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this visit to Easter Ireland includes stops at hangar OA the Puna POW topknot quarry a number of the platform's supporting the famous statues including Ahuva napoo Deanna Kai tangata cave the ceremonial center of our own goal the statue quarry of rano raraku and anakena beach right to Easter Island from santiago de chile is a long one of some 2,200 miles lasting about five hours mr. island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world with the nearest inhabited land being Pitcairn Island with its 50 residents some 1,300 miles away to the west the modern Polynesian name of Easter Island is Rapa Nui which is the name given by a Tahitian visitor in the nineteenth century who said that the island looked like the Tahitian island of Rapa only bigger ie Nui Tangaroa is the first place than an air traveler sees and it is an area rich in moai the famous Easter Island statues these statues required a lot of palm trees to move and some believe that the island was denuded as a result nearly all the modes are made from volcanic rock or dat the volcanic crater of rano raraku the statues that made it to their intended destination were placed on a platform called an owl these statues typically faced inland towards their associated village the moai that we see today on their avenue were restored by archeologists since most of the moai were pulled down and their heads frequently broken off during a period of civil strife that occurred before the Europeans first visited in 1722 Tangaroa is Easter islands only town with a population of about 5,000 people most of the islands population its Harbor provides the only reasonably sheltered anchorage on the island and is the site of the island only airport which is served by Chili's LAN Airlines there were frequently glorious sunsets behind the moai near hangar aw it was a one and a half mile hike from the hotel to the pune Pao quarry and involve crossing fields a couple of fences and finally ascending the hill on which the quarry is located the Puna pile cinder cone was the sole source of the red scoria that was used to carve the top notes that were put on the heads of some of the moai statues this lightweight and easily work stone was also used for a few non-standard moai including the famous neon moai at Ranna raccoon at vin apoo we can see a number of moai were cast down from their ahoo by Islanders and have not been restored by archaeologists the moai remained where they fell the ceremonial center of inafune includes one of the larger ahoo on Rapa Nui this ahoo exhibits stone masonry reminiscent of that associated with the Incas in fact for Heyerdahl pointed to this Incan like stonework as a key indicator of a distinctive Incan influence on the island while few experts disagree that this stonework here is more advanced than that of the other ahoo on the island the question remains whether this is the result of an Incan influence on the island or the result of years of experience attained by native stone workers Arango was a ceremonial village on the extinct volcano named Randall Kao it was the site of an annual competition by the Birdman cult there are tremendous views out towards hangar Ola and its airport from the volcano of Renault cow and down into its crater from the rain because of the importance of the Birdman called the rocks at orongo are filled with carvings of the Birdman a creature with the body of a man and the head of a bird the goal of the Birdman competition was to collect the first city turn egg of the season from the islet of moto newly gained the competition started from the clifftop village of our on goal and competitors climbed down the sea cliffs and swam out to the island of multiple nui where they searched for an a having found an aid they swam back to Rapa Nui and climbed back up the sea close to Arango the race was very dangerous and many competitors were killed by sharks drowning or by falling the origin of the cult is uncertain hence it is unknown whether the cult replaced the preceding moai based religion or coexisted with it the Birdman cult was suppressed by Christian missionaries in the 1860 Ana Kai tangata cave is located just south of hanger OA not far from the runway the name Ana Kai tangata literally means man-eating cake which may refer to cannibalism however this is a literal translation the paintings that decorate the ceiling of this cave are the attraction ahoo HEV is 'innahu with seven moai the Yahoo Lynette's moai were restored in 1960 by the American archaeologist William Malloy during the restoration it took a full month to raise the first of the seven moai using a stone ramp and wooden levers however by the time they got to the last moai the same task took them less than a week unlike other out ahoo a key B is not located on the coast and it's moai face the ocean and not inland like most others ana tip a who is a lava tube that was used during the time of warfare on the island as a refuge by fortifying its entrances the lava tube also had some advantages for cultivating food including wind protection and better collection and retention of water at a Kahana there are a couple bahu along with the remnants of an ancient village unlike the modern houses today on the island the ancient houses that the Rapa Nui people built were shaped like their canoes and they were low to the ground with small entrances the sight of these houses on the coast is very exposed to the winds with no shelter unless there were trees in ancient times somehow the moai will move from Macquarie at rano raraku to akka hanga on the coast today the Yahoo are encircled by their moai that were toppled from them during a period of civil strife these moai had top knots on their heads and the Fallen top knots rest where they rolled after the moai were pulled down we drive along the coast to rano raraku took us past horses and more Oulu with their toppled moai strewn about them lorry at rano raraku is the granddaddy of all sites on Easter Island as it is the quarry where almost all the moai were made the eastern slope of this volcano is a virtual moai graveyard with the moai lying in various states of production and transport it appears as if the production of the moai was abruptly abandoned leaving a scene frozen in time so that we can look closely exactly how the moai were carved out of the volcanic rock at the base of the quarry more I stand half buried in the slope up to their chins and noses from years of erosion it is unclear if all the moai were intended to be moved from the quarry or if some were meant to stay on rano raraku as this was a Stone Age culture the moai were too amorous ly hacked out of the volcanic rock with hammer stone clearly as time progressed the ability and desire to produce ever bigger moai group the largest moai were carved remains trapped in the lock matrix the El Gigante moai is 72 feet long and weighs about 165 time carving the moai was one step in production but safely freeing the moai from the rock matrix would have been a difficult step fraught with danger both to the workers and to the integrity of the Moi's culture one of the excavated moai has an image of a three-masted sailing ship carved on its abdomen obviously this was done post European first contact in 1722 to Kotori the kneeling moai is the only moai with legs it is made of red volcanic stone from the Puna POW quarry the huge ahoo tongariki carries 15 more the Moyet on the yahoo were torn down during the inter clan strife and then scattered about in 1960 when an earthquake in Chile triggered a tidal wave which hit the coast of Easter Island at tongariki the tidal wave sent the 15 moai weighing up to 86 tonnes several hundred feet in man and destroyed the off it wasn't until 1992 that the site was restored with funding from Japanese corporations the restoration took five years frequently when the moai were toppled off there ahoo stones were strategically placed so the moai's heads were broken off when they hit the ground the break at the neckline can be seen on many of the restored molas legend has it that a group of long eared lighter-skinned people ruled over short hair darker skin people eventually the shore tears revolted and killed all but one of the long years and after their victory they toppled all the moai ah-hoo – pita kura supported peril the islands largest transported moai peril was only toppled from its ahoo in the 19th century it weighs 75 tons and is about 35 feet long some archaeologists estimate that it would have taken four to five hundred people to move Parros Parolles topknot is almost 6 feet across and weighs 11 and a half times the mana stone besides the Yahoo is a reputed source of power anakena beach is a white coral sand beach that has too often one with a single moai and the other with six anaconda is unusual for Easter Island in that it is one of only two small sandy beaches on an otherwise black rocky coastline according to Island oral tradition anak Anna was the landing place of ho-tu Matua the Polynesian chief who leaded to canoe settlement party here and founded the first settlement on Rapa Nui an interesting scene played itself out at a Nakano when a female tourist in bikini decided that she'd like to have her photograph taken beside the MOA it is made abundantly clear to visitors that the ah who are considered sacred inner not to be trodden upon nevertheless she climbed up to get her photograph some of the enraged locals came over to the Olli told her get off they then insisted that all photographs Ofuro Mia who'd be deleted from her friends cameras it's women Anakin is very refreshing on a hot day and bodysurfing is also popular the hotel had well manicured grounds and a scenic view out over the western coastline with its impressive sunsets the sunsets along the west coast of Easter Island can be spectacular especially as the Sun Goes Down behind my the enjoyable stay on Easter Island is at an end and like the Rapa Nui Birdman and could fly away to our next adventure take me somewhere nice to some tired Island in your heart called paradise


in293yew · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Loved the background music. Who's the group?

2000coco · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

What movie was that? The footages you used…
nice travel vid👏👏🌺 ..it's nice it's not built up with only 5k population

automaticmusicm · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

The native stoneworkers just happened to design polygonal stonework like in Peru and Egypt just by coincidence and we can't even duplicate it today …… what an obvious lie by mainstream archaeology ……… there is no question that theses cultures were linked.

imdonho · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Great post. One bucket list item that I can't afford, but, still enjoy info about the Island.

Kliter Semson · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Some of the statues are a lot bigger than the camera (or documentaries they show on television) would lead one to believe.

sonomaCA · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Many thanks for your Easter Island video. I like how so many things were featured such as the horses, views of the town, the beaches, the countryside, etc.  We plan on visiting the Island in November 2015.  We will be staying on the island 4 nights.  That gives us 3 full days to explore.  Do you think that is enough?  Do you have an absolute do no miss
thing?  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

mbb21 · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Nice video! im going tomorrow so good info on stuff to see and do.

tletter · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Lucky you – happy travels!

vipvsp totoro · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Hello, you may then remember the 29th of june : San Pedro and its importance for fishermen and Rapa Nui people
You will view few images in the second half of my video entiteled : "Incredible Rapa Nui – Journal of a trip in Easter Island"
Great moment !
I love your Island

Don't Sleep! · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Imma go there one day/night! thank's for sharing 🙂

Ignacio Peña · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Easter Island es increíble

taina vaikava · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm


tletter · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

Thanks. I'm glad that you enjoyed the video given that you are from Rapa Nui.

taina vaikava · July 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm

thanks for the video, I'm from rapa nui living in europe
exelent video

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