridge Wow it's kind of creepy when you get up close Patrol how you doin man and tour guide Monica here the troll behind me was constructed in 1990 the city was having an art competition because under the bridge became like a place where a lot of drug dealers and all most people would go so they tried to construct something interesting so people wouldn't go there and this is what came of that a troll so technically it's it's art so for shopping I'd recommend going to Westlake Center it's downtown and it just has a ton of storage right there there's a Nordstrom store and then right across the street there's a Nordstrom Rack to go to North Shore and be like that stuff looks really cool but don't want to pay that much and then go into doors rack and get this deal in the Nordstrom at the very top there's like a glass bridge that suspends over just like a street downtown and you can walk through it and it's kind of a cool photo opportunity the next thing you could do is go to the ferris wheel it's just the ferris wheel but what's cool about this one is it kind of goes over the water it has a cool view of the city as well and it's right along the pier and along the pier there's a lot to do as well there's a lot of gift shops where you can get memorabilia and stuff like that let's go in spirit school should I get just two adult tickets obviously a trip to Seattle would not be complete without going up the Space Needle well I guess I mean it would but it's one of the most unique things about the city well I guess there's kind of a lot of needles there's one in Toronto and one in like somewhere in Texas too but we did it first I'm pretty sure I actually don't know for sure so let's head up on top of spatial right now and from here you can see my friends a Columbia tower which is what I climbed blast once URL they feel it's nice because like you have to hit your time limit to get up and like for drag it like an airplane like you're boarding time but once you're up here you aren't limited to how long you have to stay up here you can stay as long as you can whereas a lot of viewpoints places bill like they get like you can only stay looking out when I went to the US Bank tower like you can only stay for like 30 minutes so it's nice like here you can just choose fun fact they have had 60 million visitors since 1962 Wow and when you leave the Space Needle of course there's a gift shop Wow I feel like I'm at Disneyland like they look like they were just doing I can remember if you want a really cool view of the Sun stress you have to come to Alki Beach because you can see the Sun set on the water and if you look over to the right you can see the actual city of Seattle not very well today they have this really long paved walkway which is great for skateboarding longboarding rollerskating walking your dog and then you get to a point where there's a strand with a bunch of restaurants and they have one of my favorite restaurants which is cactus it crossed away from the restaurants they have this sandy beach with fire pits so you can have a bonfire with friends and gross s'mores and just be right next to the water if you're trying to find a scenic viewpoint of Seattle there's two places you could go the first one is dr. Jose Rizal Park if you've seen this photo it's taken at dr. Jose results park this viewpoint is unique because you have the i-5 freeway in it and although the freeway is usually just known to be really annoying and filled with traffic when you're looking at it from afar and not sitting in the traffic it actually looks pretty cool it's great spot for a photo or to just take in the view the second place you can go is Kerry Park if you've seen this photo it's taken at Kerry Park it's so beautiful that when you come here there's so many photographers lined up there's people like proposing taking senior photos the best time to go is right around the dusk when the city lights are just starting to turn on so those are the top 10 things to do in Seattle I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe to my channel and you can check out my vlogs of me living in Seattle my name is Monica I hope you have enjoyed my tour for the day don't forget to rate me five stars on Yelp and I'll see you next time with what to do in Seattle when it's free one of the best ways to find cool places to go in any city is just through Instagram and geo tags and stuff like that so be sure to follow me on instagram at monica church because i regularly post places that i'm going in seattle on there so you can find stuff there all right I'll see you guys later bye


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