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hello everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Paul Smith and today I'm going to be playing some more lifeboat City for you and in this one I'm going to be showing you all of the parrot locations in lifeboat city or parent parakeet whatever they are I'll figure that out before I post the video and and yeah I'm new showing you how to get all of them and we're gonna start off here I'm not gonna pause in this video for I know where they all are right now and we're gonna start out with the first one it's right at the beginning of the lobby here you should be able to see it it's right out in the open it's right in the beginning of the lobby there I'm gonna just come over here and I'm gonna switch my view back to first person and we can start our hunt next I'm also going to come over here to the navigator and I'm going to buy an uber subscription here so I'm gonna go for 490 we're gonna go ahead and purchase that uber VIP and we just got the uber VIP for 30 days but it will allow us to fly here so that cost me $490 right here and we first find it right here next we're gonna be moving on to the second bird and you're just gonna want to come right over here and I believe it's in this building we come on in here I think we have to go up a level where where was it here xiety I tried to find them all before I had done this but just bear with me it should be in this general location here we go so you'll find the second one in this top building here and we can just click it there and there we go we find the second one and there are eight more we need for a prize and there are nine 18 more defined in total so the next one is actually very close we're gonna want to come over here and I forget whether it was on top it was at the bottom I said I believe it is inside of here or no no was it I forgot yeah sorry when I was looking around I thought it was actually that little light post there but it was not so oh here we go so you will find the third little bird parakeet or parrot whatever they are I think their parrots and you'll find the third parrot over here and is on the pumpkins inside of the little purchase area in the little light boat store alright so now we found that we'll be moving on to the fourth one and it's actually in a similar close location here so I believe if we go up here I believe it was up on this what was this one here we go yeah there he is so if you just come over here on top of this building right actually right on through the lifeboats store there and come up here what did I get myself into all right you can actually come up here go ahead and tap that and that is the first fourth bird for your collection so we'll come on over here now I don't actually know where all of them are but we should be able to find them because we can fly so the fifth one if you just come on over here it's fairly close to the store come on here we can find the fifth one so our first little our fifth little blue parrot there or a parakeet I'm gonna just say parent I'm gonna say parrot for the sake of this video and then you can find the sixth one over here on the little hay bales and I don't remember I'm trying to think yes so there are a few in this area so if you continue off from there if you come on over here onto the boat then you should be able I forget if I found it no is inside of the boat right so I went down here and if you come down here into the boat you should find yourself the seventh bird so we go here and we find this nice gray and yellow parakeet there we go vii bird for us so if we come on over here you have to do a bit of parkour but you know because I just have bought the VIP we can just come over once you have done the very easy parkour then you get this little bird from the rocky Falls going up from Rocky Falls if we come up here I forget if there were any off this way let me just see here anyways but if you come over to the rocky Falls will will start will start over here will just keep going so you go across I can't remember if there are any over here you just bear with me so you kind of walk in this general area or if you remember where we last had left off if you come around you just do a nice little cycle through you walk around I'm just trying to remember um let's see there was one most of them are located relatively close I'm gonna go back to where we were so if we go back we go back near the ship here so once you have gotten the one Peary are the one parrot from there you come on back onto the shore I'm going to go to the right here and you will find the next bird yeah where is it here I guess we're kind of going on a hunt together here guys bear with me in this video I think the next one was somewhere around here so if we come on in here then we'll find the parrot right here I believe this is our ninth or eighth it's our ninth so we've now found our ninth parrot so now that we've done that well dealing with a little bit of server lag there all right now you find our is parrot we can continue from this cave we're gonna go on to the left here let's see what else we can find where was the next it was so you follow my lead here we come up above this hill just gonna kind of scope over where was that thing all right um we're actually going to continue off from if you guys the next point where we meet off if you want to continue and meet me off at this bird if you continue off under this bread then we shall be okay I just want to kind of look around and figure out where the other ones were first and then I can direct us better so I will be right back all right I have returned and picking up from this red bird here we're gonna move on over to the right and you're going to see at this little house here there is a blue bird just waiting here so you can go ahead and grab that that guess is our tenth one now we got the pirate eye patch which is nice and then if we come on over here we can get in the eleventh right off the bat and it's actually just across from that one there so heading off from here you see this house you can see the skull we're gonna head back over to the right once we head on to the right we're gonna go over here and there's going to be another blurt bird blue bird on this little broken pirate ship here so I'm gonna go ahead and collect that little blue bird next up on our list we're actually going to head back up near the concession stands over here and as you can see I think this person is has found the bird itself too using the crafting table for some reason you're gonna see a little green bird here and that is gonna conclude the next little batch and that is 13 of the birds so far and then if you can meet me back all the way back at the spawn this time come all the way back to the spawn and we will pick off from here all right so now starting at the spawn here we're gonna go on more towards the left side of the map so if you come on down over down this Lane here then we shall come up and if you go down this little hole here it might be a bit of a challenge for us come on man we come on down here there will be a bird waiting for you and this will be the 14th bird so after we achieve that one we're going to go over and we're going to get three more over from the left side of the map so if you come up over here and we go towards the Bluebird there the parrot or cockatoo whatever these are I'm going to find the information for it if you come over here near the blue bird over to this part of the lobby then you'll see a little sand castle here you come on into this sand castle and you will get another parrot – that is our 15th find and the next one is located right close to it if you come on over here to the back right of the building come on down then you shall get yourself in the hole if you can manage it come down here and you will find the beautiful bird you have been waiting for now we're going congratulations you've found a secret you want a cookie where is my cookie give me my cookie yeah they lied but regardless that is our 16th bird so we're going on and we're going to move on to the 17th bird and we're going to actually just come on over this direction if you just keep on moving and you follow the kind of path you'll eventually come off on this little decked area and you will find yourself another lovely bird all right so once you have found that bird we can move on back towards the lobby it may take you a little while if you cannot fly however that is just how it kind of goes sometimes so we will start off back at the lobby and I will be back once I found the other three on vine for the next two we're gonna want to head on over to the VIP cave and that is actually this biggest scull hander 19 we come on down then we will find open to God deal with a little bit of server lag then we come on down oh my all right we come on down we will find the bird waiting for you right over here on top of the bookcases and that is the 18th bird so now that we have found our 18th bird we are going to go and find the 19th hopefully it will hold up on the lag for one minute all right so now that we found the 18th we can move on to the 19th and that is right over here and it is by a kind of octopus looking structure so we come over here right on this ledge then we will find the 19th bird and that leaves us with one final bird one final bird one single bird and then we have completed the entire bird quest wouldn't that be crazy I believe the reward is a bird on your shoulder I'm not completely sure but if that is the case then we shall receive it soon so I will return to all of you when I have found the final location and we will pick up at this octopus ladies and gentlemen now that I have spent eight hours of my life trying to find this bird I finally found it from this point we're gonna want to head straight back to the main lobby so you can even teleport if you want to you head on over to the main lobby and you're gonna wanna head on over to the main building over here where all the birds have been collected so far and for the 20th bird you want to go all the way through the building and you're gonna want to do this parkour course if you do not have VIP then well you're going to start this course from over here and you're going to make your way up all the way to the very top then once you have made it to the top ladies and gentlemen you have found the final bird so without any further ado I'm going to switch my camera view so we can get it here alright just switch it up give me just one quick second now that we finally have the twentieth bird let's finish it congratulations you found all the parrots and received a parrot pet ladies and gentlemen we have completed the parrot mission for lifeboats server I'm so used to saying city but for once it's in the lifeboat server and we have completed it so thank you very much for joining me and I will catch you all in the next video make sure to give this video a like and make sure to subscribe to me if you are successfully found your very own parrot thank you very much and as always guys peace out

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Mathew Grant · July 31, 2019 at 10:13 am

Where is the one that's the seventh from the left I can't find it

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Super pilot 627 · July 31, 2019 at 10:13 am

Thank you so much

jonathan villalba · July 31, 2019 at 10:13 am


Mateo The Potato · July 31, 2019 at 10:13 am

What a great face cam

Selling Marbles · July 31, 2019 at 10:13 am

Thank you xD

DaAlien · July 31, 2019 at 10:13 am

I got the parrots already 😀

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