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– Janae looks out the window and she goes, (gasps) "My new one house." (upbeat music) (air dryer) – My mouth is so dry. – [Jeremy] Dry? (air whooshing) – Morning, we are on the road. We are going on a trip. It's really way too early
for us to go on a trip. We just got home, but Jeremy's whole family
is getting together just a few hours from our house, so we have to go play with them. We're so excited to see
cousins, and aunts, and uncles. And it's gonna be a really special trip. But we had to get up super early. Tell 'em how early we got up. – Five something. – [Kendra] It was early. – Which is earlier than
you should ever get up. We were up before the sun in the summer. – Yes, and we were up before our children. You guys ready to go? – [Children] Yeah. – I'm excited. (upbeat music) (fuel pump unlatching) (fuel pump entering fuel tank) – Potty break. – [Jeremy] We're trying to
make this the only potty break. – We'll see if we can manage that. – [Jeremy] It's a little over
a four hour road trip, so… – I think we'll be fine. I think she's teething. – [Jeremy] She normally
sleeps four to five more hours in the night than she got last night. She's been a little cranky. (monster sound imitation) (baby laughs) So Janae accepted an
offering of a Go-GURT. That's gonna make your mouth feel good. You two have been having
so much fun back here, dancing your little hearts out. (laughs) – [Kendra] Isaac, how's your book going? – Good. – [Kendra] What are you reading? – "The Unwanted." – Okay, the results are in, that was a 13 minute stop. I don't think that's too bad. We gassed up, and everybody
went to the bathroom. Okay, it's really weird. We used to road trip all the time, and we don't road trip very often now. I mean, in Puerto Rico, you honestly can't drive too far until you start driving in circles, cause you're on an island. It's actually really fun to
be back in the car again. – It's super fun. (classical piano music) – [Kendra] So Caleb and
Elise have built a fort. Don't worry, they're
still in their seat belts. – We are. – [Kendra] Desperate times
call for desperate measures. (classical string music) – (whispering) I don't
know what's going on. ("My Favorite Things") But everyone's quiet. The entire car is quiet right now. It's the weirdest thing ever. Everyone was too busy worrying about imaginary men from Mars. And the more she ran, the
more frightened she felt. So we're passing out snacks, and I got out the carrots. And I couldn't get the top to open, so I got out the scissors, and I was cutting the top, and then I noticed that
it was already open. Jeremy had opened this bag, so now it is open on all sides. I think we just, our only choice is just to eat the
entire bag at this point. Go for it, babe. Do you want a lap full of carrots? – Let's do it. (upbeat guitar music) – The Midwest is so beautiful, (child crying) we are just loving this drive. Well, at least most of us are. (classical music playing) – I really like classical music. I always have. – [Kendra] I love that about you. – Yeah. So we're listening to
some Mozart right now. (classical string music) – [Jeremy] Welcome to Illinois. – [Kendra] There's the
sign, it's official. – [Jeremy] The land of Lincoln. – Jeremy has ancestors. People that lived here in this very town way back in the 1840s. And so this is a historic town, so you can go through and
see what life was like in the 1840s. (air whooshing)
– I wanna ride. – You wanna ride the horsies? – Yeah. Is that the same ones from last year? – [Janae] I want that one. – I remembered their names, Adam and Amos. – [Jeremy] We were here a year ago. (train whistling) (horse neighing) (western music) – So we're all going on a
carriage ride around town. Do you like horsies? Caleb's happy to see Amber. (uplifting guitar music) (clapping) – After the wagon ride, they have this pioneer games
place for the kids to play. – Whoa, is this like the little kids' one? – [Jeremy] That's dress up. – [Laura] No. – [Jeremy] Did you find the kitchen? – No, no– – [Little Boy] Water sprayer. Water sprayer. – [Jeremy] Those are called misters. You guys wanna try the stilts? (funny trumpet music) – [Boy] Ow! – Here we go. (air whoosing) (spring bouncing) – Oh, that was close. (air whooshing) (spring bouncing) Nice, you did it. (gasping)
– I did it. – [Jeremy] Nailed it. – [Kendra] These are smart, we should get some of these. – [Jeremy] Definitely good for sunburns. – [Kendra] No kidding. (typing) (electronic bell chiming) (relaxing flute music) – Hi ya. – [Jeremy] You look so adorable. – What's this? – [Jeremy] This is the schoolhouse. I love it. – [Elise] I'm a pioneer now. – [Jeremy] Trying a new outfit? (upbeat guitar music) – Ah-ha. – [Man] Hey, you got all your stuff. – You look amazing. Are you a pioneer girl? – [Man] Don't let your wife see that. (laughs) – [Woman] Do you know
what you're carrying? What's in the bucket?
– Water. – [Woman] Water? – We've been here before, but
this year's extra special, because our niece, Mariah, is serving as a performance
missionary here. Which means, she's dedicated
several months of her life to performing pageants and
skits here in this town for visitors that come. So they can hear the stories
of the people who lived here. And these are stories of sacrifice, and of love of God, and of family, and hearing the stories
in such a powerful way, is really touching. It really changes your
perspective on things. (guitar music) (air dryer blowing) – My mouth is so dry. – [Jeremy] Dry?
(laughs) Sometimes after a long drive
you get a little crazy. (air dryer blowing) (classical music) (mumbles) – Oh, it's so good to see– – [Older Boy] Oh my goodness. – [Jeremy] Right in the front and center. – Front and center. – [Jeremy] Yup. Is Mariah the main character? – [Jeremy] I don't
know, she's in the play. – I think she's my favorite character in the whole character. (clapping) (singing) ♪ If you're happy and you know it ♪ ♪ stomp your feet. ♪ (feet stomping) – Hello, it's so nice to meet you. ♪ What's the name of that song ♪ ♪ So if you use the other voice– ♪ ♪ Although forgive I
went to almost anything ♪ ♪ If you even get the
notes sing it wrong ♪ ♪ How long is company– ♪ ♪ There or there, each one of them ♪ ♪ And just for you and me ♪ ♪ Then everyday is left
behind this precious– ♪ ♪ Let's see ♪ (clapping) – [Crowd] Very boring people. – Right in front of me. – [Kendra] She did, it was so fun to hear. – She was like pop– – It scared me.
– Ahh! – [Kendra] Did it surprise you? – How did they get there
without us noticing? – It is so good to see you. Hey. Hi. – [Jeremy] Isaac found a tree to climb. (country rock music) So we drove about three minutes, and Janae's gone. The truth is, is with us waking up so early, we're all pretty exhausted. But there's too much fun to be had. What should we do with her? – Poor girl. – [Jeremy] What do you think? It's dinner time. – I know. We're going somewhere for a dinner buffet, so we can't really skip it. – [Jeremy] All right, we'll wake her up. Well, traveling and gluten-free
is always a challenge, but we found an option for tonight that worked out really well. – Mhm. – So, my brother Brent, and his family are doing
the pageant again this year, where they're performing
with a big group of people. And the cast often eats at this buffet that they have set up for them, and we had permission to bring our family, and eat here tonight with them. (jazz piano music) – [Jeremy] What soda did you choose? – Mostly root beer and and
a little bit of lemonade. – [Jeremy] You mixed in
root beer and lemonade? – But I added like this much lemonade. – [Jeremy] Is it good?
– It's so good. – [Jeremy] It's good? – It reminds me kind of
like sprite lemonade, with the taste of root beer. (laughing) (jazz piano music) (laughing) – [Jeremy] Janae woke up,
and she wants some cake. – Or, all of my cake, apparently. – [Jeremy] She did have some dinner first. – I love it. – She– oh my gosh. (laughing) (upbeat drum music) – It's time for Sunset by the Mississippi. – So they say people can come up and just dance during the pre-show. (band music) – So the show we're at right now is called Sunset at the Mississippi. And it's really interactive for the kids, they like color hats, and wear them. They get up and they dance. And so the kids are excited. And of course, Mariah will be in this show as well. – She's focused, she's at work. – [Jeremy] Playing in the band? (cymbals clanging) – [Kendra] Janae's got a tambourine. (tambourines ringing) (maraca shaking) – Bubbles and shakers, she's in heaven. (cymbal clapping) – This performance starts with a parade, and the kids get to be a part of it. (trumpets playing) (cymbals clapping) (crowd clapping) – [Host] Thanks to all the children. ♪ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ Through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ Gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ that our flag was still there. ♪ ♪ I need to feel it in the morning ♪ ♪ And we could not see ♪ ♪ But yes it's true ♪ (band music) – [Performers] Hey, hey. Woo! (fiddle playing) – [Performers] Woo! (performers singing) (crowd clapping) (fiddle music) (crowd cheering) (crowd clapping) (folk band music) – [Jeremy] Look. (laughing) – [Performer] And then,
he turned on the buzzsaw. (crowd booing) ♪ When there's love at home. ♪ (air whooshing) – [Jeremy] Oh my gosh, just so– – Okay, we've had a super long, (child singing) but super wonderful day. – Janae's slap happy now, so tired. – She's singing the alphabet song. We are headed to a rental house. We're gonna be staying
with Jeremy's family, and I think that we are going to crash. – Mommy, my new one house? – [Kendra] Did we just
pull up to your new house? – Yeah. – We just pulled up to our rental house, and it is beautiful, and it is overlooking the Mississippi. Janae looks out the window and she goes, "Ah, my new one house." And it was just so cute to me, and just so funny, because she must be so confused. We've been in, this is now her third house
in the last two weeks. And she's not old enough to understand we're only
here for a couple days. This house is amazing, and I'm so excited to go in, and see all the rooms in the space. It's a big space, because we have a lot of
people staying with us. Okay, we're the first ones here. We gotta unlock the place. (relaxing guitar music) – Let's check it out. – We all have matching shirts, even Janae. – Look at your shirt. Matching shirts. (folk guitar music) – We're learning some awesome dances, which is right up our alley. We all love dancing. You guys know that. [Host] Five, six, seven, eight. (folk harmonica music) – [Kendra] You're getting it, Laura. You're getting it. (clapping) – It's time for the polka. – [Host] All these
people here dressed in– (laughing) – She's got it. (laughing) (polka music) – [Jeremy] There it is. – [Kendra] What's this thing called? – Whirly gangs. – [Kendra] All right, these
are called whirly gangs. They're like the original fidgets. – [Jeremy] So after all that fun, we're heading to watch
the pageant tonight, that focuses on the stories of our ancestors, who came to these areas from Europe as pioneers. (string music) We got amazing seats. – Yeah – It's the story of
planting the seed of truth. (thematic music) (crowd cheers) – [Jeremy] Go, Blake! ♪ On night can I ♪ ♪ On nightfall ♪ ♪ Farewell ♪ ♪ All is well ♪ (relaxing piano music) (crowd cheering) – [Child] Goodnight, to yourself. (salsa music) – [Jeremy] Oh, he caught it!

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